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I don't know if advertising is allowed but I thought I'd give it a try. I'm hosting a contest that members of this group might be interested in participating in.

Here's the details link--~~The Oracle Within-A Contest for Everyone-OPEN~~

If advertising isn't allowed please kindly forgive me and feel free to hide my comment! Thanks bunches! :heart:
Por favor, ¿este grupo está vivo? Muchas Gracias.

Please, is this group still alive? Thanks very much.
Just a question. Who selects what gets displayed in these groups on DA?
Each group has its own administrators who decide what is and is not accepted to the group.  In our case, J-LE7 is stepping in as co-founder to get the group moving again.  :)
Thank you Sidney.
Not sure I understand your question...

Here is roughly the process about the content:
- an artwork is proposed by a member of the group,
- it is accepted (or not) by the group (according its settings: automatically or manually),
- if the one who proposed the artwork is not the artist, the artist has to accept his artwork to be shown in the group.

About the overall group display, it depends a lot on how the Admins see the group subject and how they want to give the best promotion of the artists work.
:deviantart: groups have several tools the Admins have to imagine how to use them (for instance the journal or the favorites) for the group to be useful.

When there is a human intervention, there is always a part of subjectivity.
Being as factual as possible helps avoiding issues.

I hope I answered your question...
In other words it's whoever is admin then.