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Welcome to the Knights Templar

:bulletred: Welcome to the Knights Templar! This is a group dedicated particularly to the Order of Poor Fellow Soldiers of Christ of the Temple of Solomon, otherwise known as the Templars. This group's emphasis is on the historical aspect of the Order, so please, no Dan Brown or Masonic type of entries. Entries featuring the Knights Hospitaller and other knights of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem are also welcome!



If you're interested in joining, click the join group button. Please allow a few days to be accepted.


:bulletred:Submissions upon request. Please allow a few days for your submissions to be accepted. Please submit to the Favorites gallery.

:bulletred:All artwork must pertain in some way to the medieval Order of the Knights Templar - depictions of knights and crusaders, historical events, battles, and historical figures, etc.

:bulletblack: That is, any historical personages, Templar weaponry, armor, costumes, maps, battles, depicted events, architecture, castles, photos, etc. Additionally, art of or about any of the other various Crusading Orders such as the Teutonic Knights, the Hospitallers and the Knights of St. Lazarus and other knights and people associated with the Crusades are also included.

This group condemns any violence or violent action, and is not affiliated to any particular political spectrum. The group does not allow any agenda-pushing, political statements, or anything of a political nature. Any extreme views are not accepted here. This group is purely to appreciate the historical Knights Templar, such as their armour designs, and military history.

:bulletred:Virtually any sorts of media is accepted, be it traditional, digital, or photography, sketches, etc.

:bulletred: As far as explicit content goes, if it is relevant (e.g. gory pictures for battles) then it is acceptable. No nudity (seeing as it probably wouldn't be relevant anyway).


:bulletred: Please be respectful of other members and their artwork.
We have a steady flow of amazing artwork being showcased here, so thank you to all those amazing artists and photographers out there! I was wondering what the members of this group would like to see more of. Would a monthly essay about the history of the crusades (or even essays about sword-making, damascus steel, and all things Medieval) be a good idea? Or perhaps a "Best Entry of the Week" to be showcased by itself? If anyone has any ideas, comment here or send me a note. :)
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LePtitSuisse1912 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello :-) I'm passionate about history especially the history of our beautiful Europe:heart:. I go to all medieval festivals where I can go and I choose a Templar costume .. Could I be part of your group?
Moi en Templier Variante de Casque by LePtitSuisse1912  

thank you in advance


Kevin B
Theophilia Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2019  Professional Traditional Artist
Absolutely! Welcome! :wave:
LePtitSuisse1912 Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much :-)
Theophilia Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2019  Professional Traditional Artist
AntiCultForce Featured By Owner Edited Apr 8, 2016
Just wanna tell you all members of this great group something important here:

There is one dangerous terrorist cult in Mexico that was, believe it or not, founded by the anti-Catholic evangelical Protestant leaders, and has actually killed, tortured, and raped FAR MORE than ISIS and the anti-Assad rebels in Syria, and they decided to piss on the names of these chivalrous and Godly warriors by naming themselves after the valiant Crusaders. 

And they are the "Knights Templar" cartel/cult, who are just as evil as the Satanic cult of Santa Muerte.

Take some time to read these great articles written by a very close Catholic friend of mine named Theodore Shoebat (whose mother and grandmother are Mexican):………

I encourage anyone here reading my comment to draw the REAL Knights Templar (who defended Christendom against the cults of Islam and Cathars/Albigensians) KILLING these heretical, evil phonies. 

And I am saying this even as a NON-CATHOLIC Christian myself, who has gone to Korean non-Catholic churches and congregations and worked with them in their battles against sodomy and all other evils bent on the destruction of Christendom. 

LONG LIVE the REAL Knights Templar (and DEATH to the evangelical phonies)!
LONG LIVE the Cristeros!
LONG LIVE the Autodefensas!
comicfam Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2016
how is everyone is doing?
Theophilia Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2016  Professional Traditional Artist
Good! :D 
RaynalJacquemin Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2015
Hello, I was just wondering if you accept anthro templars like this :
Theophilia Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
Hi there! And good question! We're looking more for historical images, but thank you for asking!
RaynalJacquemin Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2015
Oh so my guys are definetly not made for this group! They rather have a heroic fantasy background! ^^
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