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The Persian Princess

Full view is really large!

Jasmine is my favorite disney princess- and whats better than a pet tiger that acts like a dog? ;u;

I don't like the coloring, but i tried- the bg is LOL- i have zero inspiration for backgrounds, i'm just no good at them so i don't feel like putting the effort in them. XD
i have been practicing though, even though this doesn't show it.

I might make a wallpaper version of this- the actual image is big enough lol ;u;

Jasmine and Raja from Aladdin belong to Disney.
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Great Art. Awesome Job. hello
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Aww this is beautiful, I love Jasmine ^^
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Awww so cute. I just absolutelly love those bare feet. 
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This is incredibly cute, I love it! :D

(bonus points for barefoot Jasmine)
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thank you! ♥
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This is an outstanding picture my friend. I was wondering, how come Jasmine is barefoot? :aww:
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Succinctly sweet and innocent. Well done!
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This is gorgeous ^w^
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thank you! ♥
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Oh, wow! I love the pose. It's really cute and fun. I also love your drawing and coloring style. Your drawing style is very endearing and nice to look at. =D
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aw, thank oyu! i really appreciate it! ;u;
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You're very welcome! =D =) :hug:
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thank you so much! ;u;
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this is really cute, and very pretty!
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aw thanks! ;u;
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