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Saphira Wallpaper

The reason why i edited one oft the "standard" eragon wallpapers is simply:
I want a 1680x1050 widescreen wallpaper only with Saphira :D
The problem thereby is that there's no such thing as a "only saphira wallpaper", only with eragon or an other guy >.o
Because the original WP has a max. format of 1280x1024, i had to enlage the pic on the left and right side.
Very interesting Work, god save the copy-stamp-tool :D

Before i forget:
All Rights reserved by 20th Century fox

This Version is much more 'cleaner' than the older one.

*****BIG UPDATE*****
A New Version with a complete Saphira is available now: [link]

Large download-fullview-size, 1680x1050pixel!
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© 2007 - 2021 TheKiromancer
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This pic must have fhd version! Epic!
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This looks so cool!
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Ahhh, this is amazing
PastelWolf101's avatar
... i think my heart just skipped a beat. GIF Steven Universe - Don't Cry Pearl 
very nice piceture this is a long
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How to make a great wallpaper from a shitty movie, good job!
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You do know that the movie came after the book right? and that he probably made this off the books
System-Navaldeus's avatar
I know the film came out after, that's generally how 'adaptations' work in the cinema industry, but I didn't read the books, sooo... you're probably right,   'cause I don't know if this picture is from the book or the movie
This is such an awesome wallpaper, great job... but I'm wondering if you could make a 1920x1080 version of it?
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Omg...someone stole your work. You're a wonderful artist this reminds me of Eragon.
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Someone stole this from you [link]
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i ever noticed the movie style of saphira had hair on her adds just a bit of ugly to her
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I love Saphira..<3
Go Saphira!!
ichigokurosaki27's avatar
awesome saphira is my favorite!
Most beautiful dragon ever
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This is one of the best wallpapers in my life ever!
Thank you soooooooooo much, it's gorgeous <3
xPuRfectDiSastRx's avatar
OMG I FREAKING LOVE IT! *saves image for wallpaper*
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