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Saphira Reloaded

Now it's done!
A complete Saphira, WoW!

Anyway, öhm, some of you would know my first version of the Saphira Wallpaper here:
I made this remake 'cause it pissed me off that saphira isn't complete to see on every fuckin wallpaper 0_0

This takin' me three fuckin weekends, and i had no references for the lower parts (legs, tail, background) and the added parts on the sides for the wings.
You can see the original pic here: [link]

I had to change this...mistake, so: here it is ^^

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This is awesome! Make this in 4k!

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You did a really good job on making her realistic. The one thing I liked the most was that you gave her scales as she was depicted in the book series and not the feathers on the edge of her wings from the movie. :) 
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Saphira bjartskuler akht eragon sureturgl
May the stars watch over thee

This is my new wall paper
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the movie was not bad well at least i thinks so
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I've had this as my wallpaper since I read Eragon two years ago and I have loved the detail you put into it.
I finally got around to creating an account and wanted to say "Thanks!"
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The best wallpaper for Saphira ever! Great job! :D
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Great work! How come I never came across this before on the internet? O.=.o
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Great work of Saphira!
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I love that movie
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these are amazing!!
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Wow this is spectacular!
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wow this is amazing! great job! i love it! <3
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Wow I could star at it for hours and still not see every detail, great job
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my names saphira:) i love having a dragon named after me:) :D
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I want you to be aware of an art thief who's trying to sell prints: [link]

Stupid thief didn't even take your name off.
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A great pic. I imagine her head, exactly like this...but unfortuntly, the wings do not look like they are described in the books! :/
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awsome picture bro that pic really shows her off ^_^ nice work
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