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Flat v1.1 for Rainmeter

I recently submitted my first Rainmeter skin - "Flat". It included a System Bar, a Clock, and a Graphical Battery Monitor. Well, now i'm pleased to say that this skin is in v1.1. I have removed the bar (it didn't fit with the theme), and added seperate monitors for everything that the bar included (and more). All the configs now fit in with a unified theme. It also now comes in White AND Black versions, to complement any wallpaper. If you have any suggestions feel free to post 'em!

BTW: Double click on the "BIN:" config to empty your recycling

Top- Here

Bottom- Came in the "Germany" Windows 7 theme pack from Microsoft. Download it here (direct link)
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Does ayone know how to remove the white overlay on the first digit? Help would be appreciated.


the time is p.m at the morning time and a.m at the evening. I already changed timezone.

Screenshot 2021-04-05 080625

Is there any metod to change the time from 12h to 24h ?

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Hi. Can anyone tell me how to change the network measurement from Bytes to bits?

I think Yahoo changed their API so the weather no longer functions. Is there another way around this?

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ur clock is 3 hours a head from me i live in Vancouver how do i change it?
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To everybody having issues with setting the right timezone and weather location:
1)You right-click on the widget you want to change and select "edit skin".
2) If you need to change your timezone, you look for the lines that say "TimeZone" and just replace the value with yours (e.g. "TimeZone=+1.0"). Do this for every line with the "TimeZone" in it.
3) save the file, right click on the widget again and select "refresh skin"

For the weather widget, you do the first step like above
2) and then you look for "[Variables]". "Unit=f" means Fahrenheit; "Unit=c" means Celsius.
3) to change the location, you go to, simply search or your location. Now, below the daily forecasts is the button "Extended Forecast >". Press it and it's gonna open a new tab. If you look at the website adress, you find something like "USNY0996" which is the number for New York. The letters depend on the country and so on. Just copy the whole thing (between the / and the ?) and paste it after "weatherCode=" in the .ini. Now it should look like "weatherCode=USNY0996"
4) same as 3) for the clock

There you go, everything should be correct now.
Could you update it to support four cores? Love the rest of it though! :3
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i have a question, does it monitor 5 cores??? thanks in advance
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whooops meant 6 cores, sorry
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need some support for the weather.. Where can i change my location and how to change it into Celsius
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Thanks for this great work!
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спасибо :)
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Nice skin! Especially the up/down speed. I have a question if you don't mind:
The time is off for me by exactly three hours. Admittedly I've only recently installed rainmeter, but I've tried finding a solution to this via search engine and failed to do so. Anything you can advise me with?
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Looks fantastic but can you make a 3rd and 4th core monitor? :)
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