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Eyla's Recovery


Eyla's Recovery

Eyla's eyes slid open to watch a bright blue dragon with shining gold runes accenting her scale preparing bandages a short distance off. How long she had slumbered she didn't know and her groggy mind still swam with residual concerns of danger. She shook herself to further wake her thoughts into lucidity and struggled to stand. Her legs shook and quivered as she fought with effort, the muscle burning like they had each been dipped in acid. When she was just about halfway off the ground Eyla mistakenly set a claw on a branch that sent a resounding crack through the air. The sound had the blue guardian craning her neck more quickly than a hungry dragon on the hunt. The blue female’s features relaxed with relief at watching the young dragon begin to move after being still for so long. "You are awake!" Eyla could only mumble in response, "The centaurs, they- I need I can't...I can't stay-" Eyla was still making attempt to raise herself up to at least a somewhat

Eyla's Struggle


Eyla's Struggle

Run. Her claws tore at the loose, sunbaked dirt of the lifeless wasteland, kicking clumped chunks of what she was sure was some mixture of bone, rock, and rotting blood. The tip of her snout twitched and twisted at the unrelenting waves of a terrible stench that almost drove her to stop just long enough to scratch at it until her nostrils bled. Yet stopping for even a heartbeat would mean death. How long she had been running was not something she knew, but she was certain it had been for hours, at least. Her heart was thundering in her ears louder than thunder, her head hammering with burning pain as her lungs struggled for air. Her gasps for breath had somehow became even louder than the continuous thud of her claws impacting the ground in an almost rhythmic cadence. So long her body had been without rest that it physically hurt, everywhere. It was like her very blood had been replaced with acidic fluids from the deepest recesses of the seething Wyrmwound with the way her body
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My Bio

'Ello 'Ello! Brand new beginner digital, erm...artist I guess. It just feels so weird to call myself that, I've only a few sketches to my name, hah!

Anyway! I consider myself quite the dragon lover, and I am trying to build a world of dragons to call my very own. Custom lore, custom dragon "breeds", everything. Back in my younger years, I always tended to find myself unhappy with the dragons that were represented in games and books. It went so far as to annoy me when a dragon is just randomly catapulted into a plot so the "hero" can have an enemy to kill. Still kind of does...heh.

So I figured...why not make dragons of my own? Powerful, intelligent beings with a mind and culture of their own. Not just evil, but benevolent or malevolent and everything in between. Can't have a realistic race of creatures like this without having both now can we?

Ehrm, anyway, I'm rambling a little. In any case, this has proven quite an undertaking and is bare bones at best right now, but I have fun sporadically adding new ideas that come to me from time to time.

I've also eventually developed the goal to eventually find artists to help me create visual representations of the (hopefully) unique breeds of dragons I have worked on and am working on now, as well as the characters I have created that fall under those breed categories. Now though, assuming I keep improving my skill with this fresh new tablet of mine, I may be able to take some of that challenge under my own hands.

Here's hoping this page gets full with a nice collection in the future!

Also me:

KindlyDragon (Flight Rising)

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