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I wish this could be as well coded as my art shop on cs! But here we are <3

As you can see in my gallery I have posted several examples of my artwork and style.

I am now taking comissions for actual money! They are super cheap though at only $0.50 for a traditional bust! :3

Prices can be found here:

Head shot = $0.25 or 30 points
Bust = $0.50 or 55 points

Head shot = $0.50 or 55 points
Bust= $0.75 or 80 points

At the moment I'm sticking to just drawing canines and humans! Can try anthros :3

Hope i hear from you guys soon and if interested please note me!

Form for ordering:
Character name:
Character ref:
Type of art + Shaded or not?:
Tradtional or digital?:
Anything else? :