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Undertale over world sprite

Undertale + Deltarune + AUs + Crossovers 3

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Chibi Goats

Undertale + Deltarune + AUs + Crossovers 4

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REFUSETale: Stamp 3

Undertale Souls + Fallen Humans

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Dancetale Frisk [Open Collab]

Undertale Souls + Fallen Humans 2

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.:One More Chance:.

One More Chance Undertale Comic

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Asriel Synth Undertale AU comic page 00

Asriel Synth Undertale AU Comic

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The Count Mickey Dragul Series

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HEA Ask | Butcher Gang


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Cuphead - The Bosses of Inkwell Isle I


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BLT -- Light and Dark

It was a dark and stormy night! No, wait, it wasn't stormy yet. That happened later. Well, let's just say it was a dark night and leave it there. Two whole days had passed since we had left the Cottage. We'd seen some interesting things already, like a forest of sticks and a peaceful meadow filled with animals. We'd followed the light of the Really Big Lamp and Radio's navigation skills (if they really were real) to this place; a creepy forest of darkness. Being a lamp, I hate the dark. That's why I was so glad my light was there to shine in the forest, showing everyone where to go. Of course, I was a little bit angry when Kirby told me to


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Reference Sheet: Hocus Pocus

MLP Food, Drinks, and Cutie Marks

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Woz 1

Disney Wizard of Oz

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The Secretive Guest: Night 01

        What am I doing wandering through this forest? Last I remember, I took a boat, heading back to the Military Police barracks. When I stepped off of it, I started walking, and I somehow ended up here. What is this place, and why is it here?        The young woman walked almost mindlessly down the faded dirt road. The sleeping city, with its cobblestone streets and burning lamps, seemed long gone from where she was. Edgeless forms of trees surround her like an indifferent crowd. The shape of a large building then manifested farther down the path. The closer she got to it, the more she could see. Tombstones jutted ou


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LIH: Russia X Reader pt.1/2

You look behind you to be faced with Russia, also known as Ivan Braginsky and the 'scariest' of the countries. But you knew that he was really sweet...he just had a hard time expressing his feelings. "Who are you? You will tell me da?" He asks with an innocent smile and you nod with a smile of your own. "I'm [Name][Last Name], its nice to finally be able to meet someone who can't express their feelings well either Russia~!" you say with a smile as you get your laptop out ready to give an explanation on how you knew about them. "You know that we are countries da?" Russia asks and you nod again with the same smile. You pull up the first epi

My Favorite Russia x reader Fanfics

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ACNL: 2 dawgs

Bondage, Mostly for the gags

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Gag Kiss

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What would happen if...

Devious Collection

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Devious Collection 2

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saga of evil

Devious Collection 3

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Devious Collection 4

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Heat-Haze Days [USxUK] - Hetalia Fan Animation

Devious Collection 5

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The Suicide Room: Chapter 1 Update

Devious Collection 6

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Commmission: Stained Glass: Reversal of the Heart

Devious Collection 7

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Gorirazu - Gorillaz - 2D

Devious Collection 8

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MLP Project: Ballad of the Broken P1

Devious Collection 9

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Survive the Shadows Chibi Stickers!

Devious Collection 10

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The Ice Prince - Comic Cover

Devious Collection 11

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Midnight Zims

Devious Collection 12

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Devious Collection 13

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Persephone's Flight

Devious Collection 14

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Clovers Royals

Devious Collection 15

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Ib - Promise of reunion

Devious Collection 16

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The Pokemon Master (Cilan X Reader)

(Hello~! Sorry about this, but I`m going to choose what Pokemon you have. They will be: A Dragonite that knows; Dragon Rage, Flamethrower, Thunder Punch, and Ice Punch A Giratina that knows; Ominous Wind, Focus Blast, Dragon Rage, and Strength A Starapter that knows; Fly, Ariel Ace, Close Combat, and Wing Attack A Snorlax that knows; Rollout, Rock Climb, Crunch, and Surf A Leafeon that knows; Grass Knot, Aqua Tail, Razor Leaf, and Synthesis A Celebi that knows; Phychic, Recover, Frenzy Plant, and Giga Drain Hope you like this story~) ~~Cilan x reader~~ ~~Your *POV*~~ I`ve been walking around Unova for quite awhile, bored and getting tired.

Devious Collection 17

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America was wondering around the corridors for a while. He’s been looking around for hours ‘aww, come on. Where’s Britain gone? He always does this. I hope he’s not in isolation..........Yo, Japan!’ Japan turns around bows ‘Konnichiwa Mr. America, how can I help you?’ ‘Do you know where Britain is? I’ve been looking for hours.’ Japan wonders for a while. He shakes his head ‘I’m sorry, I haven’t seen him since this morning.’ America groans ‘aw man! Where could he be?’ ‘Maybe ask France or Canada and see if they ran into him.’ Japan sugge

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Seven Sins -preview-

Devious Collection 19

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MikuXKaito A-Z A: Apples

   Miku and Kaito A-Z A: Apples   Miku's Pov   It was a lovely spring morning. I was walking to my favroit store to buy some fruits and vegatables. I don't know why but I couldn't take my eyes off the beautiful cherry blosom tree. Of course by not paying attention I knock into someone. Unfortanlly though that person had a bag of APPLES that fell all over the ground.  "Oh gosh im so sorry" I said as I began to pick up some apples off the ground.   "Its alright miss im sure you didn't mean todo this" the stanger replied.   I didn't think much this scene that is until we reach for the same apple and our hands touched. That is when I l

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Danganronpa - Academy of Hope and Havoc

Devious Collection 21

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Gundam Tanaka x Reader: You're not poison (pt. 1)

Relying on people. It's what we all do as young children. We rely on our parents our friends because we are still, in the eyes of the world, babies. Babies need to be cared for and loved. Because of this what would a child be like if they didn't have enough love, or even none at all. You met someone like that. He was... odd to say the least but you didn't go out of your way to be mean to him... like some people did. He was a weirdo and a dork. You felt like he might've been an otaku or something you couldn't think of the right word. He was just, a character! He dressed strange, talked strange and even his hand gestures were strange. But you

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Devious Collection 23

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Five Nights at Freddy's||Jeremy x Purple Guy

Devious Collection 24

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Storming MMD

Devious Collection 25

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Vaega's Cutie Mark

Devious Collection 26

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Freddy's Timeline

Devious Collection 27

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Street princess :Aristocrat!EnglandxReader: Part 1

Chapter 1 Tiny snowflakes were falling from the early morning sky, covering the dirty black town in a fluffy white sheet of snow. It almost seemed unreal; the way its ugly streets disappeared under the piles these tiny specks of ice created. It was one of those cold winter mornings when no one wanted to leave the comfort of their home; if they had one of course. (f/n) was leaning against a solid brick wall, enjoying the silence surrounding her. It was way too early for the shops to open and therefore the streets were empty. She however felt the need to leave her ‘family’ for a bit before the town had fully woken up. (f/n) tighte

Devious Collection 28

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The Break-In

Night had recently fallen over the magic research institute. Shifts were ending and most of the staff had packed up to go home. However, there was one person who hadn’t quite finished her duties yet. "Hey, Sapphire, you about done?" "Not yet," called back Sapphire. "I'm really close to getting it right. I just want to make a few more tweaks first." "All right, make sure to lock up when you're done." As her colleague left, Sapphire went back to work. She had been figuring out how to improve her summoning technique for a while now and had gotten pretty good at it. Her current goal is to figure out how to summon larger creatures, such a

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Srupise at night (Germany and baby reader.)

Germany sighed as sat up from his bed. His head was killing him from work and stress. It was hard to get a good night sleep. He walked down stairs to get some aspirin. hoping it would help in some way. He went into the kitchen, now noticing that it was raining. He got some water and took two pills. He sighed as he walked back through his liveing room. THen a suddenly a loud thunder crash was heard and a fast light filled the room. "Ugh! I hope the rain vont ruin any more of my sleep. I have vork to do tomarrow." The blond germany once again sighed annoyed. He was at the foot of the first step when he heard crying.Just out side his door. A lo

Devious Collection 30

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Axis x reader x Allies EsCApE introduction

"Hey, look what I found." Japan said as he ran up to you guys holding out a paper doll that was blank and looked like something from pictionary. "Well don't just stand there, what the bloody hell is it?" England asked impatiently. "It's a charm, it says that if you use it properly with someone else, you can become friends with that person forever." Japan said. You smiled, Japan always wanted to be friends with somebody. "Well, how do you use it then?" You asked. Everyone directed their attention to you. "Well, it said that each person has to take hold of the paper, and hold on to it tight; dig your fingernails into it if you have to. It

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Invader Zib

Devious Collection 32

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