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Hi there, to all who still follow me!

I have been really absent from my activity over here in the past years. Truth is , I have been extremely busy with a lot of stuff, with very little time to forums or social networks. I am mostly on FB nowadays, but even there I´m not the most active member :P

Thru this post, If you are an old viewer and want me back, say so.
If you are a new viewer and want me to post more and stay more around ... say so.
I still have a lot of love for DA.

Thanks for reading, and for watching!
Hi everybody!

Time for an update.
gotta submit new artwork from the past couple years done. Been onto many things.
Here are some links where you can check my last works. If you missed the campaign don´t worry at all, you can still get the book in the respective links. For the rest, will try to submit as much as I can here :)

First of them Masters of Anatomy, wich already finished succesfully.
Featuring the most talented artists in the industry, I feel highly honored to be part of such amazing project!

Second one,
Similar to Masters of Anatomy, but more focused into character design than anatomy itself, I´m personally very happy with my small piece in there.  :)

That´s all for now devs, will try to update more often.

Yo devs!

So everyone at :icontable-taffy-studios: is happy to announce that the Bastion's 7 Kickstarter is now live! Here's the URL to check out!

We thank everyone who already backed us but we still need your support to make this happen, so help us pass the word!
We love you! :)
So SDCC is over now :(

Best. Experience. Ever!
Thanks to everyone who dropped by the booth. You rock. You made my trip. TableTaffy loves you!!

See you next con =D
Who's ready for Comic??

I am [not]!!! sooooooo excited!! This is my first Comic Con with the
TableTaffy guys. Drop by and say hi!!
We're set up at Booth 2544
, behind the Marvel booth. 

First, we just launched the Bastion's 7 Kickstarter yesterday!  You can check it out here----
If you sign up for the Bastion's 7 Kickstarter at the con you get this free print:

B7 Ks Is Here!!! by thekidKaos

We're a
lso having our first TableTaffy signing for Gumshoes 4 Hire and Bastion's 7 property.
July 19th (entire G4H creative team attending) Time: 2pm-3pm, Booth: 2544 (behind the Marvel Booth)
July 20th (partial creative attendance) Time: 2pm-3pm, Booth: 2544 (behind the Marvel Booth)

Miss the ‪#‎gumshoes4hire‬ ‪#‎kickstarter‬?! No prob! Ill have the books for sale at comic_con so swing on by! 
I'll only be bringing a very limited supply of the books and Limited Edition Slipcases.  If you're just hearing about the property for the first time check what it's all about at this URL:

::UPDATE!!:: I'll also be signing THIS Valiants print with :iconeldelgado: at his Artist Alley table CC-06 and Arcana booth!
The Valiants SDCC print by Eldelgado

I got some other signings scheduled but I'll surprise you with that a bit later :)
That's it for now!

We hope to see you all there!

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Hey coleguis!

Pues hoy dia 19 voy a dar una MasterClass en ESDIP Madrid, que para los que no lo sepais , es una escuela muy chula donde enseņan comics y artes en general. La entrada es libre asi que si estais en Madrid y os apetece acercaros, sois bienvenidos! La MasterClass será de 16 a 18 horas en el edificio de Santa Engracia, metro Ríos Rosas. Y eso es todo!  Espero veros alli :)

Mas info acerca del evento >> [en Facebook!] <<


Hey devs!

So today Wednesday 19th Iīll be giving a MasterClass at ESDIP Madrid wich for all you guys out of Spain, is one of the best comic academies in Spain. Iīm really excited so hope people like me  :)
More info in the link above!
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So my buddy Nic :iconnicchapuis: just launched a Kickstarter to get his OC graphic novel done. Be sure to check it out! >>… <<

The Valley World of Fiction by NicChapuis World of Fiction COVER by NicChapuis
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THIS >>> :iconnecromancergfx: <<< motherfucker stole a bunch of pieces from good looking fellas such as my buddy :iconjavas: The bastard even has Chris Bachaloīs drawings on it. Go check if he stole some of yours and report him right away!!!

Have a nice weekend guys :)
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B7 Kickstarter , it's coming! by thekidKaos B7 Kickstarter, yo! by thekidKaos

Soooooo yep! Iīm so thrilled that :iconcheeks-74: invited me to join the ranks of his :icontable-taffy-studios:  
Already submitted some artwork from my current job : Cheeks' Bastion's 7
The team is putting together some badass projects, so we hope you like all the stuff thatīs coming.  Thereīll be some Kickstarter campaign about it in the next weeks so stay tunned to grab some osomness!

Thatīs all folks. Have nice day!
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Yeah guys, been receiving lots of notes lately asking for commissions. I canīt do any right now.
Jobīs being killer lately. Working on really awesome shit that will be revealed towards the summer. So, Iīll do the ones for the guys waiting for 'em but donīt get hyped if I post comissions in the gallery.
For any meaning, Commissions are closed and will stay like that for a while. Sorry for that.
Stay cool devz :)

Pete out!
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So Iīm kinda closing a stage in my life. Things are about to change quite a lot for me. Moving to the states early in 2013 ... see you there!!
Canīt wait  :)

What will 2013 bring for you you guys?
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Good news! Bad news!!! Only for spanish dudes!!!

Arrancamos EXPOCOMIC hoy!! Muchos sois los que me habeis apoyado a lo largo de los aņos que llevo montando el tinglao. Por eso me gustaria veros a todos alli este finde mamones, puesto que este sera mi último Expocomic. Ha sido genial, he evolucionado un weber como profesional gracias a esta feria y no es facil despedirme. Hagamoslo Epic. :)

Ahora tiro para el Matadero. Habra muchas cosas gratis a los que siempre habeis stado ahi. Porque sois los mejores.

Nos vemos!!

PD: Esta noche pongo thumbnails con las prints que podreis encontrar alli, los que me conoceis ya sabeis que siempre voy con la hora pegá al culo :B
PD2: Ya no tiene mucho caso poner thumbs xq ayer no tuve inet y esta to el pescao vendio. Pero subo foticos y dibus cuando pueda!! Sois grandes :)
PD3: Ahi os van unas thumbs de algunas prints que habra hoy por alli. Replicas de originales, que os molan los lapices!!!

Scooby Doo by thekidKaos Mr. Pilgrim by thekidKaos K i n g d o m . H e a r t s by thekidKaos C A S P E R . 1 _ Variants by thekidKaos AT - LineZ by thekidKaos TRANSFORMERS . pencils by thekidKaos Commission _ RED MONIKA by thekidKaos Sketchbook _ IronMan by thekidKaos

Nos vemos en el matadero!!
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Most of sketchbooks been sent. couple more remaining for next week. Comissions are closed now, not sure when I'll have mor time.
Finishing up the pending ones. And that's it.
Stay cool!

And donīt forget to check out my [Official Facebook site]

:flame: COMMISSIONS STATUS :flame:
:iconthemadheadcap: >>> Starwars >>>>>>>  PAID! >>>> 100% :flame:
:iconqdla: >>> Tyra >>>>>>>>>>> PAID! >>>> 100% :flame:
:iconbarrabox: >>>>>>>>> Hellboy >>>>>>>>>>>>> PAID! >>>> 100% :flame:
:iconzeartist: >>> x2 >>> Morgalla >>> PAID! >>>> 100% :flame:
:iconalonsoespinoza: >>> x2 >>> Chibiself / Red Monika >>> PAID! >>>> 100% :flame:
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::EDIT::  I´m gonna broadcast NOW the drawing that Jimmy will pant later on ... in case you wanna take a look =D
>>> <<<
::EDIT II:: Drawing was already done! You can check it out here :)

Mature Content

K h a l e e s i by thekidKaos

Friday the 25th. I will be casting a live painting collaboration with mr. Jimmy Xu :iconartdoge: =D
We'll prolly do some titties and naugthy thingos, so if you´re under age cover your eyes! Or not!!! :P

Jimms there will be painting one of my drawings because he sucks at it and I have to draw for him. Sigh
The stream will be roughly starting around 9:30pm EST (6:30 pm PDT) and that´s around 3 am in Europe. I'm not that sure in other places like Australia or the Moon. It's hard to keep on the times everywhere.

Stay tunned to Jimm's journal, cuz he'll do it in his channel and all that.
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So summer is here!

What you guys gonna do this summer? =D
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Heya Devs!

This journal is about me attending some con in Madrid [Spain] so it'll be written just in Spanish, sorry bout that!!

E X P O M A N G A !

Madrileños! Nunca he asistido en persona al Expomanga (con stand) aunque si que he tenido mis prints y eso en años anteriores, asi que esto es nuevo para mi! Si os pasais por alli, buscad el stand KID KAOS, y a ver si nos echamos un buen rato.
:iconcarlosgomezartist::iconemege: repiten asistencia, al igual que en EXPOCOMIC. Ademas, se nos une el crack :iconzaratus: que animara el cotarro con un taller de color non-stop. Si quereis conocer los entresijos del photoshop ... venid a molestar al Pansho! =D

Por mi parte, tratare de hacer un taller de dibujo el viernes o el sabado. Habra prints nuevas muy majas, y algunas de las viejas tambien (que parece que os gustan :P ) sketchbooks a mitad de precio, y alguna sorpresa mas.

Muchisimos devs me preguntasteis en Expocomic por otros miembros del difunto "Burnin'Flamez". Sabed que tambien andaran por alli con sus respectivos stands.

Y eso es todo, nos vemos el viernes?
Quien se apunta?
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Hey devs!

Just dropping by really quick to shout that I'm back on the sketchin sending of the sketchbooks.
Been some busy months for me, professionally and personally so no time or mood to do the awesome sketches you guys deserve.
Sketches are looking good now, tho!

The updated list is down thereover the coments.
Hope you drop by later and coment your opinions of the book :)

Much love from Germany.

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Been a while since I got a DD and chatting with FabianMonk this morning he contratulated me for the new one I still hadn't notice.
Thanks to OneFreeInternet for suggesting my Adventure Time pic and to alexandrasalas for conceding it.
:iconno26: Pascal and I worked really inspired in this pic and is good to see people like it this much :)
You can see both the lineart and the final pic here
AT - LineZ by thekidKaos ADVENTURE TIME by thekidKaos

Anyway, this pic was done as print for Madrid's Expocomic. Prints were sold out but if I gather 10 of you guys (or more) who still wants one, I might print more and send them your way. Just let me know :)

Expocomic was a blast, sketchbook went really well and it was great to check with you guys one more time. Next year is my fifth, so I'll try to make something special to celebrate the ocasion. Thanks to everyone who droped by and purchased stuff. Your support is my fuel.

And I think that's it. Have a good one devs.
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[ En Español al final :) ]

Hi Fellas!

As I said before, a new sketchbook was being set up for upcoming EXPOCOMIC 2011 at my city, Madrid. Here's the cover for you to check.

Fanart Sketchbook 2012 by thekidKaos

Book is 40 pages of pure sketchs and linearts from all the fanarts I've done for prints and some others that didn't make the cut in the end.
Printed in color (even tho the drawings are not coloured haha, just pencils, dudes!=D). Limited run of 250 copies.
Launching price is just 10€ / 15$ with a free drawing as gift to those who attend the con.

For those who sadly can't attend Expocomic, it would be 15€ / 20$ , shipping [worldwide] included.  Release date is December 10th. If you're interested in purchasing it, you can preorder it now by sending 5€ / 5$ as a reservation fee to thru Paypal.
Just write down your name and address within the payment details and you'll secure your copy.

You can of course wait till december 10th and purchase it directly but I can't guarantee you it won't be sold out at the con :)

Other than that, just want to let you know that I'm sharing booth with :iconcarlosgomezartist::iconemege: and ARTTIKO
Go check them all and enjoy their impressive works :)

Other than that, the usual, lotsa prints, cards, some mini-badges ... and maybe a drawing battle with Nema. That'll be up to the attendees =D
Here's the [MAP] so you know where to find us.

That's all folks, hope to see a lot of you guys there!


Hey Devs!

Ya dije en el anterior Journal que estaba preparando un nuevo Sketchbook para el EXPOCOMIC 2011 de Madrid. Bueno, aqui lo teneis!

Fanart Sketchbook 2012 by thekidKaos

El libro tiene 40 paginas llenas de bocetos y lapices acabados de todas las fanart prints que he ido haciendo a lo largo de los años. Cosas inacabadas, making of de algunas conocidas, otras que no pasaron la criba ...
Impreso a color (aunque los dibujos no van coloreados! =D). Tirada limitada de 250 copias.
El precio de lanzamiento es de 10€ / 15$ y incluye un dibujo original de regalo a los asistan al Expocomic.

Para los que no podais ir al Expocomic, no os preocupeis. Podeis solicitarlo online por 15€ / 20$ , envio a todo el mundo incluido.  Estara disponible a partir del 10 de Diciembre. Si os interesa podeis reservarlo enviando 5€ / 5$ a mi Paypal
Escribid vuestro nombre y direccion en los detalles del pago y os reservare vuestra copia.

Por supuesto podeis esperar al 10 de diciembre y comprarlo directamente, pero no puedo garantizar que no se agoten en el Expocomic :)

Al margen de eso, pues os comento que estare compartiendo stand con :iconcarlosgomezartist::iconemege: and ARTTIKO
Echad un vistazo a sus trabajos y flipad un rato :)

Y nada, pues lo de siempre, muchos posters, tarjetas, algunas chapillas ... y quiza una batalla de dibujo con Nema. Eso dependera de los asistentes =D
Aqui teneis el [MAPA] para saber donde encontrarnos.

Y eso es todo amigos! Espero veros alli!!
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