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Greyscale version over my previous TMNT drawing!

Did all this myself as a color practice ... I´m still very very numb towards color tecniques, but I guess I´m not so bad at shading ... :)
Did some limited prints last year. Done in PS, trying to pay homage to the original Turtles, with red bandanas and all. Full color incoming!!
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Yup, this is how they were in the 1980's comic books, they all had on red. Only way you could tell them apart was their weapons Donatello has the Boken Mike the Nunchuku Leonardo the Katanas Raphael the Sai's

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That's probably ninjato. It's a kind of sword similar to katanas. Only difference is that katanas are curved. Ninjatos are straight. I'm not ranting. Just wanted to let you know.

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Old school :D Love it :)
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Great throw-back illustration. Very nicely done.
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that is DOPE ! 
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I'm weird, I actually like sketches/drawings/greyscale artwork more than finished color pieces. I REALLY like this. :)
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really cool.  i love that you colored the masks in the traditional mirage color :D
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You ought to be very proud of your shading skills, dear. :thumbsup:
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LOVE it! The red masks look so cool against the grey. And Mikey has pizza :PizzaParty: 
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Very nice, classic turtles.

Also Raph's been working out apparently.
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very nice....nice combination of red and black and white....
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Classic all red bandana wearing Turtles! Awesome!
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damn, raph is BUILT 
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Now that's how I want to see the turtles. Awesome = )
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Cowabunga dude! :D (Big Grin) 
I like the way you have depicted each turtle with fair few physical differences. :) (Smile) 
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Looks great man. 
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The color looks great so far!
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