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So as member of the Creative Staff here in DeviantArt, I had the challenge to redesign Fella, and turn him into something more expressive with hands and mouth ahaha

Here's some basic poses that you can use .... well, everywhere!

Pure vectors! Done from a pencil sketch in Corel Draw! X3
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I just found out about this little guy. He reminds me of a Sonic character.

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Fella is so cute!
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Used on my page! Thank you! :D (Big Grin)
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Too bad Deviantart is blocked at my school. :c
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Seriously?!? Why? Cause of R34?

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<<<< Its his classic thumbs up pose all over again!
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are your '"Fella's" free to use for contests, too?
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yes they can, you wrote like 3 notes about it, sorry for not being in touch with DA XD
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Can we use these?
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master? may i have the permission to use this in creating a design for my own shirt? oh please?
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I really like this series, you have made a legend!
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Nice and smooth.
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A chunk o' dA history.... :iconfellatrollplz:
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