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Animated Sayaka icon

Sayaka (from Puella Magi Madoka Magica) grooves to some tunes in this icon I derived from images in a Sayaka shimeji (window sitter/desktop "pet") for Windows, which you can find here: [link]

Feel free to use this however you like, just make sure you credit me and/or link back to my dA page in return.
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it's too big to use, it says >.< so how do I use it?
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how do you get these shimeji's to work i have some and i can't figure out how help
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Oh my god, she's so cute. I saw her as someone's icon and thought, "Is that Sayaka?" and what do you know, it is. XD I might, just might, have to use this sometime ~ If I could figure out how to make the stupid Shimeji on my computer to work again, too, I'd get the actual shimeji ~ ♥
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i love those shimeji!!! i have them all and there so cute!!!
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Aw, apparently it's too big to use as a da icon and I can't figure out how to re-size animated things, oh well. ^_^;
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Here's a version I've scaled down for dA use (50x50 size): [link]
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Thanks a bunch! ^_^ I'll be sure to remember to credit you. ^_^
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Hee, you're welcome. ^^v
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Ooh, such a cute Sayaka icon! ^_^ If I'm not too lazy to go through the icon changing process I might use it as my da icon, and credit you of course. ^_^
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