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We are the Kibran, come and join us, and have every one of your hearts desire granted!
The Kibran are magical beings who will strike deals with any who seek their help for a price. They have been doing this for thousands of years and will continue to do so for a thousand more, so why don't you come join us for awhile.

Anybody can join the group but you may not make your Kibran, you can always look at the adopt folder as I'll be frequently putting up new adopts. :3

You can come join our discord here!
Founded 2 Years ago
Dec 19, 2016


21 Members
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*Please note that all prior material on the Kibran are now null and void and this is now their permanent story and History! Their new trait sheet sheet should be up by tommorrw along with a new set of adopts and more lore!*

An ancient species of vampire they have been around since the beginning of time, shaping and molding the very reality around them. Unlike the rest of their brethren they consume not blood but mana, a key life source in all those that inhabit the universe, whether they have the ability to use it or remain untapped potential. Humans are an abundant source of mana as humans had lost the ability centuries ago due to persecution of their own kind who presented the ability to use magic.

Kibrans on the other hand are able to harness the ability of mana and use it to produce what humans deem miracles. They can showcase a specific magical talent from a beginner’s level to that of a master, and those that are masters are rare as they can usually manipulate two magical talents.

They have in the past attacked humans to gain their mana and feed themselves but it was usually very little and resulted in them attacking more humans to sustain themselves. Many Kibran were studying ways to combat this and find a way to gain more mana from a single extraction as they were quickly burning through humans. One of the founding royals started conducting experiments on her own, and found that if humans agreed to give up their mana willing they would not only gain ten times more mana, the humans would survive. This was able to solve their problems in one blow, and thus the ranks of Dealmakers were born.

Kibrans would approach humans and would offer them a deal in exchange for their mana. Humans would then generally make wish for whatever they desired but be warned Kibrans usually loathed holding up their end of the bargain so you must be cautious and very specific with them as they can twist what you wish for depending on how you word it.
So for the past few thousand years Kibran have lived at peace with the humans, though there were still many that held to their old ways and forcibly extracting mana in the customs of the past and killing the human. Depending of the level of the Kibran those of low rank were hunted and those of higher ups were usually brought to trial but eventually get out of it. This has brought a bit of a rift between the classes and a growing unrest after their recent third world war.
Many wanted to protect the humans but others cared little for them and viewed them as nothing more than cattle. This was not limited to rank or station of their class, it varied all around on the stance on humans. Many families have been thrown apart and countries have turned their backs on one another depending on the majority view point of the populace concerning humans.

The one that has stayed constant has been the royal family and they have decreed that humans were under protected law and would only have their mana extracted if it was done willingly. Those who did not comply would face the appropriate punishment befit of the crime.
Although the strength of the royal family has been waning of late as the current queen has yet to find a replacement consort after the disappearance of her late husband. Some have viewed her mourning as a sign of weakness and others a sign of her devotion to her husband. She stills hold a firm grasp on the land though and her many children ensure her family will remain on the throne for years to come. Time will only tell if her reign will be a successful one, with the growing unrest who knows what’s to come.

All Kibran have a bonded Kitin, a title given to any creature who resides on their world. The Kitin’s role is to help their Kibran travel to and from worlds without the use of portals. The relationship between the pair runs deep and are always by each others side. It’s rare to see one without the other. Without a Kitin they cannot travel off world to hunt for mana or return home. Once a creature becomes a Kibrans Kitin, they grow magical orbs, or floating energy that encircles around them in the color of their owners magic.
They can also exhibit small amounts of magic to help their owners, always the same talent but on a much smaller and weaker scale. Despite that setback they are immune to all magical attacks, this is something said to have happen when they become a Kitin and to protect them from harm. Although they can still die quite easily by actual physical harm.
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