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Envy 3D Text Wallpaper


"Oh, how I envy the butterfly!

The beginning of its life: simple; a mere egg of motivation incased in a protective shell.

Adolescence brings the once tiny larvae to work arduously towards adulthood,
growing strong to build the shield no longer provided by youth.

After a time, he emerges into the world with crumpled wings, unsteady and unsure.
But as he takes first flight, we know he will not fall. He flies with dignity and grace,
showing the beauty in his wings to the rest of the world.

Oh, how I envy him."


Resolutions: 1600x1200, 1280x1024, and 1024x768

:iconsammykaye1sstamps: [link]

:iconsammykaye1sstamps: [link]

:iconshoofly-stock: [link]

:iconresurgere: [link]

:iconartofdecay-stock: [link]

:iconsugargrl14: [link]

Cracks Brushes:
I don't know! IF anyone happens to know the maker of these brushes, please let me know so I can credit whomever deserves!

Inspiration from many 3D text artists on Deviant Art and other sites.

© 2008 - 2021 thekellz
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looks sweet ^^
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envy awesome
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Very nice indeed :)
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This is very nice work, I really like the effect & how you combine everything together. Looks nice!:)
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Featured here: [link]
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So amazing,so beatufiul
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Wow, phenomenal!
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It is actually ... amazing!
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sweat work keep up the good work

p.s. how did you get that texture on the text is it a add on or a pasted image
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It is a texture stock, that I just layered over the text, with custom layer settings.
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Where I can find the Font?
the pic looks awsome. ;)
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I don't remember the font.. nor do I have the psd.. Sorry!
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omg....very nice ^^ loving it!! :love:,you got time to make a tutorial?i so want to make something like that
this is beyond wicked... I looove it.
I was wondering can you do this for me but besides envy have Nadyeh and David and one that says Sumaya and Houssam?
If you have the time and dont mind and you can take full credit sign it or anything...
I wish I had photoshop skills... I been tryin 2 learn for years just not my thing
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have you tried gimp? its free and easy to use
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Absolutely amazing! =) You've inspired me in a time I really need inspiration.
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Well, thanks, and you're welcome!
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