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Hey ladies and gentlemen! It's Crystal-Moore!

I created this group to help myself and others to get noticed out there. And so far everything is going extremely well! The Easter Eggs-pose was a success and we have accumulated over 200 members! But now, I want to try something else that will help us even more-- advertising commissions! This is another element that may help improve our group!

   So if you like for us to advertise your commissions, please send Crystal-Moore a message with all of your information.

Thanks! :heart: (Links are examples of commishes!)

FlyinTacos is doing commissions for points!
Customized Ferrets----------10:points:…
Full Drawing----------50:points:…

cardcaptor-eternity is doing commissions for points!
Static avatar---------5:points:
Animated avatar----------7:points: cardcaptor-eternity.deviantart…

k4it0u is doing commissions for cash!
Basic sketch----------$4.00 per character
Detailed sketch----------$8.00 per character
Line art----------$2.00 per character
Basic colors----------+$2.00
Simple cel-shaded----------+$6.00
Super cel-shaded----------+$12.00
Simple background----------+$5.00 per background
Detailed background----------+10.00 per background

Nunimi is doing commissions for cash!
Small animal----------$1.00

sunshowerdroplets is doing commissions for points!
Chibi bust colored----------50:points:
Chibi full body colored----------100:points:/+40:points: for additional character
Additional animation (blinking, wobbly, text, etc)----------5:points: sunshowerdroplets.deviantart.c…
Anime/ manga bust colored----------240:points:

RueStLouis is doing commissions for cash!
Minatures----------Price vary
Japanese Wishing Star Jar----------Price vary
Southern Sweet Wishing Jar----------Price vary
(Candle and Gift box included with purchase!)
(For more informatioin on RueStLouis's commissions, visit…!)

ishoji is doing commissions for cash!
Extra Item----------+$1.00
(For more information on ishoji's commissions, visit…!)

Tsubaki-Akia is doing commissions for cash!
Simple Colored Chibi----------$4.00
CG Colored Chibi----------$6.00
Extra Character----------+$2.00

NauticalSparrow is doing commissions for cash!
Small Chibi Sketch----------$2.50
Full Color Small Chibi----------$5.00
Extra Character----------+$2.50
Large Chibi Sketch----------$7.50
Full Color Large Chibi----------$15.00
Extra Character----------+$7.50
(For more information on NauticalSparrow's commissions, visit…!)

Tamabit is doing commissions for cash!
(For more information on Tamabit's commissions, visit…!)

Enjeru-Hato is doing commissions for points!
Simple art (just avatar): 5 to 10 :points:(depends on the size)
Simple art (just sign) : 15 :points:
Simple art (sign +avatar) : 20 :points:
Flash art (only music) : 30 :points:
Flash art (music+lyrics): 40 :points:
Flash art(music+ effects): 50 :points:
Simple Clock : 80 :points:
Clock animated (gif): 90 :points:
Clock with music and animation : :100 points:

Bunnie-Hime is doing commissions for points!
Kawaii animals, objects, and foods----------30:points: and 5:points: per additional animal
Chibi----------40:points: and 10:points: per additional character
Standard anime character----------50:points: and 15:points: per character

aicey is doing commissions for points!
Chibi head = 2 :points:
Short chibi = 5 :points:
Full Chibi = 10 :points:
Extra's (wings, ears,etc) = +2 :points:

Ningaka is doing commissions for points!
- Chibi fullbody is 100 :points: per character.
- Chibi waist-up is 75 :points: per character.
- Chibi headshot is 50 :points: per character.
(For more information on Ningaka's commission, visit…!)

DaisychanOrange is doing commissions for points!
:bulletpink: Buttons & Stamps: ........................................ 5 :points: each
:bulletpink: Bubbles: ...................................................... 15 :points: each
:bulletpink: Flowers: ...................................................... 30 :points: each
:bulletpink: Chibis: ....................................................... 250 :points: each
(For more information on DaisychanOrange's commissions, visit…!)

The-Last-Flower is doing commissions for points!
Characters: 1 character 150  each additional character 100

Inking If you would like the image inked it will be 50:points:

Water Coloring: If you would like to add color to the image it will be 200:points:  


Plain Color: 50:points:

Texture or Pattern: (examples, dots, bubbles, stripes ect....) : 100:points:

Very Vague Background Setting: 200:points:

Detailed Background Setting: 600:points:

For more information on The-Last-Flower's commissions visit…;

FoxWarrior17 is doing commissions for points!
CHIBI (Traditional)
Extra (human) Character: 5  Extra (creature) character: 3:points:
Background (design): 3:points:
Background (place, etc...) 5:points:
Digital instead of traditonal: another 2 points to your total for a traditional.
SKETCH: 7:points:
[link] :[link]
LINEART: 8:points:  
[link] [link]

COLORED and INKED: 12:points:

Extra (human) character: 7  Extra (creature) character: 5:points:
Background (design): 5:points:
Background: (place, etc...) 7:points:
Digital instead of traditonal: add another 3 points to everything
For Humans
SKETCH: 10:points:

LINEART: 11:points:


COLORED: 17:points:

For Animals and Creatures
Sketch: 4:points:
Lineart: 5:points:
Lineart and Shading: 6:points:
Colored: 9:points:

KawaiiChibisO3O is doing commissions for points!
Rough sketch : 5 pts.
Line Art (CHIBI) :  10 pts
Light Colors no shading chibi lineatr : 15pts
Shading and the whole package : 30 pts.
(For more info, visit…!)

NekoSasukeGirl is doing commissions for points!
Style one:
Style Two:

Head shot: 10 :points:
Full Body: 15 :points:

lillipad25 is doing commissions for cash!

cake slice plush (fruit or chocolate-strawberry)----$5.00

donut plush--- $4.00

strawberry mochi----$4.00

Miphi si doing commissions for points!
:bulletpurple: chibi: 15 points (+ background 5) (+animation 5)
:bulletpurple: pixel icon: 10 points (+ animation 0)
:bulletpurple: normal person: 20 points (+ background 10)
+one more persone in a picture 10 points
+animal in picture: 5 points
My art…

cherrychow is doing commissions for points!
Full body chibi w/ background---50:points:
Extra character---+10:points: (Maximum of 3 characters per commission)…

roudrasagi is doing commissions for cash!
YO CHIBI OC + FOOD Illustration-----$18.00…
1 page manga ( Yo OC & yo story )-----Black/White---$18.00 Full colored---$23.00…

StrawberryWolf-3 is doing commissions for cash!
Chibis: 3$
Chibis with a background: 5$
Waist up:15$
Full body:20$
Full body with background: 25$

xXSpeedyCheetahXx is doing commissions for points!
Kawaii style---10:points:
Licky style---5:points:
More information on commissions--->

Flame-of-Icarus is doing commissions for cash!
Anime style---$25.00
Moving Icon---$1.00
Check out the full commission information here---->

YamatoJay is doing commissions for points!
Flat color---15:points:

Flat color---25:points:

Flat color---20:points:

Check out the full commission info here---->

princesscheetos is doing commissions for points!
Animated pixel icon---10:points:
Animated pixel character---30:points:

Check out the full commission info here--->…

ReasonBeautifulChild is doing commissions for points:
Watercolor Painting---starting at 40:points:
Sketch---starting at 30:points:
Chibi---starting at 10:points:

Check out the full commission info here--->reasonbeautifulchild.deviantar…

ephemeryl is doing point and paypal commissions

Blinking avatar icon------$6 CAD/600:points:
Fully coloured chibi + transparent background----$10 CAD/100:points:
Semi Realism + Fully coloured + Simple background---$17/1700:points:
Fully coloured + Simple background---$30/3000:points:

Check out the full commission info here--->…

Nashiil is doing commissions for Paypal:
Cute food themed avatar, t-shirt designs, and group avatars-----starting at $10.00 USD

Check out the full commission info here--->

Elimonne is doing commission for Paypal:
Character (Digital)----Starting at 1,00€
Character (Traditional)----Starting at 1,50€
Portrait (Digital)----Starting at 2,00€
Portrait (Traditional)----Starting at 3,00€
Illustrations (Digital)----Starting at 4,00€
Illustrations (Traditional)----Starting at 3,00€
Character Study----Starting at 7,00€
Comic Strips (Digital)----Starting at 10,00€ per Page
Comic Strips (Traditional)----Starting at 15,00€ per Page

For full information, details, and examples, please check out her journal here--->
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Could I be added to the list please?

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Hi, I'm doing commishes too and the information's on my main page ouo
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Hello! I've posted your commission info! :iconowocuteplz:
ReasonBeautifulChild's avatar
Crystal-Moore's avatar
You're very welcome! :iconcutiesmileplz:
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Could you please add me to the list? :]
Informations: [link]
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Sure! I've posted your commish info! :aww:
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Crystal-Moore's avatar
You're very welcome! :iconeweplz:
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Crystal-Moore's avatar
I listed your information! Thank you and good luck! :iconowocuteplz:
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Can I be in it heres my commission sheet

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Okey dokey! I've posted your commission info now! :iconsmilieplz:
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how do you do the "point" icon? :iconpoints: ?
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: point : (W/o spaces.)
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can u put me in there as well? :oooo commissioning starts at 150+ and I decide the price when they send me a note with the commish- information :3
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