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Time for the "Box Enlarging Project."

By enlarging I mean adding a bunch of new features to the Katbox, investment in advertising and convention operations, as well as a new addition to the box which I've called to host more mature works.

These changes aren't going to come cheap though. Mihari has been doing a great job for us for years, but she has been working for us as a volunteer and thus not able to devote as much time to developing new features as we might want. We have begun a GoFundMe campaign to raise money in order to pay her to do development work for us full time until the new features are complete. Depending on how well we do, we have plans in the works to also begin in-house publishing.

So if any of this is interesting to you, or you're just a fan of The Katbox, please consider throwing us a few bucks!… <- Also has a lot more info.

We will be holding scheduled and impromptu donation streams by Katbox artists, so stay tuned to this thread >>… << and we'll be making posts on when streams are coming or here!
The Katbox is currently preparing to open a season for webcomic applications!

Be sure to read this thread and prepare your pitch if you are interested:…

Best of luck guys!
The Katbox welcomes two new additions, UberQuest & Our World!

Check out the news post here:…
Hello everyone, Avencri here!

I will just like to announce that now has an official twitter account for updates and site news that you can follow.

"Welcome to the Katbox's new Twitter account! Follow here for news and updates!"

The account is still new and in need of some work but do spread the news about it if you are a follower of any of the comics.

Hello everyone!

This is :iconavencri: speaking.

The katbox crew just made this new group where will be posting all things related to our webcomics.

For now we just moved in and are setting things ups.

Expect updates and organization the following days!

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