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I did the meme! This is me! The Kao! As of January 2017. 

Also I decided to add some of my popular illustrations based on my tumblr. 
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I have always wanted to do one of these but I also love looking at them I love your style very cool :D
TDF-W0rldKeY's avatar
I hate you made me figure out 305 months but i love your art why are you so good at it!?
TheK40's avatar
lol sorry and thank you xD 
E-challenger's avatar
Oh my gish Mondo Mango! love those comics
TheK40's avatar
Yeeee, I upload new episodes weekly at 
TinySilverQuills's avatar
Boi you as tall as meeeeee but like 8 years older than me (Did i even do the math right???)

Das cute :3 You kewl
HEYBosoc's avatar
how tf is someone kool af like you be the same hight as my scrawny ass 
TheK40's avatar
< u > fun size 
Nepeta-Plant's avatar
LiliandraW's avatar
Does that say you're 305 months old?? Sweating a little... 
And this is freaking dope, seriously, The composition and all that is so unique it's immediately eye-catching. Great job!!!
TheK40's avatar
yup, and thank you! 
losteyelessxx's avatar
yes SupernaturalBendy Icon 3 (F2U!) 
MondoArt's avatar
Ylahia-DragonSpirit's avatar
You're so cute (/*w*)/
Nice te meet you !! Really nice drawing of yourself :3
TheK40's avatar
SoggyCrepes's avatar
Man. I wish I could have mangos and bendy straws too. Two things I want that I can't have! Argh!
(I love your art style too. oh my god.)
TheK40's avatar
why cant you have???
SoggyCrepes's avatar
BEndy straws are not sold in north india and mangos are allergy foodz :''')
TheK40's avatar
SoggyCrepes's avatar
:''''''''''''''D (there is, however, mango gum. I  am ever grateful.)
CrippleHand's avatar
Oh I forgot that I was reading your comics.
Now I know. Looking good there.
And don't worry about your height ( if you even do), I'm only 5'2
TheK40's avatar
lol Thanks! -high fives for same height- 
I'm actually pretty okay with my height. Hence not afraid to make fun of myself for it in my comics. xD
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