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Mass Effect (Male Shepard)

This is a wallpaper I did up for Mass Effect. Hit me on twitter (@thejtizzle) if you need anything! Female Shepard version here: [link]
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This wallpaper is amazing! It's used everywhere on the internet now! You did awesome job with it!
Astonishing piece. But it makes me sad that I'll never see this art with my custom Shepard in it instead of the default one. =(
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Mass Effect is one of the greatest internally consistent game universes ever created and you capture it brilliantly here.
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Another glorious ME wallpaper, I love the paragon and renegade split for the character's personallity.
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One of the most expensive fictional universe i've ever come across. It takes a massive effort to try to show it all at once, it think you've achieved that to some success.
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It's missing Jenkins.
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It's a nice image, though the moral placings are largely off. Kaidan and Ashley ought to be switched around, Grunt, Garrus, and Mordin being Paragon while Miranda, Jacob, Thane, and Samara are Renegade doesn't make sense, and frankly the same holds true where Liara and EDI are concerned.

Of course, to be fair, an actual Renegade Shepard is worse than all of them put together, so there is that. Really, none of them are evil the way Renegade Shepard is, so I guess in the end the Paragon/Renegade system doesn't work so well for the party members. 
Could I use this as a cover for my ME fanfic? 
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Sure. Just post a small credit blurb for me :).
Thank you very much. I will of course.
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Okay, that's fucking awesome. I would love to have wall paper like that on my wall. Anyway very well done work
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Stunning!! Garrus Approves
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Damn that's good.
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Veeeeeeeeery nice !
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One question, though, is why and when would Jack use the Widow?
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So pretty! This is my favorite game ever!
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Very nice... 

Where is Samara's daughter and Thane's son? Also Captain
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Awesome, but why is Jack sporting a Widow? 
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I've been looking for an image like this for a long time. This is amazing! I love how you included small details like the Mako and Hammerhead at the bottom, and Omega in the background on the right. Great work!
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