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Asking for Customs

Yes, I do customs.

Rates vary depending on the difficulty of the project. Msg me the details, and don’t worry.. I’ve heard it all. Don’t dance around the details. I won't judge, I'll either accept the project, reject the project, or refer you to someone I think will do it.

1) If you require special props or characters, that cost is passed on to you and paid in advance.

2) I am no longer accepting requests for the "trophy room" from people that aren't members of Hipcomix. It's not my job to provide free content for DeviantArt. If you aren't a member of Hipcomix, you must commission it.

3) I will not do characters under the age of 18, or the ability to consent. This includes animals, but limited room for aliens or monsters.

4) I will not do "real people". I will do likenesses of real people in the form of the character they played. For example, I will do a superheroine as portrayed by an actress with a digital likeness, but not the actress as the subject of the image. The line of fantasy/realism is crossed there. This is supposed to be fantasy fun, but once someone makes the subject a real person.. well.. that's not a fantasy anymore. That's a felony.

5) Be prepared to spend some $. The average 10 image deal will run about $50. This means creating characters, rendering images, dialog, etc.

6) I expect money down. Half, at least. I'm too old and busy to listen to you describe your fantasy for hours and then not follow through with payment after I spend time making you test renders.

7) Any renders I do on your project, including raw psd files and raw renders will become your property (unless otherwise discussed) once the project is complete and payment is made in full. Until that time, all property of discussed project (including the story idea) remains my property. This way I have the option to use it or sell it as I please should the contract not be completed due to fault on buyers end or payments not made to make up for the time I put into the project.

8) Your disapproval of the final images is not a reason to withhold payments. I will do my best with every image, but the art I do is the art I do. I'm not re-rendering an image over and over tweaking every tiny detail to your liking. I have a full portfolio here, look through it before deciding to hire me. I get the final call on if a render is satisfactory to my standards.

9) Any dispute is settled with Rule 7

My Paypal is "Jpeger @". My Email is "admin @".




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Jpeger from Hipcomix
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Donations always accepted via paypal - "Jpeger @" (no spaces) Follow me for the stuff I can't post here.

Most of the images I post here are to advertise what fine work we do at Hipcomix and McComix. Take a moment and check them out!

Follow our group at


The Halloween Issue I posted last week, is getting some great feedback.  I'm happy everyone seems to be enjoying it. The best compliments I've been getting were addressing the new Blunder Woman and Blunder Girl characters I was using.  Perhaps it's time to do some more with them.  Thoughts?
Ok.. I have writer's block, so I'm going to do something I haven't done in the many years I've been doing this.  Who would like to pitch ideas to motivate my "Jpeger Presents A Very Special Hipcomix Halloween Horror" episode?  

Here are the loose boundaries.

It can contain any heroine I do. 

Please keep it short and sweet, I'm looking for ideas to overcome writer's block, not full scripts. Consider this a pitch meeting.

I will give you credit if I use it.

It's going to be a nightmare sequence (So no rules as to adhering to the "universe" boundaries).  Vlad the Impaler Vs. Wonder Woman?  ok!   Batgirl captured by Aliens?  Why not!

I have to pick something tonight,  The idea I like the best by Midnight Central time, wins.  Pitch several ideas if you wish.

And... go.
So my newest Daphne Case was deleted with no warning or explanation.  This lends me to have a theory someone reported my image to the admins. 

This also leaves me with a foul taste.  If admins are going to just delete images with no discussion, or explanation, and/or bar/banish accounts with no discussion, why bother risking my account?  

Over the weekend, I'm going to decide if I'm interested in providing content for this service anymore. 

***Update - Since I posted this, Now the Velma trophy case is under scrutiny.  Velma, played by 27 year old Linda Cardellini.  Whatever.  I'll just delete it. 

I believe my decision has been made for me.  I will no longer be making nudes for DA.  I'll post PG versions here, and Hipcomix will be the place I post the nudes.  I'll quit this motherfucker before I'm accused of making underage art again.
I have updated the Trophy Case.  Kinda like it.  Rendering someone in it now.  I won't ruin the surprise, but her initials are KP.
Going to be taking a hiatus from DA for a bit to concentrate on new Hipcomix material.  See you there!


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