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If your art has been requested & you aren't already a member, please consider joining the group - the more the merrier!!

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A space for very special people!!

Welcome to The Joy Of Flowers

Sunshine by MYPeanutGallery

"The Earth laughs in Flowers"
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Please follow a few simple guidelines:

Joining is not automatically accepted. We will check your gallery to see if you have at least 3 images appropriate to this group then admins will vote.

  • deviantART's policies
  • All media is allowed
  • All work should be original
  • Full credits should be given to photo-manipulations
  • Please submit your best work
  • Vintage photos accepted with proper credit
  • All black and white images must be clear and light
  • There must be a visible bloom
  • Features From Members and Affiliates
  • Fan art is allowed, providing it is in line with our other rules
  • Animals, insects and birds in flowers will be accepted

The following will not be accepted: (We will always give you a reason if we decline your image)
  • Dark, demonic or overtly evil content
  • Cemeteries
  • Multiple submissions of the same flower that are almost identical
  • Large watermarks that obscure or interfere with the view of the flower/s
  • People
  • Seeds
  • Withered, faded blooms
  • Fungus

Submit 3/day to the Submission Folder. Your art will be directed to the proper folder.

We welcome any questions, so please feel free to contact BGai


Gallery Folders

lovesong by Nimbue
Blue Moon by Kitteh-Pawz
Yellow flowers. L1001603, with story by harrietsfriend
A Misty Masdevallia by oneofacard
Featured art from our donors
That Which Fills My Heart by TeaPhotography
Nature's Candle For You... by TeaPhotography
Gentle Energy by TeaPhotography
Morning delight by natureguy
Convolvulus arvensis 1. by Eternatease
Unknown white flower. by Eternatease
Let's Take Our Time by BeatMaedchen
Fat Bees by organicvision
Art - Artisan
Wreath from wood  by BlackCatArtDA
Flowers by JankaLateckova
HoneyFlower by Jlombardi
Forget Me Not silk scarf blue on blue by MinkuLul
Art - Digital
F2U Soft Bright Pink Flower Pattern Stock by FortuneSeeks-TheSun
Made Of Star dust by eReSaW
The grass is always greener on the other side by eReSaW
Mocha Floret by recycledrelatives
Art - Features
Art - Photomanipulations
For the Love of Springtime by FortuneSeeks-TheSun
Pretty Petals of Yesterday by FortuneSeeks-TheSun
Hot tears by eReSaW
Lonesome in the night by eReSaW
Art - Sweet Prose
Revery by Calmality
Family..where life begin by DonCabanza
Just Living is Not Enough... by KeldBach
Happy by oanalivia
Art - Traditional
Happy First Day of Summer by happytimer
Hibiscus by LynneHendersonArt
Crysanthemum by Sumbae7
Purpurowa Ksiezniczka/Purple princess by stokrotas
Flowers - and Birds
Rainbow Lorikeet with Bottle Brush flowers by BGai
Wood Pigeon in Cherry tree by GeaAusten
Great tit in yellow flowers by Sia-Mon
Spring goldfinches by mossagateturtle
Flowers - and Butterflies
Common blue butterfly (Female) by Sia-Mon
Flowers - and Invertebrates
Full of Pollen by flowerhippie22
Flowers - and Pets
Lizzy and the lizards on the water bowl by marijeberting
Flowers - and Still Life
ein Korb Blumen by callmenotwo
Flowers - and Wildlife
Giovani Dimitry Cornelius!  20-3-2016 by ZoevanRumt
Flowers - Bouquets
bouquet by callmenotwo
Flowers - Container Gardening
Saint Lucie is back 2019 by organicvision
Flowers - Black and White
They call me the Wild rose by Sherl91
Flowers - Blue
Heaven Knows by KristopherWinter
Flowers - Green
Nature's wonderment's by awesome43
Flowers - Multicol.
Tulips by callmenotwo
Flowers - Orange
I love the sun by eReSaW
Flowers - Peach
Broomrape in full bloom by mossagateturtle
Flowers - Pink
Affection by Doll-Ladi
Flowers - Purple
Laughing at Bees by organicvision
Flowers - Red
Tulip from Germany by LewiARTs
Flowers - White
Unidentified Brassicaceae by PapierowySzczur
Flowers - Yellow
A Touch of Summer Sunshine by BGai
Flowers - Bleeding Hearts
Bleeding heart flower by DelphineHaniel
Flowers - Cactus and Succulents
Aloe Flower by TaikutsunaMajo
Flowers - Camellias
Camelia by Sia-Mon
Flowers - Chrysanthemums
Chrysanthemum by MontyMouse
Flowers - Cosmos
Flaming White Cosmos by KeldBach
Flowers - Dahlias
Nature's eye by irrlicht71
Flowers - Daisies
A Little Daisy by Defelozedd94
Flowers - Datura and Brugmansias
Early morning white by natureguy
Flowers - Fuchsias
Bells Ring by mockingbirdontree
Flowers - Geraniums
Garden white on wild geranium by PapierowySzczur
Flowers - Herbs
Nicandra by IRIS-KUPP
Flowers - Hibiscus
Hibiscus by redwolfoz
Flowers - Hydrangeas
Morning  Blue splash by clubdaz
Flowers - Iris
Iris in the sun by Ingelore
Flowers - Lilies
Smiling-with-the-world by fotoponono
Flowers - Lotus and Waterlilies
White Water Lilies by Defelozedd94
Flowers - Marigolds
three flowers by Astragami-sama
Flowers - Orchids
Bee orchid unturned by mossagateturtle
Flowers - Pansies
Little Surprises by Calypso1977
Flowers - Peonies
Peony 3 by RunaCorner
Flowers - Poppies
Poppy Portrait 2 by KeldBach
Flowers - Roses
beauty by callmenotwo
Flowers - Sunflowers
Sunflowers by Vitskog
Flowers - Thistles
f-daSC16801f by pablo-klik
Flowers - Tulips
Nawak Tulip Wallpaper 3 by Pierre-Lagarde
Flowers - Zinnias
DSC 1661c by FreeYMind
Flowers - Vegetables
Living Fractal by PapierowySzczur
Flowers - Water Droplets
Tears in the rain. by MontyMouse
Flowers - Wildflowers
Unknown flowers 4. by Eternatease
Flowering Shrubs
autumn theme by AnnieFF5
Flowering Trees
Blackthorn flowers by Vitskog
Spring fields. DSCN4788, with story by harrietsfriend
Holidays - Christmas
Holidays - Easter
Happy Easter To Friends  On dA 2017 by youlittlemonkey
Holidays - Mother's Day
Tribute for MOMS by Hubert11
Holidays - Valentine's Day
Happy Valentine's Day..2018 by BlueIvyViolet
Seasons - Spring
Snowy Spring by Defelozedd94
Seasons - Snow
Unexpected snowfall by eReSaW
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How to submit images to groups in DA by BGai
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A Question about Groups and Eclipse

Mon Jun 3, 2019, 1:55 AM
I'm interested to get the opinions of people so please leave comments with what you think. NOT just comments bagging Eclipse please - although I probably feel the same way that's not what this is about.

Nothing has really been said yet by DA about how groups will operate under Eclipse.

My group :iconheavens-on-earth: is up for renewal for super group status.

Donations through my points widget have been really slow meaning I will have to pay for most of it if I renew.

I have several groups up for renewal in the next 6 months. It's going to be really expensive for me personally to do them all.

Is it going to be worth it? Should I bother?

It would be great if someone who knows would say something - hint hint - spyed danlev Heidi tagged as the 3 main people I've seen commenting with some actual knowledge - and I've read every official journal I can but have seen almost nothing about groups.

If I can't get an official response - can anyone direct me to anything that has been said officially?

Eclipse and requesting to groups

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 7, 2019, 6:00 PM

I've just been looking a bit more at Eclipse and have found an issue I am really concerned about - I have completed the feedback form to DA but I don't believe it will change.

When I want to request images to my groups I go and browse - sometimes new work - sometimes the most popular - sometimes undiscovered - but I always choose categories depending on which group I'm requesting for - e.g. fractals if I'm requesting for my fractal groups, APN if I'm requesting for my nature groups.

Under Eclipse we can no longer do this!!

We have to browse the whole category of Photography - or Digital and can only narrow it down by using search for tags e.g. fractal

I have to say - browsing on DA is not one of my favourite past times, in particular the digital art category - plenty has been said about the porn on this site for people to understand what I'm talking about. Browsing the category can make me really uncomfortable and sick to the stomach. It's why I prefer to stick to nature and fractal groups and up until now I have been able to manage to request by not having to wade my way through that shit by choosing specific categories.

If DA insists on leaving it the way it is it will be very difficult to request for groups.

I just did a quick search in the fractals category and several people use no tags at all.

Some of you don't care if your art is in groups or not - that's OK.

For people who do like to promote their art in groups - PLEASE remember to use the tags - or submit your art yourself in the future.

I won't be doing a lot of browsing if it doesn't change. I will mainly be going through the stacks of the people I watch - which will be great for them!! :D

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