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Join Us!!

If your art has been requested & you aren't already a member, please consider joining the group - the more the merrier!!

A space for very special people!!

This space is reserved for mentioning people who have made a very special contribution to our group - our 'STARS' - as a small way of saying THANK YOU!!

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Welcome to The Joy Of Flowers


"The Earth laughs in Flowers"
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Please follow a few simple guidelines:

Joining is not automatically accepted. We will check your gallery to see if you have at least 3 images appropriate to this group then admins will vote.

  • deviantART's policies
  • All media is allowed
  • All work should be original
  • Full credits should be given to photo-manipulations
  • Please submit your best work
  • Vintage photos accepted with proper credit
  • All black and white images must be clear and light
  • There must be a visible bloom
  • Features From Members and Affiliates
  • Fan art is allowed, providing it is in line with our other rules
  • Animals, insects and birds in flowers will be accepted

The following will not be accepted: (We will always give you a reason if we decline your image)
  • Dark, demonic or overtly evil content
  • Cemeteries
  • Multiple submissions of the same flower that are almost identical
  • Large watermarks that obscure or interfere with the view of the flower/s
  • People
  • Seeds
  • Withered, faded or dead blooms
  • Fungus
  • Blurred images that require a watch, subscription or cost to view them

Submit 3/day to the Submission Folder. Your art will be directed to the proper folder.

We welcome any questions, so please feel free to contact BGai


Gallery Folders

To live in a Bubble by IRIS-KUPP
Lilac rose by Sia-Mon
bud of a dahlia by chetje
girls by Nimbue
Featured art from our donors
Apricot smelly by Vaeavictis
Pink Purrfect! by vanndra
Christmas Time by vanndra
sublime by Nimbue
Ben onu anlarim... by fiyonk14
Aciyor lalem... by fiyonk14
black and white flower by Zephyra-art
Sunshine by Pensioner1946
Art - Artisan
Miniature polymer clay peonies by EleanHell
Sunflower by Xantosia
Sunflowers by Xantosia
Silk ribbon embroidery picture by TetianaKorobeinyk
Art - Digital
It's Magic by BGai
Drawing the light in by BGai
Wildflower 16-10-22 by BGai
Jwf 16-9-22-2 by BGai
Art - Photomanipulations
In joy or sadness flowers are our constant friends by eReSaW
Not everything that burns is meant to end as ash by eReSaW
Flower Stars by Lotus105
sunflower by GLO-HE
Art - Sweet Prose
Night Flowers by Barosus
Revery by Calmality
Family..where life begin by DonCabanza
Just Living is Not Enough... by KeldBach
Art - Traditional
4b0572f7-3855-4336-a017-c50bbd07e2f2 by freyaelysia
64f37fda-e489-4022-86a3-7b8fae97c5a7 by freyaelysia
Untitled by ArMakaCHY
Flowers - and Birds
Rainbow Lorikeet 17-10-21 by BGai
Rainbow Lorikeet Dec 2020 by BGai
Rainbow Lorikeet by BGai
Peachicks 3 by kiwipics
Flowers - and Butterflies
Lycaena virgaureae female by Solan7
Flowers - and Invertebrates
Love you so much, I could eat you... by mossagateturtle
Flowers - and Pets
Lizzy and the lizards on the water bowl by marijeberting
Flowers - and Still Life
Orchid by themasterofnone
Flowers - and Wildlife
Giovani Dimitry Cornelius!  20-3-2016 by ZoevanRumt
Flowers - Bouquets
Red And Blue by callmenotwo
Flowers - Container Gardening
Saint Lucie is back 2019 by organicvision
Flowers - Black and White
Sunflower Knot in Mono by KeldBach
Flowers - Blue
melancholia by Nimbue
Flowers - Green
Flowers - Multicol.
Behind the Mask by organicvision
Flowers - Orange
1076 by maigashira
Flowers - Peach
in the sun by prettyflour
Flowers - Pink
Rhododendron indicum by Hexenkatz
Flowers - Purple
Jacaranda flowers by BGai
Flowers - Red
Red Bottlebrush by BGai
Flowers - White
Beautiful Cactus Flower by vanndra
Flowers - Yellow
A little touch of sunshine by BGai
Flowers - Bleeding Hearts
Bleeding heart flower by DelphineHaniel
Flowers - Cactus and Succulents
Violet cactus flower by scarlette13
Flowers - Camellias
Camelia by Sia-Mon
Flowers - Chrysanthemums
The charm of Chrysanthemums by AnnaZLove
Flowers - Cosmos
Flaming White Cosmos by KeldBach
Flowers - Dahlias
Dahlia Hamari Rose by chetje
Flowers - Daisies
Lemon symphany by prettyflour
Flowers - Datura and Brugmansias
Early morning white by natureguy
Flowers - Fuchsias
Bells Ring by mockingbirdontree
Flowers - Geraniums
perfect by callmenotwo
Flowers - Herbs
Nicandra by IRIS-KUPP
Flowers - Hibiscus
Hibiscus by vanndra
Flowers - Hydrangeas
Amethyst Iris by Esperoart
Flowers - Iris
Flowers - Lilies
fearless by AnnieFF5
Flowers - Lotus and Waterlilies
Flower Marriage by mossagateturtle
Flowers - Marigolds
French marigold (Tagetes patula) by redwolfoz
Flowers - Orchids
Purple Orchid by vanndra
Flowers - Pansies
Forever My Friend by Doll-Ladi
Flowers - Peonies
Peony 3 by RunaCorner
Flowers - Poppies
Nawak Flower Wallpaper 6 by Pierre-Lagarde
Flowers - Roses
Iris by Dreampaint68
Flowers - Sunflowers
Sunflower Portrait by KeldBach
Flowers - Thistles
Arctium minus 1. by Eternatease
Flowers - Tulips
Tulips by drmdemons
Flowers - Zinnias
DSC 1661c by FreeYMind
Flowers - Vegetables
Big artichoke by nkyvi
Flowers - Water Droplets
sun drops by Dieffi
Flowers - Wildflowers
Daucus carota L. by Eternatease
Flowering Shrubs
autumn theme by AnnieFF5
Flowering Trees
Beginning by dashakern
Untouched Beauty by BGai
Holidays - Christmas
Happy Holidays 2019 by BGai
Holidays - Easter
Happy Easter To Friends  On dA 2017 by youlittlemonkey
Holidays - Mother's Day
Tribute for MOMS by Hubert11
Holidays - Valentine's Day
Happy Valentine's Day..2018 by BlueIvyViolet
Seasons - Spring
Lemon Blossom by BGai
Seasons - Snow
Frozen Beauty by Vanilla-Raptor
News from Affiliated Groups
How to submit images to groups in DA by BGai
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