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#SixFanarts (of People's OCs)

By theJfluffy
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alternate title: "I'll just give you six characters that I made fanart of!"

This meme may be old but I might as well do it anyway.
All these characters are from artists that I watched on dA.
Soviet Sniper H1R0H1T0 
Teardrop Josh-S26 
Nik Khalfani SketchyRae 
Kurone TAKE2008 
Pinokuni PockyBloo 
Xhaken cybertrevil 

To make things short, they are really wonderful people and I'm grateful to have them in my acknowledgement throughout the years.
I wish them all well.
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Thank you so much, Jeremy! ✨💙 I'm grateful to have you around, too! Not kidding, seeing this new art of him made me very happy! Q7Q💙 And I should prolly make a revision of his character sheet next month! :0

Thank you thank you again for this~! I really was feeling down lately. TUT/

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I'm glad you liked this!
You're an amazing artist and deserve as many good fortunes from what you and your family have been through.
I hope you will always continue doing the things you love.
Take care! rainbow heart  
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Likewise, my dude! Q7Q/

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my shy Russian boi!!
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He is a gem!!
In fact, all of your OCs are just the best! 
What I love the most is how you told stories through the characters. I can tell that you're a great storyteller and artist.
You truly are an inspiration and I'm glad to have discovered you since X&Y
pokemon gif sylveon Heart 
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Ee thanks so much! I cherish my OC's

yee thanks; it's been many years!
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you're welcome !!
Your stuff is like literally from another planet! You truly have a unique approach to storytelling with both of your comics, it's really inspiring!
Keep up the good work !!!
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Ayy Fluffy, these look really neat X)
Thank you for drawing our characters, dude!
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You're Welcome :D
There are amazing artists that I've watched throughout the years and you and others addressed have indeed been inspiring.
You in particular are really amazing with making comics!!
Keep up the good work!!  white heart bullet 
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AW Thank you so much for drawing my wooden son!

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You're welcome!
I may have never read your Beanstalked comic before, but by looking at your art (& signature OTP Red Beans) I can tell it's a great read!
Keep up the good work and peace be with you! Misc Emoji-13 (Heart) [V1] 
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Wow! //0o0//
Thank you for drawing my Kurone!
Kurone"You're a wonderful guy"

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You're Welcome! //^u^//
The thing I love the most about your work is how cute and beautiful they can be!
Your sprite work in particular is amazing! I can imagine that you can make a great game with your art!
You always have my support! Don't forget it!!
small heart - blue small heart - light grey small heart - black 
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