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Well, I was in some serious need of a new I thought I would post a little update.

For starters, I will be getting 2 stillborn whitetail fawns for either mounting or freezedrying. I know I want to keep one for myself, but the other may be available for sale after I make a trip to Corpus to pick them up. They are frozen whole now, so I'm not sure what exactly I'll be doing with them. :D

I am finally getting my own chest freezer as my dead animals won't be bogarting my family's freezer, and I can store a whole lot more frozen and wet tanned specimans. Right now, I have a few pedistal small mammals in there and a couple deer capes...and I'm pretty maxed out, so a new freezer will be great.

With my whitetail fawns I'm also picking up some misc. capes from the guy too...I'm not sure what they are yet, but they are I don't care lol. They will make some good projects.

Hopefully I will get to be a bit more active since school is out and all college finals are done. I am taking two simple summer courses, but it shouldn't be too bad...and I will be able to graduate with my associates degree this summer and transfer to a new university. :)

Anyways...that is all for now. XD
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Nice :D! I cant wait to see you working on them maybe livestream???

OH I got my webcam!