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Whitetail Deer Fawns

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Here are the two little Whitetail fawns I got today. They are just PRECIOUS! :D

**I did not kill either of these animals! These were both FARM RAISED deer that died of natural causes! The larger one died of an illness about a week or so after it was born, and the smaller one was stillborn.**
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FaieAmoraHobbyist General Artist

If only I could get one of these as a soft mount. Been looking everywhere for someone to do a fawn soft mount but seems everyone is sared of the fawns structure. Otherwise love the coloring of the bigger fawn.


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janiceghosthunterHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Holy cow! I just read in a few comments below that you do soft mounts? I rarely find anyone who would do this! I have a wonderful little bobcat that I've wanted for a soft mount for years!!! Is it hard???
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Aww the poor little things :( they would have been so cute, still are kinda..

I have a question, cause I haven't quite had a chance to look through your gallery yet, do you like make them into sort of just models or can you move their legs and stuff? I saw the two from 'they're lovers you know' and it made me wonder.

Still don't know quite what to think about all these, the animal lover in me is feeling unsettled and very sad about all this but it's also interesting at the same time. It all seems a little morbid as well, no offence tho. I mean I have a fox in my garden which we didn't even realise was there and I'm waiting for just the bones to be left so I'm not any better lol.. ^^;
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Some of my work is "posable" like a plush animal, while other pieces are rigid and won't move. These will both be rigid taxidermy mounts when I skin them and mount them, I wont make either one posable.

And while I'm here, I'll reply to your other comment as to not crowd your inbox. Population control is a needed thing. Human population, as well as animals' populations are growing, which means, that there is too much life, and not enough room to support it all. A human example, would be the occurance in China, hence the cap they have on one child per family. They are simply out of room to accomodate anymore people living there. An example for animals is coyotes, there are so many coyotes that their populations are overflowing into cities and they are becoming a danger to people that live there and even will kill peoples' pets for an easy meal.

Without some type of population control, some animals would become enxtinct due to an overuse of natural food supplies that would in time vanish, the spread of disease would be greater with animals and people living in closer quarters, and more imbreeding would occur causing disformaties in young etc.
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That's all rly interesting, how do you get the stomach to do this kind of thing :XD:

With the coyotes I guess it is needed...but then again it's humans fault that certain animal populations are growing out of control since we've made extinct so many natural predators or whatever. I guess in that case we have to step in and fix what we have done.
I still don't like that we have to cull them tho. With pack animals they live in families and people are just choosing almost at random who we have to kill off, it doesn't matter if they have cubs hidden somewhere.
In the case of the wolves they shouldn't kill them but catch a few and arrange for them to be brought to Scotland. It would do the deer population a lot of good since there isn't near enough food to go around for all of them and it's ruining the environment there >> killing has always been the quick fix tho.
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I guess I have an iron stomach XD

And yes you're right, some species have in the past been hunted to extinction, and because of those past mistakes, that's exactly why there are such strict rules and regulations on hunting today. Wolves are a lot like coyotes, in some areas their numbers are large and people, peoples dogs, livestock, and the deer and elk populations suffer. More hunting during deer season might help out in Scotland as well rather then introducing a new predator. It sounds like a good idea...but people have tried that before and the consequences were not good. Like when they introduced the non-native Canadian Grey Wolf into parts of North America that it had never lived in in hopes of it helping the dwindling Timber Wolf population. The Canadian Grey is a much larger, more powerful predator, and it saw the native Timber Wolf as a threat, and only proceded to hunt them down, hurting their numbers even more. They are also hurting the Coyotes' numbers and over hunting elk and now they must too be culled out.
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Lol yeah you must do :XD:

Yeah I didn't rly think about how a different type would affect other things =/ maybe if we got some wolves from Europe or something which are probably the type of wolves that used to be here.
I think it would be nice to have them back again, since we no longer have any large predators in England any more.
Actually I think they do hunt the deer down to a certain number in Scotland, just looking at a site about it. I just think letting things go back to how nature meant it to be would be a better way of dealing with this kind of problem. A predator would help keep the population healthy in the way people do to.

I have to say I didn't know that the grey wolf wasn't native, I guess it makes it more acceptable to cull them since they shouldn't be there in the first place. It's still a little sad tho :(
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awesome! very cute cant wait to see how they turn out sometime
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Your little goat kid was very inspiring as far as the lambs and fawns go. It made me so eager to get these guys :D
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I am glad :) It's so much fun changing things up and working with different animals like that. Altering forms, carving, and wrapping bodies is challenging but very enjoyable and rewarding.
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I agree :D I get to alter a coyote into a dingo my next project...should be interesting. I'd also like to learn how to wrap as well.
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Snowhare from Taxinet is having a wrapped body seminar in Michigan at Dennis Harris' place the upcoming November. I will be going. It's going to be very informative, you should see about flying up.
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Yeah I saw that...but I think it will probably be cutting into my college finals and I'm not sure I can afford it. Would be awesome though.
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KrissyfawxHobbyist General Artist
poor things. They're to adorable! I want to eventually get a mounted or freeze dried laying down fawn for putting on my bed
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Yes...they are so adorable! :) And that's a great idea for one for the bedtop!
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caroroProfessional Traditional Artist
The still born one is really neat!
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