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This is going to be my competition piece for this year. It's going to be an Australian Wild Dog, or Dingo. It's a Coyote form that I will be altering into a Dingo. :) I will prolly get the form prep done this weekend and mount her up next...then work on the habitat later.
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I want to have wild sex with your dingo
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Skitzo-PicklezStudent Digital Artist
good luck with that. :thumbsup:
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sweet! Can't wait to see how it turns out! I have actually never seen a dingo mounted before so this is a great idea for comp piece.
I like that form! I did a yote on that same one this year for a customer. Are you going to alter the stance any?
A good tip for comp mounts though: It's best to get the habitat or at least the ground work built up first, so that when you mount the animal, you can position his feet and toes to fit the ground and look like they are correctly bearing their weight.
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Thanks :)

Yeah...I wanted to do an unusual animal for competition, because some of the norms seems to just blend in with the rest sometimes. And I remember seeing your yote on this form a while back, I really liked this pose, so decided to get this one...then after I saw yours looked good with the skin on it, I was glad I bought it. I've had the form in my garage since before it's about time I started working on it lol. I am trying to arrange to get my habitat done first...I bought a nice wooden base from peedeedeer for it, but I'm trying to arrange to go into someone's shop, since I don't have a lot of supplies for habitat and you have to buy them in huge bulk usually. I'm hoping to get over there before I actually mount it...if not, I was just gonna boot the wet feet and finish them with clay afterwards.
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I have an idea for habitat for you.. You don't always have to buy in bulk :)
What I have been using for realistic dirt is a bag of Peat Moss from Lowe's or Walmart (about $3 and some change) and a large container of Elmer's glue (you can get the big ones at any craft store to save money). Mix the glue and peat moss till it's tacky enough to form and shape with your hands. You can also mix the peat moss with Envirotex for realistic looking wet mud. The Elmers mix makes a dryer looking dirt.
Just an idea. I have been thinking of making a simple habitat tutorial with this method to post as a Journal entry.
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That's a great idea! I want to give that a try...however, can that method be used for something that is supposed to look desert-y? I was planning on finding some red dirt for her...but maybe they have some moss that would work with that same method, I'll have to check it out next time I'm at walmart. :)
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Hmm...Mix different colored sands and light amounts of dirt (for variety) with Elmer's or Envirotex? I have never had to make a desert habitat yet so not sure. Whatever you try, test it out on a small cardboard piece first.
I wonder if you could mix reddish tempera paints or even acrylic paints with the mixed peat moss.
If the peat moss has too much texture for your liking, I think the suppliers carry regular habitat maches that CAN be colored with the paints mentioned above.
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where do you get a dingo pelt?! I can't wait to see it!
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I actually have two Dingo skins, this one is juvinile while my other one is an adult. They are not very common skins to see in the USA, but this one in particular was sent to me from a trapper I am acquanted with in Australia.
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oh, coolio. Good luck on it!
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Wow, a dingo? Man, I can't wait to see how you do with it!! Will it be hard using a coyote form for a dingo? (I don't know much about dingo anatomy, lol)
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Altering is always work...and with oddball animals that are not common in taxidermy, you either have to make your own forms from scratch, or alter one that is close. Fortunate for me, there was a coyote form that was close enough to the size of my dingo to modify. :) Coyotes have a leaner, sleaker anatomy then dingos, so some muscle tone will have to be added to make a thicker dog. The facial structure also isnt' the same, I will have to shorten the nose and broaden the head.
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InuRyokoProfessional General Artist
Nice! I cant wait!
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Very nice
I'm going to be working on my coydog for next years show
Cant wait because I'll be attending Snowhare's wrapping seminar and possibly making my own form for it :)
Still planning this though, it's exciting
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Yepp, I wish I had the funds and time to go up to see that, but Michighan is just too far for me. lol...I got to see the Ken Walker seminar in February and he carved all the forms from scratch...good stuff. :)
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You work in taxidermy? :o awesome
TheJewelryBoxStudios's avatar
Yes I do, and thanks. :)
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Mind if I ask a question? Like in the picture of the dingo, what is put under the pelt? Is it just like a wooden statue or something?
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It's usually a foam figure with a clay musculature on top of it for detail.
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I see, thank you. ^^
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