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I love my fur zombie lol.

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wtf seriously? a whole website dedicated to tearing down and bashing the soft taxidermy?...god, someone needs a life.

haha...I put a bow on Limelight like the fox in their drawing...I love m fur zombies LOL
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I think it is okay to use the fur when the animal wasn't killed with the purpose of selling the fur. If there where to many of them and they needed to be hunted then it is totally fine with me ^^ I think you do a amazing job and they look so real and awesome ^^
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I find it funny that people have time to bash the taxidermy people on here. I've been checking out people's gallery's that have pelt or taxidermy and like every other deviation has some flaming. But I guess these people just don't look hard enough into research and believe that people that do taxidermy are enemies.

Also find it funny how they make up lies too. I saw that website and it made me laugh, they really have a lot of time to start a campaign.

Btw, love the fox, very nice markings for a cross. =)
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hi, I'm not a troll or trying to cause arguments but um... well why do you like fur plushies so much? I'm just trying to understand why people like them so much and why there are so many people against this. It's kind of confusing that there's so many arguments about these things. I've herd the anti-plusie side on the subject, now I'd like to hear the pro-plushie side of it.
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soft taxidermy is actually the first form of ..well stuffed animals, there was no fake fur back then and kids that wanted a stuffed animal basically got an older type of these modern taxidermy soft-mounts.
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I already read her journal on the subject. Although nowadays there is a thing a fake fur so why kill an animal when you can have an equally cute plushie without hurting a critter :)
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far as i'm concerned as long as its legally acquired, not poached, then to each their own.
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I enjoy any and all forms of taxidermy, and this is just one of them. I wrote a journal a while back about the pro-side of the argument. I suggest you read that for my thoughts on the matter and some insight to my side. I believe the title of the journal is something like "to all thouse trying to get taxidermy banned from DA". Thank you for the inquiry, if you have any further questions or comments feel free to note me, I would be happy to answer questions/discuss anything.
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woops, i seem to have missed this website, never mind, i dont wanna see it
i'll probarly shoot someone for it anyways...
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Beware the undead fur balls for they will get angry and give you hairballs...or cause disfunction in your computer (if its a coyote, the tricksters do love to muck with computers)

Very funny. Good picture but the bow needs to be more visible next time.
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I laughed at your "zombie fur" title. The people who rail against taxidermy need to go see a psychiatrist.

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did you take a look at the website? It's really actually quite pathetic...
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I did. I laughed.

But, it was a haughty laugh, the kind of laugh that one would use to display their contempt for something that is utterly pathetic.

On the bright side, at least we have something to laugh at.
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That is the most rediculous website I've ever seen! They said if we support plush taxi, we support fur farms and hunting. Uhhh, so if we never sewed these "plush" animals, Normal taxidermy doesn't encourage fur farms or hunting? Give me a break, they have no idea what they're talking about. Anime porn and seductive pictures are offensive, and not all is filtered. And of course you're going to take a picture with it, but not CUDDLE with it other than that. I'm going to take a picture with my bass mount just for fun. LOL, I'll be accused of cuddling my fish. HOW SAD.
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I know...but I bet if you took a picture with your bass, people could care less because it isn't cute and furry...which is hypocritical, a life is a life. There was even one person who is involved that tried to say that it was okay for cows to be butchered in slaughterhouses because they're dumb, but it's not okay for foxes to be in farms because they're predators and are smarter. wtf? lol
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It's always about the cute fuzzy creatures... And cows ARE NOT dumb, I've worked with those things for 4 years! Hey, some cultures eat feral dogs, they find them and beat them with a bat. Mmm, and afterwards I'm pretty sure the fur is left to waste!
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I'm gonna do this too when I get my fox!! lol
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Awww I have to find a bow now! Nice picture! :D
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LOL just read the website for the first time. Look who's the hero of animal lives xD seriously, they overreact and they're jumping like animal activists when they could be more mature about it. Ahh, that was a good laugh...

"The makers of these products claim that they love animals, but all they do is transform dead bodies into distorted images of the creatures they once were."
-- Okay, just a quick comment on that line. When an animal dies, it dies and all that is left is the fur/skin. IT'S A SKIN - people act like we're making animals suffer inhumanely. I don't know about you but I do not buy my furs from the farms in China, which most do use inhumane methods. I will not support cruelty towards any animal. Do they believe we're mindless fur-crazy people who buy no matter how the animal died? Geez....
Sorry, just had to rant xD The "zombies" part was amusing...
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The whole website is just a riot...and a lot of the information is just plane bullshit.
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Agreed. It's a shame that people who don't know the truth will believe all that crap..
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lol go read the journal i just posted. It's a "wtf" journal...very interesting though.
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Wow, its been a long time since I visited this site :3 Haha fur zombie you say? Looks like its gonna pounce! Looks terrific by the way ;P
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I too would like to see the website. Just for lulz.
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I have it linked in one of the other comments. :) Go take a look, have a laugh.
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