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Badger Plush

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This is the WIP Badger that I posted in my gallery a while ago. She now belongs to =inuryoko :D

She is not quite finished, but pretty close...I promised InuRyoko I would get some better pictures of the badger for here is one of a couple (it was fianlly sunny today so I could take some!)
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10/6000 second
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Mar 3, 2010, 11:22:16 AM
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ThunderBadgerHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh man, I'd saw of my legs for one of these... This one is so beautiful! the little scars on its face give it personality, and I love it! Beautiful work, Darling!
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Chevey-oHobbyist General Artist
I want this soooo bad.. I have a badger pelt of my own but it's not meant for mounting.
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Oback-BaramaHobbyist General Artist
did you kill it?
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Oback-BaramaHobbyist General Artist
i just find these things, really gross :icongrossplz:
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Same question, do you sell them?
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EsakiHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, i would love one...are you selling these? And i must this a fur made into a stuffed...animal...type fur? lol sorry im not sure how to ask the question.
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OMG ! the claws!!!!! they are enormous and the plush is just amazing! well done :)
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ooooomg baaaadgerr!
I luv it!
perfect colors, it look so life life :clap: Great job, wish it was mine c:
TheJewelryBoxStudios's avatar
Thank you! :) I do love little badgers XD they make for a pretty interesting plush too :P
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I always wanted a badger mount, or a taxidermy quality pelt of a badger, I hope to buy one soon X3
You did a very good job in this one, I just adore the faaace! I wanna pet it @_@
Was it hard to plush?
I'm thinking about making a badger plush to myself :)
(I want to try some taxidermy but only to make things to myself, I will never take commissions)
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The badger was a little trickier then other animals I've done because they have an odd muzzle shape and they eyes are so tiny...yet they need to have that "tough" expression in them. :) I have one more lifesize badger that I might plush as well.
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Cool, another badger :D
I just adore theirs tough expression X)
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InuRyokoProfessional General Artist
I do love this badger so very much. This is such an awesome Idea you had doing badgers for plushies!
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im glad you like it. :) Badgers are neat and you dont see many of them...they make for a neat plush and it's something that hasn't been done yet. lol you get to own the first one XD
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InuRyokoProfessional General Artist
And I even begin to tell you how grateful I am for the trade!!! :D

It is super amazing and awesome and I hope to make you extremely happy with your sculpture!

I hope to add some more to him tonight ( aluminum foil )
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I'm really glad you like her. :) I am also very much looking forward to the trade and I'm excited to see the sculpture as it progresses! :D
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InuRyokoProfessional General Artist
I would have taken photo's last night as the body and legs were getting beefed up but I didn't get a chance to.

Tonight I really hope to work on him more.

From your beautiful drawings he doesn't seem to be to muscular he looks more lean and trim. Is that accurate? I just don't want to make him a body builder looking guy if he isn't lol.

So let me know if you would like him more lean/muscular etc :D I am making his chest pretty bulky but I can tone it down the fur will add a lot more poof to him lol.
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:) He is lean for the most part. He has pretty strong legs and a thick neck, but he is not overly muscular. He is built for speed and stamina not necessarily brute strenght. :P
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InuRyokoProfessional General Artist
Nice :D would you want me to attempt to make some lightning emanating off him somewhere in the sculpture?
TheJewelryBoxStudios's avatar
I think I would just like him without anything. :P But I'm curious to know how you would do that.
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FeatherologistProfessional Artisan Crafter
Goodness, those claws are astounding.
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they really do have neat claws and feet...they are an interesting animal :)
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