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These are just personal theories. Ideas that have not yet been fully tested with life but is beginning to show results with the little experimenting so far.

I just got back from my vacation to Japan. And something finally clicked. I’m not doing things that are benefitting me nor making me happy in the States. I procrastinate on work, i’m lazy, binge on social media, politics and entertainment. While in japan, i promised myself and my girlfriend, I would not check social media, politics or youtube and try to just enjoy everything there. Be in the moment. And I did! I was in the moment the whole time there. Enjoying myself. Enjoying life. Seeing new things, and focusing on being in the moment. What came of it was these new found ideas. Incredible. New sense of happiness and determination overcame me. Now I’m here writing it down before I forget.

Cluttered Mind 

Being lazy or repeating bad habits might have more to do with a cluttered  mind then anything else. I spend a good majority of my days watching politics, science, conspiracy theories feeling like I’m accomplishing something when in reality all I am doing is cluttering up my mind with a lot of either negativity or stimulus. At the end of the day I feel drained, tired, overwhelmed, and usually oversleep because of it.  Then I do it all over again the next day. I feel like I do this because I have a form of adhd. Constantly needing to stimulate my mind otherwise I get restless. This has taken me through ALOT of rabbit wholes. I think I’ve seen all of  youtube XD  What if all of this CRAP i’m watching or listening to is the cause of all my terrible lazy habits

Mentally Cluttered

Theres an article explaining that ideas that we frequently occupy ourselves with effect the way we see and feel about our world. Sure that’s pretty common sense, BUT it also talks about the way to fix this is, we sleep it off!!! Sleep off our problems? Kind of like pruning a bush that has gotten too leafy our brain needs time to process info and discard the unimportant stuff. Unfortunately if you are always looking at negative or depressing news, THATS GONNA STICK WITH YOU. Obviously! So Iv’e been filling up my mind with all of these negative images and thoughts, i’m too tired to think of anything else. Including art. ESPECIALLY ART. Like a flash drive thats too full to take on anymore information, I can’t get to my work cause I’m too full of unnecessary information. Cluttered mentally. Sure MAKES Sense. But it’s not anything new. THERES MORE.

Physically Cluttered

So we are a product of our own thoughts. If you see the glass always half empty life becomes a pretty negative place to live. And this has a direct consequence on the activities we engage in or not engage in. A person who thinks they can’t draw for example, will never attempt to draw. As artists you might heard of the saying, cluttered home equals cluttered mind. For me this is so true. My room is pretty tiny. It’s filled with art books, old drawings, canvases, art material, clothes and bedding. Since it’s so small It gets dusty FAST! Over time, materials deteriorate and turns into dust. Especially clothing and paper. Everything becomes dusty. Clothes becomes dust, old books becomes dust, my body sheds and becomes dust!  What is this dong to me physically? I know my nose gets pretty stuffed in morning. I feel like a zombie crawling out of the earth every time I get up out of bed. It’s pretty bad. All of this dust can’t be good for the body or mind. All of this clutter becomes a web of the tears from yesterday. Quite literally. 

Energy has either a Negative or Positive Charge

Energy either has a positive or negative charge right? Well what if all of the negative and depressing thoughts is being captured in this dust? I believe objects become energized by the emotions we feel. Including dust. So if all i’m doing is stressing about the world all the time what is that doing to the environment around me? I don’t know but I think it’s worth cleaning up. Dusting and vacuuming isn’t enough. Cause it all comes back in like 2 days! So i invested in an air filter to suck up all of that old debris. AND IT FEELS AMAZING! I wake up now feeling energized and ready to take on the day.  It feels really refreshing, like a cold shower in a pristine water fall. I really think has the potential to help achieve everything I strive for. MY ROOM WAS TOO DUSTY! 

A Baker Must Bake

I filtered my air  and MAN it feels minty clean. I can breath! But what about my mind? After japan I wanna focus on the things that make me happy. Things that are important to me. Friends family and art. THATS IT! Time to filter my attention. This is why people say ignorance is bliss. Theres plenty of corruption, lies, and shitty things going on in the world. But theres no point in wallowing it everyday unless you are gonna do something about it. Become a journalist, humanitarian, or politician if that’s what you want to do. I don’t wanna do any of that. I’m an artist. I want to art! MORE ART. 9 personal pieces and 2 videos in a year is PATHETIC. i’m learning that, a baker must bake and an artist must art! The Japanese, from what I experienced in Japan have complete devotion to their craft. Whatever it is they do, they do it 100% if they are gonna run a subway system they do it amazing. Their art, their temples, they’re gardens, their roads, their FOOD, OH GOD, there food! Everything is done with complete devotion and pride. The guy who perfects his mochi making skills, didn’t get there worrying about the news every single day. The gardens didn’t take care of themselves. And prolific artists who produce thousands of works don’t spend their days debating about humanitarian rights and corruption. They art! It’s obviously good to be worldly, to have an idea of what’s going on in the world. But not be obsessed. With all the FAKE news going on, it’s become quite difficult to make up an accurate opinion about whats going on unless you spend your days digging. I think what’s important here is. Don’t be so naive about the world. Understand that there are problems, but take things with a grain of salt and go back to living your life. 

The road to hell is paved with good intentions

People die everyday and life is short. The best way to help the world if you aren’t a journalist or humanitarian is really to help yourself.  Spend it doing the things you love to do. As long as it doesn’t hurt or infringe on anyone else. Be the peace you want to see in the world and the world will be peace full. Do one unto others as you would your self. Remain optimistic and positive and it’ll go a long way. People will pass on that energy forward. And if everyone thinks this way the world will become a better place. This is actually a very buddhist way of thinking now that i’m putting it into words. Buddhist monks spend their whole life stilling their minds. Being still means they don’t hurt anyone around them. They are pretty positive and that energy can be felt by any one who meets them.  

Tips And Tricks

Limit your scope. See less fear less. Stress less. Filter less. Wake up easy. Breath better. Feel better. Pick and choose the things you  pay attention to and you brain won’t require as much sleep! Thats it. Get an air filter it’ll make you physically feel better. I deleted 10-15 subscriptions on youtube because I know they all deal with stress. I’m tired of feeling stressed. I wanna be happy. And that stuff isn’t helping. It’s addictive. So I know instead of limiting myself to it. I remove it all together. DONE! Keep the videos that promote the life I want to live. I want to speak more Japanese so I’m watching more Japanese shows in Japanese. And I watch and collect art videos. I don’t Facebook much because again I have limited space on this hard rive and I’d rather spend it on the things that make ME feel happy. I’M gonna decide where I focus my attention. Not my impulses. And hopefully over time it becomes normal. Like the article talked about. It’s getting rid of bad habits and creating good ones. 

Nerd Out

Ignorance really is bliss. Now that i’ve seen whats wrong with the world. Why not take a break and nerd out. I’m envious of people who don’t concern themselves politics. before I was angry. I’d spend my days trying to convince the world how important some issues are. Convince them that they should feel shitty? Because let’s face it, there are some ignorant people out there. But now i’m like, so what! Let them live their lives. Just turn it off. Don’t pay attention to them. Thats their life. As long as I don’t contribute to false information and stay neutral i’m good. Thats all i can do. I’m aware of the corruption and the propaganda in the world. Thats all I need to know. Don’t opinions about things you don’t know about and your good. And if you see people sharing info, take it for a grain of salt. Since i’m gonna live my life. I don’t have time to fact check it. Let’m be or turn them off. Theres an unfollow button XD 

So there is. Hopefully this works out and I live my dream of being the best artists I can be. One that is fully devoted to his craft. Which means more art and more Youtube videos. Thanks for anyone who made it to the end. I’m gonna get my day started now. So sorry if there is a ton of grammar errors which I’m sure there is. 




Hey everyone, I'm excited to announce. The game I've been working on for the past 2.5 years is finally gonna be released in two days. Heres, the article.…

Building Good Habits

Hey, guys, it’s been a long minute hasn’t it? I’m currently finishing up the project i’ve been working on Sonny, and It won’t be long before I post new work, youtube, and become more Social. I’ve been so drained lately from all the work. Sometimes I find myself in deep procrastination, but i’ve developed some philosophy to combat that bug. And I just had to jot it down before i forget it like do with everything. Having a system or understanding the problem helps. So if you feel like you have problems getting work done, maybe this can help. 

The culprit for 99% of my probems come from having fun NOW instead of later. Immediate pleasure and entertainment=Guilt and self hate. Which leads to a cycle of lazy procrastination and self loathing. I try and remedy the symptoms without solving the problem by drowning myself/feelings with excessive sleep and procrastination. I wake up in guilt, so I repeat with more sleep and procrastination. Sleep and procrastination may alleviate symptoms, but do not fix the problem.

How do I get through this.

Pleasure/Entertainment/Fun PEF after doing a  productive activity =Feeling of accomplishment, pride, success, happiness, and Drive that allows you enjoy PEF without feeling guilty!


There are constant impulse feelings to have fun, to distract, to be stimulated. Pay attention to those feelings. Stop to think about the repercussions and rewards. Replace that impulsive activity with an activity that will reward you with the feeling of accomplishment after you have completed it, you can then enjoy the fruits of your labor PEF.

Just as immediate pleasure has damaging effects, there is "immediate work" which has positive rewards, This means dashing through all the obstacles to jump right into a task or work, it is one of the most difficult things to do, but gives off one of the most powerful sense accomplishments and reward. It’s hard to jump into work because we tell ourselves, “Wait after I do this, after I do that, just after a game, just after one more facebook.” always turns into endless cycle of bingeing which ALWAYS ends with guilt the next morning. It’s always in the morning because the binging never ends until you fall asleep and wake up Hella late the next day. DAMMIT, Now my day is ruined...its back to feeling guily playing games, youtubing and again bingeing and oversleeping, to escape these feeling of guilt, it's a cycle of guilt rinse repeat. But jumping into a GOAL TASK or WORK  GTW(can be simple as cleaning up or making a bed) can reward you with a great sense of Accomplished, Self-Fulfillment and Happiness ASH. So start of your day with making your bed. Itll make you feel better.  Do 10 push ups, youll feel amazing that you did.  Shower wash up brush your teeth.  Itll feel great! Envision the reward of feeling amazing  before doing these things. Not so bad! Here comes the hard part.  Jump straight in to work after taking care of hygiene. No facebook, no youtube, try not to even reach for music for once! none of that, just get hooked into working. Its THE MOST DIFFICULT thing EVER! I know, the easy way out is PEFFFFF! Just think though,  if you Could pull it off, youll be a dam hero to yourself. How dang accomplished you'll feel. Youll feel so proud and be rewarded with A LOT of ASH! No guilt watsoever. It's so freeing. The promise land, the side of field the sun shines😂 hahah 

What are some  PEF activities, Pleasure, Entertainment, Fun.

Checking face book.




Video Games


DL music

Hanging out with friends 

What Activities Leads to Accomplished, Self-Fulfillment and Happiness. (ASH)





What to Remember When Dealing with PEFs



PEFs after GTWs=ASH

PEF+First Activity=Endless Cycle of Dookie, guilt, and procrastination.

GTW + first task=ASH+PEF

What to do When PEFs Show Up

-Think about the responsibilities you have, and the time you have left to do them. Actually look at the time, your schedule you deadlines.  

-Think of the satisfaction and pleasure you will receive for completing that task.

-Think of the people you will effect. The proud feelings you will have when you have time to actually spend with family and friends.

-Ask yourself, do you need this NOW?  For example, Ill tell myself something like, I need to upgrade my CPU to the current OS, and I’ll try and convince myself, it’s for WORK, it’s NECESSARY, IT’LL MAKE ME HAPPY! Lies. It only eats more time, it’s another distraction, and leads to remorse and guilt. It pushes you further away from the things that bring TRUE ASH. Majority of these things can WAIT until AFTER you are done with work. 

-Remind yourself of the Cons for not completing tasks today. The feeling disappointment because you can’t hang out with friends. And when you do hangout with friends, youll keep thinking about just how much work you didn’t even TOUCH. It’s always in the back of your mind beating you up with an ugly stick. Think of how disappointed your sweetheart will feel when by the end of the week when you STILL don’t have anytime to hangout.

-After think of all of this, you will have fire, fuel, to propel you into getting into that work mode. Once you have it, Attack! Execute it!

Music can be a Gateway Drug

Some times, I tell myself, I need music to work. Music is generaly great for work. But sometimes i get fidgety with smal things like music. So be extra carefu with things you THINK will help you. This is a another bad habit. Music is GREAT, obviously, but it can lead to procrastination. For ex. "Oh i need music to work, wait my music is bit old, Gotta DL more music, gotta research what's new on youtube, gotta get this guys music more more more so it can help me work,  let it be the reason you procrastinate. It has a high potential for me to deviate into other things, and waste more time. You might see an article, see a song, see an album, see a picture, see a youtube, end up binging on stupid epic fail videos asking yourself  how did i get here? one thing leads to the next, and suddenly  i’m a homeless dude on the street. Dont let things that are suppose to help with work be a gateway drug.

Accomplishments are the most Rewarding

The satisfaction that comes from accomplishments is bigger and more rewarding then anything you can get from empty PEFs. Because PEFs are fleeting, Accomplishments are NOT. Accomplishments are permanaent. EnjoyING PEFs is fine, but engaging in PEFS AFTER completing Goals, Task, Work Is incredible! GTW

Some GTW that will lead to ASH 

Waking up early. 

Folding Blankets in the Morning( a folded blanket in the morning, means even after all the shortcomings throughout the day, you can go back to a bed that is made.)

Cleaning up

Restraining from PEF


Having goals and ambition gives you a sense of purpose. Completing those ambition leads to the sense accomplishment. Without ambition, there is nothing to strive for work towards. Have dreams wishes to the be better. Always shoot for the stars.
HEEEEYYY You Beautiful People! I seem to have done it again! I've thought up a storm that has kept awake for the past 2 hours! Hahah, hopefully this isn't gonna be like the last post(Book) Haha =P (Razz) So it's 6:40am now, and I woke up last i checked 4:30 am. I tried to stay in bed, but I just couldn't fall back asleep. Well actually the problem was, I didn't want to. You see, I have "Smell Roses Disorder"... And I think i've thunk myself out of the disorder. Yeah who knew. I cherish everything too long and TOO DEEPLY! And THAT, is a problem. WHAA??? What the smoken who? 

Yeah so that's why I'm up. You see, there are two types of people that I've encountered in this world. Well 3, and I'd like to get to that in a second! Cause I think thats where I am, yes, SUPER SAIYAN LEVEL 3! Let's call them TYPE A, B, and C.

(*warning, I am basing all of this on personal experiences and everything could be BS, depending on who you are. Both sides can experience one another's side of course, but I mean if it's 80% here, its 20% over there. *)

Type A. Person A is the type who goes through life watching movies, playing video games, enjoying themselves seemingly without a care in the world. They get up for work each day, hustling and bustling doing what they do then come home and enjoy their hobbies, wether that be cosplaying, watching their favorite youtuber or hanging out with friends so care free. If they are artists, they draw, draw, and draw as if the world around them didn't even exists. 34 hours a day and they couldn't care less if their house was one fire.I just need to draw some more (not me) Of course when it comes to personal matters, it's dramatic and its the end of the world for them. It could be their next exam paper or missing sock, that they are stressing about, it's the only thing that matters at that moment. Nothing else mattered except what was in front of them. I remember being like this at a very young age. Come to think of it, Type A has a very childlike personality. Most of us, as children, didn't have a care in the world! We ate, slept, pooped, watched dbz/pokemon, and did all over again the next day. Not much to worry about as kids cuz Bills were paid for, food was taken care of, and if you were like me, you DREW! These people, seem to not give a DAM about what goes on around the world. Watchign their tv shows or Collecting their favorite fan art action figurines! WhAT about All the politics and catastrophes going on around the world? These aren't all kids either! Meaning there are adults who still live this way. I mean they go through life just living life! HOW DARE THEY!? I mean what about all the poor people, all the destruction and chaos And diseases? You never know when you might not wake up the next day! I'll talk to some and they'll be oblivious to even major world events. I mean, were they living in a hole? This is where I come in. Because of all the problems going on, i'm always thankful for every day I have to live. I'm the guy who always say to people, and especially to myself, "Be thankful for life. Take a biggo breath of fresh air and stop to smell the roses!" WHY DONT YOU STOP TO SMELL THE ROSES! SweetYY, WHY ARN"T YOU SMELLING THEM DAM ROSES??!! DO YOU NOT KNOW I COULD DIE IN THE NEXT 10 MINUTES? (making my girlfriend feel guilty) This is where TYPE B comes in.

Type B. This person (although I haven't met many others like this, I'm sure they are there) Goes through life thinking deeply about the thoughts feelings and problems around the world. Constantly analyzing EVERYTHING! They can't enjoy A movie because they are too busy pointing out all the technical things in the movie, good or bad. When it comes to the world, they post a lot of world problems, AS WELL AS innovations! But mostly Problems, and stories that they feel may help the solution. But because not the majority of people care for it, they can feel quite a lone. It's as if no one cares! Others care more about the 3rd trailer release to Star Wars, Or puppies. I mean who doesn't like puppies (I DO!) They can't just walk through a park, beach, or drive on the freeway, without pointing out to person next to them how miraculous everything looks. LOOK AT THEM CLOUDS! DO YOU SEE THAT MOUNTAIN! O MAN A ROCK! WOW! Now THATS a ROCK! I mean they notice everything. In a way, it's child like too! Always pointing things out for everyone to see. WHY DON'T PEOPLE SEE? Are they ZOMBIES? PAY ATTENTION YOU GUYS! And when it comes to relationships, they are very sentimental. Very just over the top at times. Let's take a PICTURE. Let's film a video! Gotta cherish the moment! Living life as if they were going to die the next day!

This is me, Type B. I've calmed down on pointing things out. I had to find a balance, cause I understand it can be annoying. For the most part, when it comes to world issues, I pick and choose what to share, everything else I keep to myself. I've learned to really just say, whatevs! I got my own things to worry about, and so DO EVERYONE ELSE! But an aspect I can't let go is how I cherish each and every day and moment. *warning bout to get sappy* Every weekend I have my girlfriend come over and spend the night at my place. As far as I can remember, I can spend 2 to even 3 hours just stroking her hair, or face till I myself falls asleep. After about 8 years of this, she sleeps through it NO PROBLEM! Like a rock. If I fall asleep and wake up at some time in the night, I have to peck her on the fore head a couple of times, and stroke hair and all that other mushy stuff before falling back to sleep. But I have NOOOO problem doing this. I mean for one it feels nice to me, but mostly it's cause i'm doing my best to cherish the moment. Cause I think to myself, If I die, or she dies, I can say, I've loved her as much as I could. I'm sure most happy couples do this. But I'm not sure to the this extent. I remember the first 2 years we were together, I didn't miss more then 2 nights of singing to her. I MEAN I dont think i missed ANY! But to be sure, i'll say 2. I'll sing like 4 or 5 songs EVERY, SINGLE, NIGHT!!! This isn't just with her either! JET YOU'RE ARE CHEATER?! No NO! I don't mean like that, I mean, when I'm having a happy moment with a friend, or family, I will sometimes go blank and try and breath in the moment. If I'm out I'll spend time "BREATHING IN" the moment. TRYING SO HARD TO HOLD ON TO THE FEELING! It's come to the point where I think maybe, it's TOO MUCH! WHA??? CHERISH TOO MUCH???? Sure it's great to cherish the moment, but there comes a time, when it's tooOOo MUCH! And I think that's what happened this morning. 

This morning I felt a deep sorrow.... Yeah don't worry it's not bad. It happens sometimes when I wake up too early. I think it has something to do with the chemicals in the head, when its super early, and doesnt have all the juices flowing yet. I DONT KNOW OKAY? But i felt quite depressed. It's hard to pinpoint the problem but I mean I was soOOooOo freaken sad. Every type of sad thought would run through my head. Even trying to smile didn't help. I was on the verge of tears. O I remember! I started thinking about the year, and how fast time flew. How fleeting life is. I know many of you have felt this way, I'm sure everyone does. I was like "you mean, one day my GF will BE GONE? And I won't have this moment with her??? IT's okay! LET ME JUST INHALE HER SCALP!!!" (Nearly woke her ass up AHAHA) OR "MOMMA GONNA DIE SOMEDAY? DONT WORRY, I'LL TAKE HER OUT TO EAT ASAP! We'LL GO SHOPPING AND EAT AND IT'LL BE GREAT!" Or "I CAN DIE TOMMOROW?? Crap, but that'll be devastating to mom..."(Not so devastating to GF, JK !!IM JOKING! XP) That one reaaAAAaaLLy made me sad. I havn't been afraid of dying since a LOOONG time. What makes me sad is what would people who care about me feel. I'll be fine dead, but what about mom? So I said, I KNOW WHAT! I'll WRITE A GOOD BYE LETTER TO EVERYONE! And I'll put it in an easy place to find like my shoe box encase I Die! This way if I go, I'll have a way to say good bye. Wow... I mean what am I Saying?? This is REALLY DEPRESSING JEt! A GOOD BYE LETTER???? What the hell is going on here? DON"T YOU DARE WRITE THAT LETTER! Yeah happy hormones kick in a second don't worry. But this is what I mean, over thinking everything. Thinking too much can get you DEADED! Hahaha. So I began to think. Why am I saying all of this? Well I think it stemmed from me cherishing the moment TOO HARD! Not being more like TYPE A! Just enjoy THE MOMENT AND DON"T THINK TOO MUCH! ENJOY IT! Stop second thinking everything! It's as if everyone is watching the movie of life, and I'm the only one NOT watching the movie! I'm busy analyzing. And even WORSE, i watch the people sitting next to me. I watch the expression on everyone's faces in theater. I PEOPLE WATCH! Literally as well as metaphorically! Think about that. I literally do this in the movie! Whille people are watching the movie, my mind flutters away from time to time to everything else but the movie. But I do it in real LIFE too! I can't just go through life beating my drum and following the crowd. I'm the one who is constantly off beat cause I'm looking everywhere else except the parade. THERES A PARADE GOING ON AND I'M LOOKING AT THE TINSLE ON MY FIGURE, OR YOUR FORE HEAD! I think i'm trying to cherish the moment, but by doing this I'm not in the MOMENT! Being in the moment means ENJOYING THE PARADE OR MOVIE ! And sometimes, I think It's OKAY TO NOT GIVE A SHIT TO BE IN THE MOMEN! YES! THIS IS IT! This is what made me have that "AH HAH!" moment. Cause i thought "what happens when the movie ends? WHAT HAPPENS WHEN PARADE IS OVER?? What were yOU doing that whole time?" I was looking at the tinsel on ground.

While everyone is out enjoying the basball game, or video game, you were caught up with ALL the things around it. While everyone was laughing at the dinner, you were busy "trying to cherish that fleeting moment" I had to remind myself. Moments are fleeting. And that's what makes them special. People don't live forever, and that is what makes life so special!!! BINGO! I've heard this before many times, and I've preached it too, but I had to do some reallllll thinking to truly appreciate this. Fleeting moments are special because they ARE FLEETING! It's not good to take things for granted of course, but its also not too good if you can't JUST ENJOY YOUR BOWL OF NOODLES WITHOUT TAKING MENTAL PICTURE OF EVERYTHING AROUND YOU! Cause while I was busy watching the people around me, I MISSED THE WHOLE DAM THING. This wonderful movie we call life. I remember a guru once stated, "Life is a play, and we are all merely actors"  (There is spiritual meaning behind but maybe I'll get into that another time.) SO PLAY THE ROLE YOU WERE GIVEN! Sometimes it's okay to play these dramatic parts of life. And worry about that exam paper like theres no tommorow! Yeah you'll get over it, but you are dealing with it now, SO DEAL WITH IT However yuo feel, even it means crying in the corner until the due date! Or have your arguements with people about your favorite cartoon as if it's the most matter of fact thing. Wether you get over it or not is besides the point, RIGHT NOW WHAT MATTERS IS GOKU BEATS SUPER MAN EVERWAY YOU PUT IT DAMMIT! To forget EVERYTHING ELSE and be completely engrossed/lost in the moments we live. To just be okay with living. To be caught up in the fleeting problems we have. "Play the roles of the play" Get caught up in the guilty pleasures like video games, movies, action figures, or whatever you are into. Say, FUCK YOU WORLD! I'm gonna worry about me and forget everything else existed! Obviously this comes with keeping in the back of you mind that I'm thankful for every moment I have to live and for all the wonderful people I know. But while I cosplay as batman, I'm batman, and that's what im about! If you are one who get's lost, and is a hermit and ONLY lives like an OTAKU and NEVER stops to take a deep breath and be thankful  to breath another breath of precious air, I highly suggest you do. I mean THINK ABOUT IT! THIS AIR IS FREE! Just breath, theres plenty to go around. Wow what an amazing feeling. Maybe you should stop and smell the roses. You see that's an example of the things I would tell myself all the time!(I know I'm such a hippy) But I'm at the point where Im like, DAMMIT JET THEYRE BREATHING ALREADY!! WHERE ARE THE FUCKEN ROSES, IF THATLL SHUT YOU UP!!! So if you are like me, maybe it's time to say, YOU SMELlED ENOUGH ROSES! THE FLORIST WANTS YOU OUT OF THE GARDEN! Basically point is, What is the point of life, if you arn't living it. Don't live life as if you were gonna die every. Because how are you gonna get through the day if you are busy smelling every dam FLOWER!? DAM IM CRAZY!!

Balance is good. TYPE C is a balance of both. Being able to enjoy life while acknowledging and cherishing the moments without getting too lost in the act of cherishing. Being able to say you know what? It's okay to be selfish and indulge. BUT NOT TOO SELFISH OF COURSE. You can have your cake and eat it too. Watch a movie and get lost in it! I might glance at the people around me, but why did I come to see this movie we call life. To experience it! That's one thing I ask myself, if your dying self could talk to you today what would he say about this matter/ this whole ordeal. And I'm pretty sure he'd say. 

"LIVE IT YOU IDIOT! Cause while you were busy trying to inhale the moments you were living, everyone else was busy LIVING IT!" 

I think that pretty much summed up everything I was thinking. Writing is such a pain cause I have to make sure it all makes sense. HAHAH, THANKS EVERYONE WHO STUCK AROUND TILL THE END! LOVE YOU AND THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! Talk to you later, and have a wonderful day!

Consult your doctor today if you have suffer mild or sever SRD(Smell Roses Disorder) Today, and see if Type C is right for you.


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Well this is short. This pertains to my last post, but since it was so long, I didn't want this to get lost. A quote that I think I need to remind myself, especially in the morning is this one. 

"Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It is not philosophy. This is physics"
-Albert Einstein.

Woah... thats big! I mean there it is! You heard Albert! So get out of those lower emotions and raise you energy to what WANT you and your reality to be. 
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Revelation today! Yes, you can find success by sleeping ten hours a day. 

You-"But wahHHH? What do you mean JET??? 10 hours a day?? I'll BE A PILE OF LAZY AND TURN INTO A DRUNK ON THE STREET!!!"

Let me back it back it up a bit. As I mentioned before, these journals will also serve as my personal notes to myself on the new things I learn about myself, art, and everything in life. The biggest problems i deal with right now is procrastination, and sleeping. And I constantly try to find solutions to fixing them, but nothing seems to work! And now i'm starting to think this is because of deeper underlying issue. And that is with happiness. I'm not happy. 

Something I learned about procrastination is that it comes from fear. The fear that whatever you have to do wont come out well, a fear of not doing as well as you want it, or know it could be.  The thought of work is so heavy that the easiest way out is to just get some form of entertainment! Before, my guilty pleasure was Starcraft. However, I've deleted that off of my computer about a month ago, cause it was getting out of hand. NOW IT'S FACEBOOK! I read all of those articles everyone posts, and just get lost. Mostly Science and politics. I love to know what's going on around the world. I love hearing about progress. Politics is usually the oppisite. It talks about the problems. Problems we need fixed. But what starts off as just one hour of reading, turns into a whole day wasted. And it goes back to that fear, running away. HOW DO I FIX THIS IMPULSIVE BEHAVIOR!? For me, i'm not so much afraid of not doing well as I am making things more complicated then it has to be. Meaning I set these outrageous goals that becomes like heavy weights on my head. I want my work to be PERFECT, THE BEST!! AND I'LL DO A TON OF THEM!!! The list of things to do become longer and longer, leaving me in a whirling daze and the best way out is escaping to entertainment. This spills over to sleep! I'm so in the zone with these pleasurable activities, I sleep SUPER late, so I end up having to wake up later! I don't just wake up later, I OVERSLEEP! Meaning more then 8 hours WHY?????? BECAUSE I KNOW I HAVE A LOT OF THINGS TO DO!!!! YOUTUBE, FREELANCE, PERSONAL ART, FRIENDS, FAMILY, FINANCES, GIRLFRIEND, LIFE..... I just wanna curl up in a ball, where I have noooooo worries in the world. DRIFT OFF INTO A DREAM LAND!! But then when i DOO wake up, the destructive cycle repeats itself, and gets worse! Because now I have MORE work then before! Now I'm playing catch up! Oi... Sure in the end, I get my work done. But not without a long drawn out battle. And many of you might be thinking, "life must be great for JET!! He's GOT IT ALL PLANNED OUT!" HAhaha, when really, it's not like that at all. I always feel like I'm running at 5-10% capacity. And it all just leaves me, well, drained and depressed ='[  NO WORRIES! Cause I've learned to do something that will help me along the way!!!!! YAYYYY!  And it was right in front of my eyes, well in my case, ears this WHOLE TIME. Fix it with being HAPPY WITH YOURSELF!!! "WAAHHH????"

Yeah, so what ever do I mean? 
I meditate ALOT! And it has done wonders for me. But I became so outcome oriented, I forgot what it was that helped me in the first place. That happy feeling that I got out of it began to fade in my second year of meditating(guided through earphones). Before, it use to feel so good, Almost to the point where I felt like there wass NO WORRIES IN THE WORLD! Yeah, I use to get that out of meditation. Of course  there are real world problems but mediation is all about focus and being in the moment. And one of the tricks of meditation are the "AFFIRMATIONS" you tell yourself. Affirmations are reinforcing positive thoughts yourself. Telling yourself(saying it out loud will help), things like, I am thankful, I am happy, I am forgiving, I am loving, I am wise, honest, strong, brave, successful!!!  ANYTHING positive!! The trick is to remind yourself, you really are great, and everything is and will be okay. Be in control of your state mind. Making happiness an option that you choose. I came to a point where, I lost track of the meaning of those words, and just go through the motions expecting a change to just happen, and not actually feel those words. Essentially, not putting in some intention/voluntary work behind the breath. Well how could I with the piles of work I've made for myself? That's RIGHT!! "I" made that pile. And really, that pile is ALL IN MY HEAD! And isn't very physical at all! Many problems we have are much smaller then we like to believe! So why not alleviate it by changing your mind about that burdensome pile? Like poof! GONE! NO MORE WORRIES! HAhaha and I don't mean, just fuck it all, sleep sleep sleep, and forget about everything I have to do.  Of course NOT!! But I CAN have the cake AND eat it TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Meaning, I can be in control of my state of mine be happy while dealing with all the problems/obstacles of life. For example, I can either do my laundry with a sad face and say, DAM CHORES, So tedius!!! OR I can do my laundry with a smiley face!^___^ "CLOTHES WILL BE CLEANER WHEN I"M DONE, YAYY!" Yes thats right. Changing the way you see things, is a choice.  The problems/tasks/obstacles are STILL THERE! But it's up to you wether you go through your days with a smile on your face or not. Those problems, are not in control of wether you smile or not, YOU ARE! 


IT'S JUST THAT! I'm procrastinating cause i'm depressed. I'm Depressed SO I PROCRASTINATE!!!  I wake up late and I know I have so much to do, and I'm behind, so I feel soo down so instead of getting up and kicking life in the ASS I avoid responsibilities AND GO BACK TO SLEEP! I'm not in the moment anymore. I'm not in control of my emotions. I'm too focused on the out come of things and not the process. I'm thinking about all the things I have to do constantly, and not stopping to just... breath... TAKE A BREATH...dig deep, and say. Everything IS okay Jet. It's not "WILL" be okay, IT REALLY "IS" OKAY! And genuinely believe it is. Unless you have terminal illness(which in someways you can still say it) Everything IS okay, because you know what?, fuck it, I SAID SO! ANd YOU CAN SAY IT TOO! SAY IT WITH ME *^*% it, IT'S OKAY! I'm okay! And that's what I learned, or re discovered. Remembering to believe in those affirmations. It may feel stupid, but you HAVE TO BELIEVE! Tell it to yourself. Say in third person. Say, Jet, everything is okay! AT LEAST FAKE IT until YOU MAKE IT! If thats what it takes, then DO IT! YOU ARE GREAT, YOUR ARE BRIGHT, YOU ARE LOVING, STRONG, FORGIVING, EMPATHETIC! You DESERVE IT. If you need to ball and cry, DO IT!! But get up and wipe those tears away, and say, It'll be alright! There is so much research that, optimism goes a long way. People who believe they can do something vs someone who believes that they can't do something,  ARE BOTH 100% correct! Let's say these two imaginary people never have made art in their lives. Well the person who said, they can, will, and the person who says, they can't will probably not. And if that person attempts with the "can't attitude", well they've already made up their mind, and anything they put down will look shitty, which will push them further from perusing art! The kid who said they can, drew the same exact thing, but instead, feels 110% better about his piece. He'll continue to grow in art. And he will love every moment of it. Positivity, optimism, is the same as a placebo working in your favor. Two people taking a placebo pill to fix a cold. The person that was healed faster had a stronger belief that it will work. A placebo really is just your mind and body's abilities to heal itself. I MEAN IT JUST MAKES SENSE! So how is this gonna help?? Well, just today, I noticed a increase of work, after doing a quick morning affirmation when I woke up. Told myself all those positive things to start and smiled the whole day. I noticed an increase in work, getting started wasn't like pulling teeth, and avoiding distracting things like FB and Youtube was MUCH easier cause I found the source of happiness from work. From doing work. From being productive and being okay with myself! And that leads to how sleeping 10hrs means success!!! WAHH???? 

"But you just said, don't sleep like a snorlax Jet?? I'm CONFUSED"

Okay, so tackle the problem of sleep. If you are like me, you don't like to wake up early and you have problems with going to sleep. So plan ahead! Give yourself room for error. NOT REAL ERROR! But, allow yourself what you need! So 2 things that I've learned about sleeping. 

1. I sleep late, cause I woke up late, and am too awake to go to sleep.
2. I wake up late, cause I went to sleep too late, and I'm too sleepy to wake up early!!

It a destructive never ending cycle of doom! BUT WAIT! WAIT 2 Ways to fix this!! YEAHH!! I CAN DO IT! 
1. You hate, HATE, HAaaaaaYYYTTEEE waking up early, BUT!!! You have a Little more control over what time you sleep then what time you wake up!! AHHHH If you can get the sleeping part done right, you can then wake up! So you have to go sleep at your designated early time. If that's 10pm it's 10pm. If it's 2am then it's 2am! You have to stick to sleeping at that time. Being able to wake up early, depends on your going to sleep earlier, ANNDD, KNOWING HOW MUCH TIME YOU NEED TO SLEEP!
2. For me, i use to always think I needed 7-8 hours, of sleep, because that's what all the science keep saying. BUT I KEEP WANTING TO SLEEP IN! On average it's anywhere from 8-11 hours of sleep. And BINGO! That's the solution! Give yourself room to over sleep! So if you need 9 hours of sleep, and want to wake up at 8 every morning, then that means, GO TO SLEEP AT 11 pm! THATS IT! That easy. And sleeping at 11pm is pretty dam reasonable, i mean, I remember as a kid, my curfew was 8-9 if I was LUCKY, 10!!!! Now that Im a freelancer and an adult, I am in charge of my own sleep. So I go to sleep at around 5am.... yeah poor. 
I read a new study showing, kids or teens need an average of 9hrs of sleep!!! Not 8, cause their brain is still developing etc. Well I'm a grown adult, SO WHY DO I STILL FEEL LIKE I NEED MORE SLEEP?? So much sleep? Well maybe it's cause I'm a creative, and with ahfd(attention hyper focus disorder) my brain uses A LOT of energy throughout the day and like a battery, it needs MORE time to recharge. It could be true or not, but for now, whatever the case may be. If can start sleeping at 11pm, and STICKING TO IT! THen MAYBE, i'll begin to , cut back on sleep, and wake up earlier, automatically! 

Reinforced with AFFIRMATIONS and a positive/optimistic attitude, It should make every goal I seek to accomplish a lot easier. Like going to sleep on time and getting to work when I have to. 

HOW DO I SOLVE PROCRASTINATION? Well you know one of the methods, being overall happier, optimistic, postive. Of course that can only go so far. Whats another way?? I mean a SILVER BULLET?? Well how do you eat an elephant? One piece at a time. BUt WAIT! YOU NEED TO FIND ALL THE LITTLE PIECES. Sometimes pieces can be broken up even smaller.
Here the steps!
#1. Stop making the project soooo big that even thinking about it hurts your head.
#2. Focus on the task by parts. INstead of the whole thing. ONe piece at a time, is much easier then thinking about the whole thing as a whole.

So hypothetically! What if you had to design 5 characters, WHAT DO YOU DO?? 
#1. don't think of the bigger picture. Thinking of it as a whole triggers immediately, oh man... thats a lot of work, i'm gonna hop on some game then get started 2hrs later, oh man... wait im hungry now. Maybe after I make lunch. Let's COOK something nice, cause I LOVE COOKING! 2hrs later O man, I gotta go potty! Okay lets get started, wait! Gotta check emails, always check emails!!! THAT"S IMPORTANT!!!! Wait what's going on on face book?2hrs later, i'm hungry again. Man it's late, I better go to bed... It's an endless cycle.
#2. all you have to do is make a rough draft! Simple, not the whole drawing. 
#3. Even better do thumbnails before rough draft. Piece of cake!! I CAN DO TTHAT YEAH ^___^ so you started the thumb moved on to roughs CLEANED IT, RENDERED IT!!!! COLOR ROUGHED IT! and finished the design YAYYYYY!!!!!
"You're the winner now Jet, how does it feel to finish your first character? "
"Well pretty good, I think I could use a break. How bout some fb, game, tv, organize computer, you know what??? I'll take a vacation! YEAH LET"S GO FLY AWAY! FAH FAH FAH AWAY FROM HEH! ^___^ but wait, why are we still on point #3"
"Well because you arn't done with the 4 other designs yet. ANd you now you wasted hella time taking a biggo break from work and gone fishen"

This is a problem that happens when I finish a drawing, or a task. YOu have to remember the game isn't over, TILL IT"S OVER! Now i have to muster up all that energy, to start up the NEXT task!! OH NO!~!!! Not the next one... I gotta start up my thumbs again, that means, opening up a new file, finding refs, labeling the ref folder, and searching internet. Let's just crawl back into the earth and forget any of this happened.... T___T 

"WAAAaaaaHHh??? O___O???"

Starting a new project isnt just the first drawing, or thumb, YOU CAN ALWAYS BREAK IT DOWN EVEN FURTHER! Wait, what did you say about refs? And labeling folders??? Thats A STAGE! Thats part of the elephant you forgot break down. EVERY STEP NEEDS TO BE BROKEN! Otherwise it'll feel like a bigger task then it really IS! 

###4. INCLUDE REFERENCE RESEARCH  and folder making as a step in the process. AVOIDING TOO MUCH REFERENCES! Prepare for that! Cause you might get swallowed into the internet. SO yeah, even before drawing thumbs, you can first make folders for your characterS! Label them. Refs, jpgs, finished, orginal psd/ms files. And that! Is an easy task. You don't even need know how to draw to DO THAT! ^___^ So technically this one is 3 and not 4 but I like to be dramatic.

#5 yes there is a 5. Don't start roughing and cleaning your character yet, WAHH?? which is faster? Building one car at a time in your garage, or making a factory and having an assembly line where MULTIPLE cars are made??? Easy, factory where many cars are made. So remember how finishing my first design made me take a vacation to the bahamas? Yeah, it's because my mind is done with working! What if you started the process on multiple characters?? THEN IT'LL FEEL LIKE YOU ARE NOT DONE! Plus, it'll feel SOOO much easier to jump into the next character/project, because you got everything set up.

#6 Make folders, label them,  and find refs, for ALL 5. In my case i'm currently working on 50 or so characters for a game, so I do them in batches of 5. Find refs for ALL FIVES FIRST! NO DRAWING, NO THUMBS! NONE OF THAT. JUST FOCUS ON THE EASIEST PART! Organizing the folders and finding refs. WHEW. When you've got all the folders prepped, and refs found, my god, it's such a breeze to jump into the next character. But why stop there?? Why not streamline all 5 thumbnails? Work on all the thumbs for all 5 first!

#7 Thumbnail, all 5 characters, like an assembly line for cars. NOW WE"RE TALKING! You are essentially starting them all, so it won't feel like you are done, and need to reward yourself so heavily,when you finished one. This is cause you've started many! It's now turned into working on MULTIPLE mini projects! Not one LARGE DIFFICULT TASK. But Multiple SMALL projects. Learning to eat an elephant one piece at a time, IS a skill. And this is my current break through that has shot my productivity through the roof, especially when everything else(being happy/affirmations) is combined. Starting all of those thumbs, means you've gotten a lot of thinking completed for the other characters so it'll be twice as easy to get started, and less burden/pressure on your brain! AHHHH!!!. Changing my whole idea about what it means to get started. Getting started IS THE HARDEST PART. But now!!! It it's no longer "o man, I gotta come up with a shiny new monster" NO! You already found all of your reference material AND you organized your folders, ANNNND, you got the pesky thumbnails done! Thumbnails really are the meat of the drawing, it's where you invent the overall, gesture idea of the character. When you get THAT DONE, you are pretty much half way done. So you get your thumb done, you are pretty much done. So again, making it sooo much easier to start, ANNDD to comprehend. 

#8 lastly, schedule your work, and week. Scheduling your work, really should come before everything else. Schedule your week, set a completion date. Break down your work into parts and stick to the schedule. How much are gonna work each day, and when should everything be done. If you are like me and a freelancer, time management is difficult. No mom, school, or job, telling you when to work. You have to figure that out yourself, and thats for another day. A great site for organizing work is, THey even have a checklist. You can also use google calendar. THere are plenty of programs out there that can help you with that. So let's list this off again.

1. Schedule 
2. ORganize folders and materials. 
3. Work on the beginning stage of multiple task.
4. Execute them one by one.

Breaks are always important, and can be split up after each point is completed, or however you feel is necessary.

AND THAT, is how I overcome the pressure of procrastination. This can apply to anything you want to accomplish in life. Breaking things into parts, to make it not just easier on you, but your mind. Because getting over the idea/comprehending is a difficult task. FOR ME anyway. And not just breaking down, but breaking down everything from pre production to scheduling. Cause if you are missing that piece of the puzzle, it'll feel like you are compensating for the missing pieces every time. 

I learned that when i'm more carefree and having fun and not worrying, my work tends to be the best! That's what I needed. I wasn't happy because of all of the pressure I've built for myself. Too much expectations became draining. Focus on what you can do NOW. eliminate the distractions the best you can, and focus on NOW! Did you know endorphins are released when you smile!?  Meaning the feel good chemicals in your brain that you get from pleasure like Sex, games, tv, food, laughter, exercise can also come from smiling. Look here if you don't believe me.…;

Smiling is associated with happiness from a young age. Since infancy. It can be an involuntary reflex to something happy/funny. Or you know what? IT CAN BE DONE VOLUNTARILY. Meaning you can choose to smile. TRY IT! IT FEELS GOOD. You've had years of practice. I don't think many people play games, and watch comedies and Laugh with a straight face. Thats just...weird...and you might wanna get that checked. When you walk through the street and just SMILE, you'll start feeling good! The day is less cloudy, and people around you are less annoying. Don't let others or superficial things in life control your emotions. When you smile, they smile, and everyone wins. If they don't smile at you and look mad, well you know what? Im not gonna let some one else tell me how to feel, just cause THEY are having a bad day. So smile more often. Think of all the positive things you have in your life and  don't focus on anything else. Think of all the problems that YOU OVERCAME! Sure it might be hard at first, but you can always find something to be grateful for to help. You might have 2 hands where some don' have any. You might be healthy. Your eyes are working. Maybe you have one arm, and you are thankful you didn't lose both. Or you have food to eat. You have an internet CONNECTION! You have a bed to sleep in at night. Jeez thats a big one. Theres plenty to be thankful for. This will make you feel so much happier.  But mostly, You have to really love yourself, into being successful. And not necessarily big sucess. Be loving of every small itty bitty successes, and be proud of it. Wether that is wake up on time or putting your pen down and making your first mark. Hold on to that feeling until, all the little things turn into a biggo batch of balloons that lifts you off into the sky like that old dude in "UP." I've noticed a lot of successful people who always smile. And I always wondered, Did they smile as a result of their success????? Cause they accomplished so much? Or did they have the smile on their face before all of that? And was it their, "I CAN ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING" attitude that did it? IONO??? Maybe a little of both? ^___^ . You hear successful people say it all the time, big time rapper once expressed, forgot his name, who made millions saying, he got everything, the girls, the mansion, the cars, but he wasn't happy. Why??? What could be missing? He said it was because he forgot who he was. His close friend family. Maybe this because he never found himself. Loved himself. Then there is the poor monk story, who had nothing but the robe over his back. Yet was the happiest mofo you ever did meet. 

If We can all just be a little more happy with ourselves, smile a little more everyday, we'll have less difficulty with life. Dealing with problems, finding solutions. That is why i've told myself recently, i'm not a failure for sleeping for 9-10 hours. Screw it, as long as there is a method to my madness(sleeping early and on time), I CAN SLEEP AS LONG AS I FREAGEN WANT! Because I accept the way I am, and by accepting who I am, that makes me happy. And happiness will help me reach my goals easier, including the goal of sleeping less. So what if that other artist is producing like 20 drawings a day, or that other lady only needs 4 hours of sleep. Who cares what they do. If I focus my attention on them, I'll be worrying myself to the grave and nothing will ever get done. So take a breath, relax, remind yourself, you are great, you can do it, and you deserve all of the loving energies this life has to offer. And you deserve to tell yourself you are proud of yourself. What would the deceased version tell you about your homework assignment you were stressing out about? Or the break up you had. Or the dog you lost? I know my dying old age self would tell myelf,  "hey Jet, it's okay man, you'll be fine. You are loved and life is good. Enjoy life, because it is short." Too short to be worried about everything in the world. Just relax, and focus on what's in front of you. One piece at a time. Slowly, surely. =)

*whew!* hope that helped some of you! 
I know that was a long one, and I don't expect anyone to read this to the end, but if you did, THANKS FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. These are some of the thoughts that float around my head daily, and unless I write it down, I know it'll just flutter way. So yeah! Thats how I find success by sleeping for 10 hours a DAY!~ Thanks and sleep tight BUTTOMUPPEEBUMBS!

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So i was just taking a break to play some Starcraft. 3 vs 3 and I was teamed up with a toxic troll kid named Timmytwotoes who ran his mouth the entire match. As some of you may know, Star Craft have these multiplayer matches where you match up with random people in a multiplayer match up. And from time to time, a team mate can be more detrimental to your own team then the enemy because of their SHITTY ATTITUDE. To summarize the game, we won the match. It went a bit long, but we ended up winning. and guess who ranked the weakest at the end of the match. TIMMMYYYY!!!!! The WHOOLE MATCH, this child was name calling, ridiculing, and just being a plain ol pain in the ass. I have to admit though, there were times i could have done better, but  still we won, and I ranked second out of 6. He would run his mouth, saying it's mine and our other teamate's fault if we lose, we are noobs, congratulating the other teammate for kicking our ass. Funny thing was he kept on saying he was going to be ranked the best by 100Xs!!!! Hahaaha, so me and the other teammate played it cool, ignored his rant, and literally won the match.

So heres a little advice to punks who dog their own teamates.
1. You are not helping. You actually are making it worse. Try and encourage the team, and if you lose O WELL! I don't know how many times, i've said "Its Okay" to a teamate that felt like they underperformed. Who CARES!? It's JUST A GAME!
2. It's embarrassing. Especially when you send the message so the other teamates can read. They really dont care about why you are underperforming. If we are losing thats all that matters. Trying to say "oh IT ISNT MY FAULT, IT'S MY NOOB TEAMS FAULT" is like trying to switch teams at a sports game after a loss. Pathetic.
3. You don't have a game issue, you have a social problem. By being such a crybaby you are showing how fragile your mind is, and applies to real world situations. Making excuses, name calling, not taking responsibility for you actions, are all things we learn about as we grow. Because you are behind a screen doesnt absolve you of your weaknesses, it may at times make them worse. Rage quit gamers for example hahah.

Minimize the stress around you
This is an issue i've always wanted to speak out about, because it isn't just SC, it's life. SC serves as a great example/metaphor for this. There are times when you meet these type of people in work or social situations. I've learned through work experience a valuable lesson. Avoid these people when possible. Ask yourself this one question, is the stress really worth the money?? I learned to choose health over money. Fortunately,  I currently have options of choosing who to work for, and the clients i have are wonderful people, but there have been 2 or 3 jobs in the past where the person I worked for were just toxic. Being pleasant, reaaaaaalllly helps productivity. Being unpleasant, bossy, controlling, close minded, cynical, are things that can debilitate you and your work. It can nterfere with productivity in my experience up to 80% and times 100%, it just isn't worth it. I've been in tight positions before, and If i could go back, I would definitely remove myself from those positions. I mean once I litterally was working for free and the clent was sooooo disgustingly rude, I can't believe I went through all of that.... Don't get me wrong though, If the stress is from coping with the technical aspects of the project itself, I feel that there much growth and success to nbe had. For example, learning manga for the first time, or designing something you've never drawn before. This type of stress is the BEST kind. It means you are learning.  And if your client cool and you getting better at art, why not? Sometimes we can't be too picky. But if you dealing with unpleasant people your life, find ways to avoid them, because they may just be bring you down. Create your path, and make it a happy one, otherwise it isn't worth walking. =)
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Ohh man, I'm tired... Time FOR A NAP! I'll make this super quick! XD Napping on my breaks have been a life saver recently for me has recently. How do I mean? It means I work longer and more efficiently. I read an article about naps that says you can produce 3Xs as much if you were to take naps then if you were to just try and power through your work. So I put it the test, and I believe it really works.

So if you are student or freelancer, you have deadlines. OR if you are just a maniac artist, who just can't stop drawing, then then you are on a mission and do not stop drawing no matter what XD. The thing is when you work for a long period of time your focus diminishes, productivity is effected, and over time(years) this can really effect your health. Just being tired easy, back pains, hand cramps, weakening of vision, and weight gain... dang DRAWING IS KILLING US!!! HAHAHA 

So how to fix this, heres how. Take short power naps. but there is an art to this! 10 15 25 or 1:30, and here's why. If I know I have to work for 10 hours that day cause of procrastination, and have to this for 2 weeks straight, then this strategy will be my best friend.

10 minutes in intervals  1:30 
Usually I do this when completing smaller tasks. For example I got the roughs down, gotta move to my inks, WAIT! Wait... GOtta nap. But I only worked for a short period of time, so that's why I gotta make it quick. But how can you nap for 10 minutes??? well that is a good question, especially if you suck turning off. It still helps A LOT. Focus on just breathing, and clearing your mind, the feeling releasing. It helps if you know how to meditate, 10 minutes will feel like plenty. 

15minutes is if you feel like you need a little more or 2:00 of work. It'll help you feel more alert, awake, and focused. One of the biggest problems of not taking naps or breaks, is I have the tendency of wondering off doing other things, killing time, like facebook, youtube, games. I feel, I need a reward!!! I worked so hard, time to take a break! The problem with those breaks is, I NEVER stick to the intended break time. One game, is never one game, one you tube video is never one youtube, etc! Surprisingly, when I get up from these power naps, I have easier time making the right choice of getting back to work. I go, dam, that was NICE, I can work MORE! AHAHA It's powerful! 

Okay okay, so you've gone for 3 hours or more, because that's just how you roll! But now you are feeling all of the negative symptoms of prolonged work, including SLEEPY NESS!!! So your are sleepy, this will definitely fix that! You feel a boost like no other. It'll not only make feel alert, but boost your creativity and efficiency. The best thing about efficiency is, there is a hop to your work. You move to tools quicker, you make better  choices, less undos, and what may feel like regular drawing, really isn't. You'll get a lot more done, and also the work will a lot better in the end.

Pit falls you might face! 1 Hour and A Half
20-25 mins naps, are great, but heres a problem you might face. Hitting snooze until you've laid down for 2 hrs! Hitting that snooze over and over leaves you feeling groggy, tired and irritable. Not helpful at all. So the problem with longer naps is they are tempting to stay in bed longer. The trick to fixing this is to not avoid it. It means you are lacking sleep, and NEED SLEEP! So set your nap for an 1:30. The reason for an hour a half is, it's a full sleep cycle. If you feel like, dang, I fell asleep at 25 mins and need more, DO IT! SLEEP! BUT SET IT TO 1:30. You're body is the most ready to wake in intervals of 1:30 because 1:30 is a full sleep cycle. So when the alarm goes off, it'll be MUCH easier to get up. do this twice in a day after a night of being sleep deprived, and It'll feel like you've fixed your sleep problem, and still allow you to sleep that same night! The artical points how, at 1:30 it's great the best for boosting creativity AS WELL AS MEMORY retention! 

Okay heres a hack!
If you want to insure you wake up after your intended time, TAKE A HIT OF COFFEE! But the time the nap is up, the coffe will have metabolized, and you'll wake up feeling PUMPED! 

And thats about it! Hahah I was once able to draw for 3 DAYS STRAIGHT, with breaks only for for bathroom and snacks, Yeah that's how I use to be. We'll I did the 3 day thing once, and but all nighters A LOT! A LOT!!!!! I mean 24 hour drawing! That's why people say we barely remember college, it's because of all those dam ALL NIGHTERS! Our brain can't retain the memory. We like to think, we're machines, and we'll stay young forever, we are bullet proof. Adults will tell you over and over, but we never listen until we are there or it's too late. Well in this case, it doesn't have to be too late, it'll make you feel like you are a kid again XP But even if you are a kid, I recommend this type of practice because by the time you are 30+ you'll be MUCH better off then your peers and feel unstoppable. This works for any kind of job that allows naps, writers, youtubers, video game players haha. 

Heres the artical if you wanna see more. But the best way to see if it works is if you try it yourself!…


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WhooooOOhHOOOO! I'm feelin the love. It's love I know it! I felt it! In my heart. Hahah. It's late, and I just replied to the last journal, when another idea struck me. I'm always thinking about dammm, just how good manga studio is. But then dam, just how much I miss usuing photoshop. There are a ton of ups and downs to the both. And I wanna point out the pluses and minus of each. This is the first entry. Today I will talk about Overlay in Manga Studio.

Initially I was gonna give this to Photoshop, because since the beginning of MS, I didn't think MS was capable of the color replace feature photoshop had. I would always tell myself, this is one of the biggest downsides to MS. It doesn't have color replace layer like photoshop does. And if I ever needed that tool. I would have to run to PHOTOSHOP. Well NO MORE!!! Guess WHAT! The greatest most powerfull feature there is left standing for PS, or should I say, the only amazing feature photoshop had over MS was NOT EXCLUSIVE AFTER ALL! You know how you can paint an ENTIRE drawing in black and white in photoshop, focussing only on lights and darks??????? YOU KNOW THE VERY THING THAT MAKES YOUR JOB DAM EASY??? It's overlay as well.... Just use overlay. DUH!!!!! SHIT! Why didn't i just try overlay. Yeah, easy as that. Overlay works just fine in MS. Open a new layer, switch it to over lay, and you can swap out the black and whites with any color to your hearts content! ^___________^ I was so happy to find this out, it's like when link opens up his treasure chest in Zelda!! StrucK IT RICH BEACHES!! hahaha I havn't used in a big way yet, but I know, i will soon =) Iv'e been switching to PS for this feature. What ps has on top of overlay, was color replace. And I always went to that for color "tinting" Oh boy game on. Anyway, so again, initially, i was going to do a review on the MS and give this point to PS. But guess what? IT's A tie! 

So this'll be a series, MS vs PS, o there is a ton to talk about here. The #2 is the number journal. 1 is number of MS vs PS. Jeez, this would be a long youtube epsidode, just for one small itty bitty topic 0__0'

There you are boys and girls. Short quick simple and full of grammer errors i'm sure! If it helped, GREAT! If it didn't! I'll give you a shoulder massage next time I see you. 

Sun shines and Blue Skies!

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Well uh hello there! 

I'll try and make this short. Something is goin on in my body right now... Something...telling me, to be more active and write more! haha I've been contemplating which website I should be sharing my thoughts, discoveries, ideas, tuturials with the world. I'd also like to know how many people are actually here reading this very blog. Maybe deviant art IS the place to be sharing all of this. If you are out there, can I get a show of "hands"(Replies) as to who actually pays attention to these journals. I use to keep a journal on and I was considering starting a new one there. But that would mean I have to drag every new person there. Where here, there's already a small following. I just want to make sure I can share my images directly on the journal. I want to be more active here. I do youtube, but that isn't really a practical way to share my thoughts, so I thought, hey! Why not just go back to blogging. I always get these, moments where I say to myself. Dang, that's a good topic to cover on my youtube, or do a tutorial on. Or maybe it's just an idea I want to share with the world, new things, tips tricks, revelations, I discover a long the way, and I'm like, DAM, I should write that down. So here I am. I'm gonna start doing this. I actually had a dream that pushed me to do this. It said, Jettyjetjetterson.. blog more! It was a brilliant dream. It makes so much sense! I mean, I'm always so busy with work, I can't really touch base with you guys via youtube on a regular basis, but I can definitely write! And writing doesn't take much energy at all. At the same time, anything that I write down, can be covered further in a future video. Heres a random thing I cam across and needed note taking..dam I knew I should've wrote this down when It came to me, cause now it's a bit fuzzy. 

(Warnning** If you are dealing with issues like this, then all of this will sound quite facsinating, but if not, just skip over it, and wait for something that fit's you're particular issues. )
For example, Tips screen toning on Manga Studio 5. When choosing tones, it is important to know that "Number of tone lines" is default 60 and density is the value you choose. So I want a darker value, choose higher density value, 20 is darker then 10 but the default "number of tone lines" is set to 60. Meaning 60 lines of dots for that value. BUT WAIT! Thats NOT the best way of toning your drawing. Because number of tone lines is set to 60 FOR ALL OF THEM!!! This is a problem when exporting. When you have multiple tones stacked on each other, it becomes over compressed "distorted" or, if the you have to tones on to separate layers but share the same "number or lines" as well as "density" THEY WILL NOT APPEAR AT ALL WHEN EXPORTED!!!! CRAAAAP! This means, if I had a sweater with a value tone(density) set to 20 and also a shadow tone set to 20 with both "number of tone lines" set to 60, the shadows WILL NOT appear at all in the exported version. The first thing I would think to do is, Lower the 'number or tone lines" right? well this is the first thing I tried, I found the sweet spot was around 27!!!! yes, 27. But it depends on the actually drawing. Sometimes it will look better at 23-27, depending on the number of shadows or or flat values you ohave for your drawing. Still the tones could look better. That's where the super revelation happened. The problem I was having was mainly because I was treating the manga as an illustration. I could see every other amatuer manga artist making the sammmmmmee mistake to fix it the way I have. Although using 27 of the "number of tone lines" is good it's not the proper way an authentic manga would go about toning their manga. For toning manga and making it look elegant like a pro, it is is important, not to even go too denser, 20 seems like a light gray, but it is probably as dark as you want to get it. Mater of fact keeping the density way way low like 8 or nine is suffice. At this low, you will see each individual dot, but that is the nature of tone, just like cross hatching. The dots maybe very evident, but because there are clusters if them they still act as a nice value. So don't go desne, stay low and experiment.

To make it easier to understand.
"number of tone lines" = HOW MANY DOTS YOU ARE USING
density = How big are each individual dots. 
The properties where you adjust all of this can be found in "Layer Property" under The Window dropdown menu.

So this is an example of something I discovered for myself and would definitely become fuzzy the longer I don't play with it. So it will serve as notes for myself, but also anyone else Who might find it usefull, and now I got perfect notes for a youtube video, but It's here now for people who would need it here and now. I had to learn it once, and it could be weeks months or years before I touched this topic again and I would have forgotten all of this by then. And had to relearn it. NOT UH! not anymore, this is written down for eternity! So thats it! Take care and Pattapat pat peace!

Love and gratitude,

Heres a picture just to test out the embedding!

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Update Febuaray 4, 2014: My CHannel has moved!!!

It was moved because at least 7 of my videos were being blocked do to copy right reasons, i even got a notice that, if i play any more songs I will lose alot of posting privileges. Also i always wanted an intro to my video as well as getting all my thumbnails to look professional so i thought id start fresh in this new channel. Hope you guys check it out. All the videos from my old channel will be added gradually, i just gotta go through them and fix the sound tracks add intros etc. The difference from my old channel and the new is, the new one has "THE" in it. From just "jettyjetshow" to "THEJETTYJET SHOW) 

Hey guys,

Jet here! Ive put this off for far too long. Any who I've started a youtube channel about a year ago, and i thought i'd make an official flyer for it to explain explicitly what i'll be doing as well as cover some of the questions that some of you guys may be having. 

After a lot of time out of art school, i had some spare time, and between looking for work, i thought i'd put together a channel. Something that can put me out there, but also something for the people, the ones that needed help, the one's who were a little lost just like myself. I wanted to give back to the community, and give them information that i didn't know existed, so that they might not have to go through the same thing i did. Art should NOT be SO DAM EXPENSIVE! And to prove that, i wanted to go the oppisite way, and offer the very same lessons I LEARNED for free. 

Ill be teaching at a very beginner friendly level at first and gradually turn up the heat. Hahah, but at a pretty slow pace, and the videos will ALWAYS be out there for you to review, so you can go as fast or slow as you want.Here are a list of prospective tutorials. 
Videos I will Cover
Male Figure Drawing
Female figure Drawing
Figures in Perspective
Fore shortening
Drawing from photo reference

Time lapse Videos/Fanart/Random
Fun Sexy Cute Anime Girls
Kickass Anime Boys

Monster design
Creature Design
Character design
Robot Design

Heres the link GO GO GO! 

If you like this, then PLEASE help a brother out and subscribe, if not, RUN AWAY FAR FAR AWAY! If you have any comments questions at all, write to me, ILL TRY AND ANSWER!!!!

Why Am I doing this?

First of all let me give you a little back story about myself. I'm a freelance artist, here in California. Loved to draw my whole life. I spent about 7 years in college, 3 years in city/community college trying to figure out what i wanted to do. My last year in city college, i decided i'd further develop my art skills in The Academy of Art University. After completing art school, i learned soooo many things. Things about life, many lessons in art, as well as the realization that, only 25% of what i experienced there was worth my time and money, and 10% of THAT goes towards meeting my friends. So realistically, 15% was ACTUALLY ART related. The rest was having to complete ridiculous classes that really were complete waste of money and time. Even some of the art course were not worth half my money. In those cases I was producing work, i literally can say i'd be able produce on my own. In some of those cases the teachers have proven to be psychologically traumatizing, and have been a deep scar on my emotional and mental well being. Slowly recovering. (yeah it was that bad, read my last blog) *disclaimer , foundational classes are not one of these classes. Although still a bit expensive (2000+$per) they were the most valuable out of all imo* 

Yes, im a bit regretful as you may have guessed. I'm in a buttload of debt because the art scene is'nt a place to be getting rich(there is that 1% that reach celebrity status however), yet our tuition is as much as law school student would spend. It only hits you when, YOU/YOURSELF, actually begins to pay back the money you borrowed. At the rate at which i am paying, the interest calculator says i will be paying almost the same amount of money i borrowed by the time i finish paying everything off (yeah...) it really wasn't worth it. I'm doing okay financially because of my wonderful clients in freelance but it was nothing like i envisioned, and the school made it out to be.

I can't blame it all on school either. One big lesson i discovered was that, in ANY field, success does not depend on what school you go to, Success will only be what you are willing for it become. Through discipline and hard work you can achievev anything and gain success. Id say 75% of success comes from the individual. You can go to THE MOST expensive schools, and work with THE BEST art teachers, with the top of the line equipment, but if you are not willing to do the work and put in that EXTRA WORK, then you wont make it. 

But since you've gotten this far in this mission statement/letter/flyer thingy, I KNOW YOU WILL MAKE IT. Since You have the willingness to read, then you have the wiliness to learn, which means have the willingness to succeed. So go on and succeed alreadY! GO! GO RUN WITH IT! Here TAKE IT!

(I know, writing and punctuation is crap!)

Jet Kimchrea

Software: Manga Studio 5/Photoshop CS5/Wacom Intuous/4 Imac

p.s. Am i a fool for writing this? A very famous Noah Bradley Says the same, He also provides MANY usefull links where you can further develope your art skills if you are tired of waiting for more videos from me, are ready to take your stuff to the next level. Check him out, its a very well written artical. Noah Bradley "don't go to artschool" The options are dam plenty.…
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So i just read an artical, and saw alll the negitive responses, about a particular cammy drawing. You can check it out for youself. But basically they were over critisizing a beautiful drawing. It was the first time I chimed in. But i Thought i'd share this with you as well, since deviantart is where the true art community lives.

Little description of what i talk about. I talk about the "hater-ade" culture i experienced in ART SCHOOL. Discrimination towards ANIME! And BASHING ON OTHER PEOPLE! This includes TEACHERS WHO HATED on students. And let me put a disclaimer out there because I didnt mention it, 80% of the ART TEACHERS(not talking about the liberalarts teachers, pyschology, math, english etc.) were absolutely amazing, and I love them. 5% were so so. ANd the 15% or so left were of the hating decent.

(again, this is response to a post I saw at kotaku, Heres a link to the Picture and discussion…)

And heres a link to his deviant art page.…

Okay as a classically trained, video game, animation, comic book, concept artist/animator, i can reassure you that this guy understands his anatomy VERY well. Let's get this straightened out, it's called entertainment. Technically any stylized drawing is anatomically "incorrect" but we don't criticize all the turns twists etc because THAT isn't the focus of the work. The most important rule, IN MY OPINION is wether it is believable. Wether it's sponge bob or cammy from street fighter, as long as it is believable, everything else is fair game. Let's define believable, in Sponge bob, the proportions, and the wiggles all have to remain consistent There has to be a sense of gravity and is it appealing. ANd We believe the forms he uses to exist works.  In an illustration like Cammy, are the muscles and bones hitting the landmarks? Do they all make sense? Like is that shoulder muscle? Is that an elbow? yes, are proportions consistent? yes, is there foreshortening and a sense 3d space? Yes, and do color harmonize? yes, is there a good sense value/ lighting scheme, oi... yes. In my oppinion, the piece is well above average.

All the anime manga knockers, fail to see/in denial of the what the video game/animation industries largely consist of. EASTERN INFLUENCE. It's what is selling right now, largely because it is very appealing, and if you are knocking on it, you my friend are the minority. Grumpy old-school hater who probably exclusively cares for only classic western comic book styled work, or probably into dark emo macabre horror, because of deep psychological social issues. You HATE to see  happy, colorful, pretty, popular things. YOU LOVE to bash on this stuff, because of your own shortcomings/convictions. You just HAVE to be an original right? Other reasons why people are bashing this drawing is either because they are jealous know-it-alls, trolling, or do not understand the human anatomy at all. SO just continue with your favorite collectors edition gas mask on, breath deep and beat off to your dark inverted ass world! while the rest of us continue to move forward and progress in life. Cause while YOU'RE hating, you are missing out on a lot of things. Which is fine, more for us. O and let me clear things up. This piece is not at ALLLLL manga or anime!WOW! Shocker right? This is a pretty girl(cammy) illustration. Get that straight. Often, as soon as they see a, petite, pretty girl with big eyes, small facial features, they equate that to manga/ anime...Look haters, If you want realism, why not try to look at a jcpenny catalog. Im sure their characters will have everything lined up just right ^__~.

This is my first post ever, but why does this strike a chord with me? First off, i went art school. And there was a lot of haterade. And there was a great stigma towards manga and anime styled work going on, entering school around 2007, people had to hide away in a dark room and enjoy their mangas. They were made fun of. There were teachers who literally LAUGHED at you for drawing this way. THey wanted to beat it out of you(not all, there was a few, who i believe can do more damage then all the good teachers combined because they were looking to change you, many times belittle you, teachers? WHAT? yes) Yeah big shout out to AAU! People had to force themselves away from the controversial anime stuff, even though it meant changing their passion and leaving them frustrated, worst of all, they begain to believe what others were telling them and forgetting what drove them to study art in the first place(I use to draw a lot dbz, i aint gonna lie hhehe). They took the brunt of critiszim by the so called "popular" people. The guys who beat off to ultra realistic, sci fi macabre horror, and gas masks, or the guys who can't draw anything but dc marvel superheroes! HAHAH Not that there is anything wrong with that genre at all. I love me some of that stuff as well. But it's the elitist nature of it. If you don't draw the things WE do, you are an outcast. Later around 2010 and on, there was a great shift. The air began to clear, and the loving light beamed through the dark fog of hate, the people began to speak up joined together as a community,  continued to do what they loved and what they believed in, and now it has been more socially acceptable to be who you are. Largely do to the great talent coming from eastern video concept artist. Classically trained, but incorporating there influence in manga and eastern art, and their work POPPED. It began to change the opinion of many. They were good. They showed, hey it's possible to stay true to who you are and still be a respectful artist!

What I stress is equality. Art is art. Street fucken art, cartoon network art. Western Comic books or eastern comic book art. It doesnt matter WHAT you draw, it's HOW you draw it. If you do it good, it will sell. No one has the right to impose their beliefs on to you, what should and what shouldn't. That's their bag and good for them. If they don't listen, they can just fuck off. No one should be judged based on what or how a person draws. If you are guilty, you have no right to lower anyone's self esteem because of your own convictions or beliefs. If you were a loner artist in highschool, and got prestige in your college just cause of your art, you are merely riding the fame through your ability to draw, not because of your innate character or personality. Those of you who are guilty of this(hating on others because of your talent) let me remind you, you are still lacking inside, and all you are doing is masking a dysfunctional self with superficial talent. Get your shit right. I've too often met people who really really socially backwards(ass wholes) yet they are worshipped as if they were gods. BECAUSE THEY DRAW? Anyway i digress.

This hits home for me because i saw it for my own eyes, and I am one of those who stuck to my guns, always remembered my roots, continued to draw what i love, and encourage everyone else, especially those who were victims of this crime. And yeah, i remember IDIOTS like you, the ones on this discussion(kotaku post) Bashing on the littlest details and forgetting about the over-all picture. Lets remember one thing. This Cammy piece is the one getting all the fame and attention,NOT YOU! Lastly, if you're willing to bash on the photo, let me see you draw something like this. Put your money where your mouth is. Do I have the work to back MY claims? Check me out at deviantart it's Jeteffects. My name is Jet, and i Approve of this message.

Love Peaces and Cream,

UPdate: If your into Macabre horror, then GREAT! My point was, people who feel the need to criticize or belittle other people, probably have some other pychological issues. Wether it they are into blood thirsty Macabre horror or even snuff is besides the point. You know, the real reason why i used that as my example was because of some little demon troll decided to message me an ambiguous rude message. SO i'm not talking out of my ass. THIS HAPPENED. Much love to the gore and horror folks. It just happened to be this was what this guy was into. I was confused as hell. He randomly messaged me like a little troll. Heres the link. AND O, it was on the topic on ANIME! So  just scroll to the bottom. And guys, please be nice, he never responded after i told him to stop. I blocked one of his messages, but he was basically playing stupid to egg me on when asked, what he wanted.…

New update:Im sorry, I just realized, there is also a big controversy about how sexualized she is and i didn't adress. Cause i understand there maybe a younger audience want you undertand where i am coming from in that subject. Ive drawn THOUSANDS of figures, in school, outa school, sexy not sexy. When comes to a piece like this first and foremost, my interest is primarily into the level of work that was put into it. After all these years of painting figures, I look way beyond this,  forget that it was sexy at all. I mean, we had art shows at school with old folks, important people, young people, looking at some really nude pictures all the time. But since someone paints it, it becomes more about the work that is put into to it. Even my mom, who by the way is an artist critiques works like this all the time. So yeah, what do i think about the sexualization aka exploitation of women in art? Well, simply put, the human anatomy in my opinion, especially the female anatomy is in itself works of art. WHich brings me back to my other point, if you are gonna doit, make sure you put your whole heart into it, do it well!

update: I have NOOOO problem whatsoever with learning realism. I LOVE IT! hahah WHen i talk about hate, i mean down right disrespecting another person's style. Painting figures, drawing anatomy, life study, BRING IT ON!
Just reflecting on a lot of things, and i just wanted to put this out there. If you were ever wondering wether you could make it in life. Wether you can become a great artist or not. Or if you were wondering if you should continue with, or start on a project. Yes! You can become or do ANYTHING you want. I truly believe you can, from the bottom of my heart! DO IT DO IT DO IT! ^______^ And dont let ANYONE bring you down! It's tough if people don't support you, i know...  when all your ideas, all your dreams and goals all seem to be unimportant to others. It feels like a big weight, as if they're always waiting for you to fail. And you feel like just giving up. Especially when they are closest to you. And it's even worse when all the people you care to share you hopes, ideas, and dreams with are indifferent or afraid to show approval. No emotion. There is no clear opposition, nor support and it just really brings you down! Iv'e been there and i know very well how that feels. You have no drive how can you  achieve something when others view what you do as just a silly little game or hobby? Even if it's little remarks like, maybe you should rethink this... or, have you thought about this? Maybe someones conspiring behind your BACK! Like concerned about you. And go and consult with who evers closest to you, and give them warnings to warn you. Or they might say, hey, Y not apply here? All of these things can be very discouraging. Don't take it personal, know that they are all probably just worried about you. I mean you are an artist after all.Try your best to not get mad at them for worrying about your deviant behavior. If you're set on doing something and it makes you happy, then freaken A, DO IT! So if you are reading this and are someone who is having a hard time in whatever you are doing, keep your chin up, know that i've also been there, and understand what you may be going through. Know that, as long as you keep getting on that "bus" I like to call practice, aka working hard, you'll get there. And i know that may not be enough because you may be lacking support. So I promise you that I support you!!!!! And it doesn't matter how far behind you are, where you look, how you do it, as long as you get on that bus, as long you work hard, as long you believe in yourself, you'll get there. And "There" is different to everyone, some may find it sooner or later, some may feel they'll never  get there, some just don't ever want to get off, and there is no end, but wherever "there is"  as long as you are on that bus, and have that full intent, you'll make it! With any kind of endeavor, usually the reason why you don't make it is because you get off that bus, and stay off! So keep getting on that bus (can't stay on cause you gotta rest, and the bus needs to refuel) continue on that journey, i am here for you if you ever have any questions or need some support. I am here. So take care, gluck and YOU CAN DO IT! ^_~

Update* One of the biggest discouraging factors is failing to see improvement. When we look for improvements, and can't find it, it makes us just want to give up! First of all, you shouldn't focus on improvement, and instead continue to WORK on improving. If you draw 3 times and expect to see change, you most likely wont find it. You can't grow long hair in one day, you can't lose weight in one day, and you certainly will not become a great artist after 3 drawings. Do 3 drawings every week, for a year, or 100 drawing every week, which is a good way to burn out and fall out of the window of the bus. So if you want to do a lot, pace yourself with 20 or so a week  or however you feel isnt too much . THEN check to see if you have improved. ^___~. ALthough you may not see it, or feel it after each drawing, as long as you are doing, you ARE improving, I guarantee it!

Much Love ,
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I know i dont post much, but heres to my watchers out there who want to learn. I've started a drawing channel, heres the latest episode. Come join the fun!

I will be creating all kinds of tutorials some are very beginner friendly. I hate bugging people to subscribe, cause i know YOU'LL DO IT IF YOU WANT TO! But here it is. Enjoi!…
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Welcome to Jeteffects' deviantART. :D

Thanks for stopping by! I'm Jet, Jet Kimchrea, the artist. I was born and raised in South Sacramento, CA. Anyways, enjoy your visit. Feel free to leave any comments, critiques, or questions. I'm glad to receive feedback from different people with various point of views and suggestions, so that I can learn more about my art, how people feel about it, and ways to improve upon it. Also, I am always glad to lend a hand and teach or give tips to anyone who needs it. :D

Looking for something? Interested in Commission work or Freelance work by me? Got questions?
Find it here:

Commission Freelance Info.
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