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Warriors Of Decay

This is a brand new playstation game coming out! hahah jk, a playstation mockup assignment. Based on a crazy fantasy story. It can be, the video game cover, or just a promotional poster.

Family of the upper class and their village, pillaged by vikings. A Boy survives, and he hurries out and follows the vikings back to their ships to exact his revenge. He successfully burns down their ships in the middle of the night, KILLING ALL The vikings...

23 years later, he is on a quest to find the hidden treasures his family has hidden away. During his treasure hunt, he is chased by ZOMBIE VIKINGS! They are back and are thirsty for the kids blood.

O yeah, they threw in a dwarf into the story, a side kick, Mojo. iono...

Anyway there it is. Wanted to change things up today. Enjoy
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I saw this on your blog, the concept is pretty cool :}