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Birdie Sanders Kickstarter

Hey deviant and friends. I've opened a kickstarter to turn this into a t-shirt. Please check it out here!…
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It's not too late. 2020 is another chance as long as we all vote in the primary.
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Long live the Bern.
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I'm a bit behind, only caught this story today.  Put a big smile on my face.  Great work, saw a video of you sketching it on YouTube.  All the best.
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You plan to vote for Bernie Sanders?
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Bernie Sanders is the only legitimate candidate in the entire election this time. Hillary is not running for the people, she's running for the corporations that backs her (so they can get more tax cuts or weapon manufacturers who wants to extend the conflicts in the middle east, so they can sell their weapons). Donald Trump is running as a joke essentially (additionally, he has no chance of winning against Bernie or Hillary). Overall, Bernie is actually looking out for the people. On a side note, awesome drawing Jet :D
Donald Trump "has no chance of winning against Bernie"? Excuse me while I stand in traffic over the idiocy of this comment.
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Watching way too much fox news there, buddy (or other propaganda). Here Bill O Reiley when learning about Bernie's results against the Republicans in the general election.…
Ironically enough, you post a link to an extremely far left YouTube channel. Your argument is null. Polls done by Gallup and Quinnipiac show he has no chance. Fuck off, guy.
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Bill O Reiley said it himself... so... Also according to Quinnipac, it looks like Sander is going to win against Trump, Cruz and Kasich if nominated. Also, the numbers show landslide victories against Trump and Cruz.  I don't know where you get your stats from, but from what I see, Sanders will likely beat the three. Also, I don't particularly know why you're getting so defensive for Trump who is just in the elections to see how many people he can fool. (which i do have to agree is pretty badass)………
Bill O'Reilly has not said anything of the sort LMAO. Actually, no news network has. Every leftist sees Clinton can beat him. Sanders is done. You're living under a rock guy lmao
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I never said Sanders is going to beat Clinton in the democratic primary. I'm merely talking about the polls and the hypothetical situation if Bernie Sander does clinch the democratic primary. Also, Bill O Reilley did read out the results of the polls which show Bernie has a good chance in the general election against all republican candidates. Also, pretty much all news networks are part of establishment politics. So, of course, they wouldn't talk about Bernie Sanders because they hate him. I have no idea what you're trying to say since the polls do show that Bernie will do well in a general election vs Trump, Cruz and Kasich.
You condemn Fox News, but suddenly you happen to claim to know what O'Reilly says? If Bernie can't even beat Clinton in delegate count (being almost 1,000 under), what chance would he have against the Republicans? I think you have them confused. You post links to far-left sites, and it's evident you get all your information from there. You're nothing more than uninformed, gullible liberal with no understanding of how politics or the economy work, and when you hear the snake that is Bernie Sanders say he's going to somehow make college free, you jump at the chance to blindly fall in behind him. You have no credibility with me, this conversation is nauseating and may God have mercy on your soul.
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One in the hand is worth two in the (George) Bush. 
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Birds are limited to bird seed and whatever scrap food that they can find, that sounds like Socialism to me.
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Bernie is for the birds, as in only bird brains would vote for him. No offense.
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birds are pretty smart . . . so idk what your point is
plus clinton and trump are going to destroy america, glad i'm in australia tbh
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Doesn't Clinton wants to copy Australia's strict gun laws, though?
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You can't base her abilities on one thing. She and Bill Clinton has a history of lying and deception. Also, Hillary is not for the people, she's for the corporations that give her money (use your brain, please). A politician that's so heavily influenced by corporations is clearly dangerous. Also, Bernie Sanders crushed her in the last 8 out of 9 states. So his chances are actually fairly decent and if he wins New York, he has a really good chance and they're having a debate in New York so, so he might actually win New York which was supposed to be for Hillary. The entire extablishment is against Bernie and he's actually doing very well, if you don't like the guy, you should at least commend him for the effort.
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Sanders would be worse for America than both Clinton and Obama. He's a socialist, and would have the working class people foot the bill for ALL his free stuff, putting the government in control of things it has no right to be meddling in.
The people he attracts have no idea how economics or capitalism really works, their just voting for all his 'free' garbage.
Those things he offers maybe be free now, but his supporters are still going to have to pay for it through his inflation of income taxes when they get older and have jobs. Not only are they going to be paying for their college, but for the college of millions of others. 

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Saying Bernie's plans are completely bogus shows that you haven't taken the time to see his side of the argument as many economists actually do side with Sanders. You can't just dismiss Bernie because he's a "socialist" without looking at his views. Plus if you look at the world, many other countries are able to afford Universal health care and free university (college in the US) tuition. Why is it that America, the richest nation in the world can't. Plus universal healthcare isn't "free garbage" unless you're a libertarian or friggin rich which most Americans are not seeing that there is a definite income inequality in the US. Bernie is also fighting against the corruption that runs within America. Corporations are buying politicians, using them to lower taxes or make laws in the interests of these big corporations and not the people (political corruption). Goldman Sachs and other banks got bailed out after the economic crash (sounds like they're getting some "free garbage" to me). Political corruption is perhaps one of the biggest problems with Hillary which is that she can be brought. That and the fact that she constantly flip flops. Also, many say that Hillary is better than Bernie in terms of foreign policies, but this is simply not the case. We can look at the Israel and Palestine conflict. Bernie proposes that we help both sides in order to reach peace whereas Netanyahu is alway right. That's just irresponsible in my eyes. That and the fact that she was on the side of invading Iraq whereas Bernie lead the opposition against it (she could have been neutral). Also, she's also going to be brought out by the weapon companies who wants her to prolong the wars in the middle east, so they can make money. So all in all, Bernie is essentially diverting the money from the super super rich back to the poor who deserve to have a chance to live and move up in society. Right now, you don't know how hard it is for a convict or a homeless person to actually get a job. Also, I don't know if you actually understand how the economy works, but the fact that there are plenty of economists who say Sander's plans means that it is clearly grounded in reality. Many of the things you're mentioning are mainly propaganda which is done by the corporate media which is part of the establishment and thus works for Hillary basically. And Bernie the outsider is hated by them because he's actually going to bring change (unlike Obama (he's ok, it's just that he didn't do enough)) and put an end to income inequality, corruption and help the enviroment more.
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I believe in a society where everyone works for what they earn. If you work for it, then you deserve it. Disney didn't start out rich, in fact he started out poorer than a churchmouse when he first came to Hollywood. 
If you take away the rich, all you will have is the middle class. Or rather, lower than middle class by the time he'll be through.
Companies have set up shop in other countries due to lower taxes their because it has already gotten so expensive there.
The richest people in this country pay over 87% of the income tax rate. If Bernie hike it more, they'll be essentially paying the government more money!
Right now the richest people in America today has the highest income tax rate of any people in the country.
Under Bernie's plan, we're going to see more money taken out of the middle class than what is being put in. What's the point of raising minimum wage to stimulate the economy when your just going to lose that extra pay to higher taxes?
The middle class will receive a 5% loss in their pay added on to what they already dish out to taxes and heath care now.
Who's to say if he was elected that he would be even able to get his plans to work? Setting up all he says would require votes from congress, which would mean dealing with his opponents, conservative republicans.

Sanders is what is to the Left what Trump is to the right. He's just saying what people want to hear to get elected, but both men would weaken America even more.
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