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Bamboo Frozen Yogurt

 This was done during a live stream on my youtube channel. Around 2hrs 24 mins you can see the reference photo. My girlfriend's  birthday was coming up weekend so I thought i'd celebrate it by painting this Anime version of her.  Happy Birthday BOogieOnster! Watch how I start the painting here!

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M-A-F's avatar
This is so well painted, it has a natural look to the anime style.

Nice work!
InfiniteDiversity's avatar
There's a very good contrast between light in the background and shadow in the foreground in this image. Very well done. Your work is very professional.
YaRiK2405's avatar
The colors and contrast are perfect, I really like it!
Wow this is amazing.   Your art gets better with each new drawing just when I start to feel that there's no way you can top your last one haha.  
link57's avatar
In the stream you guys had a picture of the Mona Lisa oddly enough this really reminds me of that painting you got the hands down just right just like Leonardo did hands are bitch to draw. Also the lighting is on point. Jet your well on your way on becoming a master
Charliesan's avatar
I´ve watched your youtube channel for a long time but I didn´t get this good yet :D anyway nice work! :)
luckcharm's avatar
i love your how style is anime-esque but also really painterly. 

also wow you have a lot of patience to do the plaid pattern shirt. you go man, you go.
Thanks soo much! Yeah I'm still trying to find a good balance. And thanks for noticing plaid. What a PAIN! Cheers!
BabanIllustration's avatar
awww this is lovely! the colours are really spot on too,i houht the thumbnail was a photo until i spotted the anime eyes >u<
happy birthday to her!
Hahahah XD thanks a lot
Rocky-Ace's avatar
She is super cute Jet, wonderfully done!
Thanks Rocky! You have a nice day!
Sycra's avatar
Wow, amazing work, hope she liked it!
SycraaaAAAAAAAAA! She did =)
S3rb4n's avatar
What a beauty!!
haha, never be as beautiful as the real thing though ^__~
S3rb4n's avatar
Close enough for me!
link57's avatar
The hands look on point
JoeyAktosh's avatar
Looks photorealistic yet cartoonist at the same time. The lighting makes it really peaceful and the simple coloration of the background makes a cozy chill enviroment
And JoeyAktosh makes my day brighter =D
JoeyAktosh's avatar
You're welcome!! Keep up the epic art :P
RoninDude's avatar
Awe, that's sweet. Great piece of practice work, man. Well done!
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