Alacrity Fly Attack Close Up
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Heres a close up for you guys. I actually have a speed video of the lines here on youtube, Ive got a lot of fun tutorials, i'll be teaching just about everything i know. I'm pretty new youtube, and if you like the vids please subscribe, thanks! =)

Heres the video!
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AlanGizehCastaneda|Professional Traditional Artist
This reminds me of "Shadow Skill" (1995 OVA).
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damn, great work and detail
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Nice abs, love her muscles, thanks for sharing
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CatalanoMedia|Professional Digital Artist
One heck of a pose.
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ArtbroJohn|Professional Digital Artist
Great work!
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I absolutely love everything about this. Her lean ripped to shreds muscles are just perfect, and I like the way her breasts are small. There is so much artwork out there that is ruined by huge breasts; this is truly brilliant.
Please please please make more pictures of her.

I think you might be my favorite artist on here. Is there any more artwork of her anywhere?
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megumi00|Professional General Artist
Why is she doing a split while about to stab someone. What is a spine. I like her nipple and vagina armor. It's important for those areas to be protected you know.
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Yeah man, gotta protect em baby makers
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u dont kno art u shuld go to a arts school..
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Da-4th|Student Artist
This looks fantastic, I like her figure and the pose. =)
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Fugiri-Shi's avatar
Love this character. Great design! Gotta love badass women!
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wow u draw muscles so perfect! :D and nice job on ur art. i had to watch u on here and subscribe on youtube
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oO-Monkey-Oo's avatar
Wow gorgeous work! I love her !
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FATgraphx's avatar
holy flying assassin.
I can imagine her victim just standing there, stunned....
I'd say paralised by her gorgeousness. Well aware that the time has come...
still watching her (the sweetest deathdealer)

....we now how this all ends. :love:
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daimontribe|Professional Digital Artist
This is awesome! :thumbsup:=)
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D3-Damage|Hobbyist General Artist
Screew the fave button, wheres the badass button? I need to use it darn it!
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1stSurugi|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Very wow.
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Wow, I love her body! Of course, all the details - clothing, hair, face etc - is perfect, but the best part is her body - you shown not only movement, but it literally shows how incredibly fit and strong is she!

Plus I like her blades. I know, she's very strong (look at her muscle - she could rip human apart!), but those blades make her even more sexxy and dangerous!
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THEJETTYJETSHOW|Professional Digital Artist
hahah, thank you so much sir, glad you like it, tried to my best to make the muscles look as strong as possible even for a cute face. And yes she can def rip just about anything apart shez an android.
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Presteza's avatar
No, haha, Alacrity's not an android~!
(if she were synthetic, she wouldn't need all those muscles, except to look the part)

But she isn't quite human either ~ [link]
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THEJETTYJETSHOW|Professional Digital Artist
ooooo i was never sure of the term android hahah, i remember you mentioning not completely human. Thanks for the link Alac
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