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Alacrity 2d Costume Colors 2
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Commission for the awesome :iconpresteza:

2nd colors for 2nd set of outfits. Dont have an official name for the outfits. We'll have to get that sorted out.


Alacrity is a genetic experiment, part of a supersoldier programme.
Instead of brute strength/speed/size/endurance, Alacrity is bred for agility and power in a small frame.
Her controllers consider Ala an imperfect specimen, whose bionetic grafts fail, and far short of their expectations.

They give their overly-rebellious reject a suicide mission.
Alacrity escapes far away, and after a brief period as a vagabond, is inevitably captured for a spate of crimes.
All convicts are sent to the far colonies, where Ala eventually breaks free again. Her origins remain hidden.

Now on the run, Alacrity is an outcast who makes her living on the fringes of civilization as a rogue and mercenary.
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I recall, I dubbed 15 "The Batsuit", 16 the "Yukata" (now with neutral tones) even tho it doesn't resemble one, and 17/19 the "Hoodie" or something like that. And your "Plugsuit" describes 18/20 very nicely :}
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