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Hello, Ima draw you, Stay still, okay move, okay stay there, okay, almost done, wait, dont no not yet. okay fine head there AHHHH turned around man, fine ill draw her.... doop, or your back, okay stay still, squint squint, NOOO NNOOOO god NOo oh DAM, (he gets off bart train) ^@#%$^$^&% bleh

These are just personal theories. Ideas that have not yet been fully tested with life but is beginning to show results with the little experimenting so far.

I just got back from my vacation to Japan. And something finally clicked. I’m not doing things that are benefitting me nor making me happy in the States. I procrastinate on work, i’m lazy, binge on social media, politics and entertainment. While in japan, i promised myself and my girlfriend, I would not check social media, politics or youtube and try to just enjoy everything there. Be in the moment. And I did! I was in the moment the whole time there. Enjoying myself. Enjoying life. Seeing new things, and focusing on being in the moment. What came of it was these new found ideas. Incredible. New sense of happiness and determination overcame me. Now I’m here writing it down before I forget.

Cluttered Mind 

Being lazy or repeating bad habits might have more to do with a cluttered  mind then anything else. I spend a good majority of my days watching politics, science, conspiracy theories feeling like I’m accomplishing something when in reality all I am doing is cluttering up my mind with a lot of either negativity or stimulus. At the end of the day I feel drained, tired, overwhelmed, and usually oversleep because of it.  Then I do it all over again the next day. I feel like I do this because I have a form of adhd. Constantly needing to stimulate my mind otherwise I get restless. This has taken me through ALOT of rabbit wholes. I think I’ve seen all of  youtube XD  What if all of this CRAP i’m watching or listening to is the cause of all my terrible lazy habits

Mentally Cluttered

Theres an article explaining that ideas that we frequently occupy ourselves with effect the way we see and feel about our world. Sure that’s pretty common sense, BUT it also talks about the way to fix this is, we sleep it off!!! Sleep off our problems? Kind of like pruning a bush that has gotten too leafy our brain needs time to process info and discard the unimportant stuff. Unfortunately if you are always looking at negative or depressing news, THATS GONNA STICK WITH YOU. Obviously! So Iv’e been filling up my mind with all of these negative images and thoughts, i’m too tired to think of anything else. Including art. ESPECIALLY ART. Like a flash drive thats too full to take on anymore information, I can’t get to my work cause I’m too full of unnecessary information. Cluttered mentally. Sure MAKES Sense. But it’s not anything new. THERES MORE.

Physically Cluttered

So we are a product of our own thoughts. If you see the glass always half empty life becomes a pretty negative place to live. And this has a direct consequence on the activities we engage in or not engage in. A person who thinks they can’t draw for example, will never attempt to draw. As artists you might heard of the saying, cluttered home equals cluttered mind. For me this is so true. My room is pretty tiny. It’s filled with art books, old drawings, canvases, art material, clothes and bedding. Since it’s so small It gets dusty FAST! Over time, materials deteriorate and turns into dust. Especially clothing and paper. Everything becomes dusty. Clothes becomes dust, old books becomes dust, my body sheds and becomes dust!  What is this dong to me physically? I know my nose gets pretty stuffed in morning. I feel like a zombie crawling out of the earth every time I get up out of bed. It’s pretty bad. All of this dust can’t be good for the body or mind. All of this clutter becomes a web of the tears from yesterday. Quite literally. 

Energy has either a Negative or Positive Charge

Energy either has a positive or negative charge right? Well what if all of the negative and depressing thoughts is being captured in this dust? I believe objects become energized by the emotions we feel. Including dust. So if all i’m doing is stressing about the world all the time what is that doing to the environment around me? I don’t know but I think it’s worth cleaning up. Dusting and vacuuming isn’t enough. Cause it all comes back in like 2 days! So i invested in an air filter to suck up all of that old debris. AND IT FEELS AMAZING! I wake up now feeling energized and ready to take on the day.  It feels really refreshing, like a cold shower in a pristine water fall. I really think has the potential to help achieve everything I strive for. MY ROOM WAS TOO DUSTY! 

A Baker Must Bake

I filtered my air  and MAN it feels minty clean. I can breath! But what about my mind? After japan I wanna focus on the things that make me happy. Things that are important to me. Friends family and art. THATS IT! Time to filter my attention. This is why people say ignorance is bliss. Theres plenty of corruption, lies, and shitty things going on in the world. But theres no point in wallowing it everyday unless you are gonna do something about it. Become a journalist, humanitarian, or politician if that’s what you want to do. I don’t wanna do any of that. I’m an artist. I want to art! MORE ART. 9 personal pieces and 2 videos in a year is PATHETIC. i’m learning that, a baker must bake and an artist must art! The Japanese, from what I experienced in Japan have complete devotion to their craft. Whatever it is they do, they do it 100% if they are gonna run a subway system they do it amazing. Their art, their temples, they’re gardens, their roads, their FOOD, OH GOD, there food! Everything is done with complete devotion and pride. The guy who perfects his mochi making skills, didn’t get there worrying about the news every single day. The gardens didn’t take care of themselves. And prolific artists who produce thousands of works don’t spend their days debating about humanitarian rights and corruption. They art! It’s obviously good to be worldly, to have an idea of what’s going on in the world. But not be obsessed. With all the FAKE news going on, it’s become quite difficult to make up an accurate opinion about whats going on unless you spend your days digging. I think what’s important here is. Don’t be so naive about the world. Understand that there are problems, but take things with a grain of salt and go back to living your life. 

The road to hell is paved with good intentions

People die everyday and life is short. The best way to help the world if you aren’t a journalist or humanitarian is really to help yourself.  Spend it doing the things you love to do. As long as it doesn’t hurt or infringe on anyone else. Be the peace you want to see in the world and the world will be peace full. Do one unto others as you would your self. Remain optimistic and positive and it’ll go a long way. People will pass on that energy forward. And if everyone thinks this way the world will become a better place. This is actually a very buddhist way of thinking now that i’m putting it into words. Buddhist monks spend their whole life stilling their minds. Being still means they don’t hurt anyone around them. They are pretty positive and that energy can be felt by any one who meets them.  

Tips And Tricks

Limit your scope. See less fear less. Stress less. Filter less. Wake up easy. Breath better. Feel better. Pick and choose the things you  pay attention to and you brain won’t require as much sleep! Thats it. Get an air filter it’ll make you physically feel better. I deleted 10-15 subscriptions on youtube because I know they all deal with stress. I’m tired of feeling stressed. I wanna be happy. And that stuff isn’t helping. It’s addictive. So I know instead of limiting myself to it. I remove it all together. DONE! Keep the videos that promote the life I want to live. I want to speak more Japanese so I’m watching more Japanese shows in Japanese. And I watch and collect art videos. I don’t Facebook much because again I have limited space on this hard rive and I’d rather spend it on the things that make ME feel happy. I’M gonna decide where I focus my attention. Not my impulses. And hopefully over time it becomes normal. Like the article talked about. It’s getting rid of bad habits and creating good ones. 

Nerd Out

Ignorance really is bliss. Now that i’ve seen whats wrong with the world. Why not take a break and nerd out. I’m envious of people who don’t concern themselves politics. before I was angry. I’d spend my days trying to convince the world how important some issues are. Convince them that they should feel shitty? Because let’s face it, there are some ignorant people out there. But now i’m like, so what! Let them live their lives. Just turn it off. Don’t pay attention to them. Thats their life. As long as I don’t contribute to false information and stay neutral i’m good. Thats all i can do. I’m aware of the corruption and the propaganda in the world. Thats all I need to know. Don’t opinions about things you don’t know about and your good. And if you see people sharing info, take it for a grain of salt. Since i’m gonna live my life. I don’t have time to fact check it. Let’m be or turn them off. Theres an unfollow button XD 

So there is. Hopefully this works out and I live my dream of being the best artists I can be. One that is fully devoted to his craft. Which means more art and more Youtube videos. Thanks for anyone who made it to the end. I’m gonna get my day started now. So sorry if there is a ton of grammar errors which I’m sure there is. 





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Diggin your journey and philosophies bruh! Keep it 100!
Sun Nov 12, 2017, 5:05 PM
what the hell is a shoutout box!
Wed Sep 6, 2017, 12:48 AM


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