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Unbreakable - Chapter 2-6

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You tried Sans.  Also yes the events here are not done normal game and I'm pretty sure you can "date" Papyrus later on if you missed it? 

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My undertale oc:GUYS WE GOT A CODE K8

Rest of my ocs:SANS SAD?!


Everyone:OH NO!!!!GET THE KETCHUP SAY THE PUNS,hey elara (Undertale oc)

Confort him,hes like a brother to you,right?OK LETS GET THIS SHOW STARTED!!

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*Sending lots of hugs to Sans

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LuigiOmega75Student Artist

Me: I think I know what sans needs.

1st person: Ketchup?

2nd person: Love and support?

3rd person: Therapy?


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how dare he doubt the chad sans

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KHProductionsNew Deviant





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*realizes error* huuurrrgghhnooo!! XDDD

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I like your take on Frisk. Ive only been around the fandom for a short while, but this is really good. Also someone get that Skeleton a ketchup bottle! Stat!

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Thank you so much!!! Yeah where's the ketchup???

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CherryEeveeStudent Digital Artist

Aww poor sans

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citrusfriend25Hobbyist Digital Artist
He needs a blanket, cuddles, and support because obviously he is going through some trauma (PTSD from the timelines) I just want to make him feel better! SOMEONE NEEDS TO GET IN THERE AND HUG HIM! WHERE’S PAPYRUS WHEN YOU NEED HIM AAAAAHHHHH
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RetortaSinistramHobbyist Digital Artist
Sans: guys, look what they did to my forehead!

MK and Snowdrake, eyebrows raised: You fr, bro?
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MyNameTariHobbyist Digital Artist
The urge to hug Sans grows with each page.
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Right?? X'D

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KirstenanlaurHobbyist Digital Artist
Ah yes... The suffering. Am I a sadist for enjoying him being tortured?

Glad yer back btw! I've been waiting for yer comics hehe. Sans looks awfully smol and so sad here. He's a sad bean!!!

Give the poor guy a hug!!!
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Am I a sadist for doing the torturing?? XD

Thank you and yes Sans needs some hugs and coffee.

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Are we all sadist for torturing characters in stories.
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We must be XD

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Poor Sans he needs a hug
TheJessofMess's avatar

He's needed the hug a lot during this comic ^^;

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No you're not right, Snowdrake! We can see it right there on his face (wonder when he took off the band-aid...)
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He took it off at the end of the first chapter ^^

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Oh yeah, thanks.
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