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The season one finale of Saffron and Peri is coming out tomorrow! That's just a few hours away! I'm so proud of the entire Saffron and Peri team, and so grateful to them all for donating their time and talent. And I'm also grateful for all the people who took their time to listen to our podcast. Thank you all :heart:

:icon3fangs: compiled an excellent list of the episodes so far, for those of you who want to catch up or refresh themselves: 

Season Finale!Here's a preview of what's happened previously on Saffron and Peri
This Saturday, September 9th is the season finale of season one!
If you haven't caught up with it yet, this weekend will be the perfect time to binge-listen. ;)
The day has arrived! Go listen to the season one finale of Saffron and Peri!
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5

Bye for now, 

Hello all, 
 Just a quick journal entry to let you know that I've started a Deviantart Group for Saffron and Peri. That way there's one convenient place to collect all the Saffron and Peri art. 


 That is all. Have a good day. :salute:
Voices Wanted! 

Hello everyone, 

 As the title above says, we need a few voice actors for season 2. So if you’re interested in playing a part, here are the characters we need to cast: 

Company Employee: 

  • A very grumpy and fed-up employee at Saffron and Peri’s company. We prefer a female voice for this one. Must be excellent at ranting 
  • Line to audition with: “Ugh, I haven’t had enough coffee, I barely got enough sleep, and my back is already killing me from sitting down too long.”


  • This voice can be male or female. This is a small part, but you have freedom to play with it as much as you like.
  • Line to audition: “yes, yes, quite so, quite so” or “If I may speak your honor” or whatever lines you want to ad lib. 

Sir Manfred the Manly

  • Despite the name, we actually would like a female voice for this one. It’s an Eowyn/Mulan kind of situation. We need a female actor who does most of her speaking in a fake male voice. 
  • Line to audition: *girl voice* He did *ahem*, *voice deepens* He did send you like 5 missed calls.
  • This is a recurring character, so if you’re interested, we need to know that you can be available when we need you in the future. 

So if you would like to audition, feel free to send a note or a message to our Saffron and Peri Gmail (the link is both on iTunes and Libsyn). You can upload your voice to dropbox, youtube, or whatever website you like.

We would like a clear audition if you can manage it, because we want to make sure you can send us a crisp recording with no reverb when it’s time for the real thing. You don’t need a professional microphone, but those things do help. The best advice we can give is to record in an environment with no reverb, like a blanket fort maybe. 

Hi everyone, 
 just letting you know that episode two is out. 
 You can listen to it in any way you like to listen to your podcasts, or tumblr ( or directly from Libsyn:
 We hope you enjoy it!
Hello DA Friends, 

 As you may have heard from 3Fangs journal entry, she and I have been working on a podcast together, and we're really happy to announce that the first episode will air July 1st! 

 It's called Saffron and Peri, and it's sort of an office comedy that takes place in the realm of fantasy. It follows the adventures of a professional fairy godmother Saffron (played by the wonderfully talented :icon3fangs:) and her best friend Peri, a djinnia who runs the Magic Support Department (played by me). The duo are later joined by aspiring godparent Tristan (played by the awesome :iconcalamitykangaroo:). We also have some other amazing actors joining our cast as episodes progress. 
 I'll post here when we air the first episode, but if you want more reliable updates, you can follow the twitter ( or our tumblr page (

 I'm really excited for the first episode and I hope you all like it! 
Tagged by :iconkaydreamer: here:  TAGGED: Kaydreamer Spoilers xDI got tagged by the awesome :iconbasiliskonline:
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1. I am a music teacher at a high school.
2. I used to go for long walks around sunset when I was 12 and had just moved to Perth. I'd wander down the main road to an overpass and take photos of traffic, or clamber over a maze of paperbark trees at a nearby wetland reserve. I had no friends in Perth, having left them behind in the town I moved from, so the long walks were the first step on the road of self-discovery which comes with growin

- You must post these rules.
- Each person has to share 13 things about them
- Answer the 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer 
- Choose 13 people
- Go to their page to inform them they are tagged
- YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENTS. Unless you're commenting about the actual entry.
- You have to finish this within a week.
- Be creative with the title. No "I've Got Tagged" things.

Thirteen Things About Me:
1. I have a lot of games I can play in my head. Most of them are list making games. Like alphabetically name books with their setting in their title, and I'd go 1. Alice in Wonderland, 2. Bleak House, 3. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and so on. When I look like I'm in deep thought I probably just got stuck on X. (X-men doesn't work on every subject I pick). I just love making lists! Sometimes I randomly list things like favorite songs I can't understand, favorite characters with with glasses, best silent movies made after the silent era, or actual good books that have vampires. I sometimes toy with the idea of starting a blog dedicated to my lists, but I fear it would turn my compulsion into a more serious problem...

2. I've had a film noir kick lately and I think I'm on some sort of silent era expressionist kick now?

3. I always have the next 20 books I plan to read planned out ahead of time. I rarely deviate from it. For audiobooks I only plan 5 books ahead. 

4. I've yet to conquer my swan phobia. 

5. I like to wait until a whole season is finished before I start watching any of my shows, then I binge watch. 

6. I can't eat anything without having something to read. The idea of just sitting there chewing without any distraction sounds too bizarre. 

7. My favorite color is blue, but I've been told I look best in green. Red makes me look like a vampire, and not the pretty kind. (I'm too pale and anemic for that color)

8. Sometimes when I read a book, I like to pretend I'm a casting director for the movie version. Since it's in my head, I go ahead and pick dead actors or random people I saw in the street that just "look" the part. 

9. Like Kay, I'm also a bit of a fashion nut. Not that I ever go with what's "in" this year, I just like wearing things that are a little unusual and I love getting compliments for them. Don't ever think that having a hijab keeps me from experimenting with clothes, I'm a master of layering. 

10. My brother and I love watching terrible movies together. Sometimes we quote the movies at each other and laugh like lunatics. As you can imagine, we're big fans of MST3K and Rifftrax.

11. My mom and I love watching costume dramas together. We enjoy the subtle emotional conflicts and and the lovely dresses. 

12. I HATE traveling. But I keep having to do it! I hate airplanes and I hate hotels and and I hate having to explain my allergies in a foreign language at restaurants and for heaven's sake I get homesick when I'm just at work sometimes!

13. Last time I went to the bank, the lady refused to see me at first. This is because she thought it was silly for a teenager to be asking for a saving's account. She apologized profusely when I told her I'm an adult and have been working for 2 years now. 

QUESTIONS FROM :iconkaydreamer:
1. If you became the Supreme Dictator of Planet Earth, what would be your first edict?

    Obviously, I'd put a stop to atrocities like war and animal cruelty at once. Then move on to the more long-term problems like disease and fixing the environment. After I've eradicated all the immediate threats, I'd start a bunch of film studios. I'm not getting nearly enough animated movies per year. And none of that 3D stuff if you're interested in my government funding. (Stop motion is lovely though, please apply). Also, find those aliens and unicorns. Where are they hiding??

2. If you had a dæmon, what animal would it be? (For those not familiar with His Dark Materials trilogy, a dæmon is the external, animal embodiment of a person's soul.)
    Hmm... tough one Kay. I love letting my mind wander in the clouds, so something with wings. I've been told I have a strong personality, so something tough. It will have to be something scaly and possibly fire-breathing. Can I have a Wyvern as a demon? 

3. What food is your best pick-me-up when you're feeling blue?
    Chocolate. Alas, the dairy-free stuff is not always available. :(
4. What's your handwriting like?
    Messy and illegible. It always frustrates me that my brain goes faster than my hand. I was so thankful in middle school when teachers started asking for our assignments to be typed out. Tests were a bother though. Once I got a question wrong on a math test because the teacher thought my four looked like a nine. (I did not make the loop part triangular enough) 

5. Where in the world would you most like to live?
    HOME THANK YOU. I'd like to move my house out of the suburbs and close to the sea though, if we're living in fantasy land were I had billions of KWD. 

6. If you were given the chance to explore new and incredible worlds throughout the galaxy, but it meant NEVER being able to return to Earth or live a normal life... would you do it?
    Oh no, no thanks. I prefer to travel through the magic of books. I'd think Kay would take it though. Send pics. 
    ALTHOUGH if the person offering me this chance happens to be skinny with glasses, holding a sonic screwdriver in one of his trench coat pockets, and gesturing to a big blue box... I might reconsider. 

7. If you could live in any world as presented by a movie, book, game or TV show, what would you choose?
    For when I'm feeling solitary Solaria from Asimov's novels.
    When I'm feeling adventurous, Middle Earth, at least just to listen to some tales by the fire. 
    When I want some inspiration, Wonderland or Neverland. I'll bring my sketchbook. 
    When I'm hungry, Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. I'm sure he made lactose free tiramisu somehow. 
    When I'm sad, Moominvalley or the Hundred Acre Woods (though the last moomin book was pretty sad)
    When I'm angry, Gotham, to beat up some bad guys under batman's tutelage and get it out of my system.      

8. Firebender, Earthbender, Waterbender, Airbender?
    With my temper? A Firebender. There's no escaping it.  
9. If you could own any Pokemon, which would you choose?
    I... I don't know much about pokemon. Sorry! PASS

10. Favourite drink. (Alcoholic or alcoholic.)
    I'm assuming you mean alcoholic or non-alcoholic. :giggle:
    For a hot drink some caffeine-free tea with lactose-free milk and LOTS of sugar in an adorable mug. 
    For a cool drink Kevita tonic, cinnamon flavor. 

11. A movie you like to watch when you're feeling sad.
    The Princess Bride always makes me laugh. 

12. Hogwarts house?
    I'm definitely a Ravenclaw. I love books and creativity, lists and riddles, knowledge and understanding. I think I'd be very happy there. Imagine a house full of fellow nerds to talk to and who will also respect quiet reading time. 

13. Favourite letter of the alphabet?
    Not to sound vain, but J ;P

1. Whose superpowers would you like to have? Keep in mind you have to take their weaknesses. If you pick Superman, you're gonna be vulnerable to green rocks that are probably available on eBay. 
2. What's your favorite book? If you have to list several, that's alright by me. 
3. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grow up?
4. What movie do you feel was always under-appreciated? 
5. Introvert or extrovert?
6. What was your favorite show when you were young? How about now?
7. What's your favorite time of day?
8. Would you bow down before our future robot overlords or join the resistance? To fill you in, the robots offer us peace and justice based on pure logic, but we have to give up the right to govern ourselves. 
9. What fictional character do you most relate to? 
10. You're thrown into the arena with a mythical monster. With your skills, what kind of monster do you think you have the best chance of defeating? (examples to help you out: dragon, zombie, sphinx, vampire, cyclops, etc)
11. Do you have this foreboding sense hidden in the back of your mind that the world was slowly ending ever since it began and each moment we're closer to the inevitable end than we've ever been before? 
12. What's your favorite website? 
13. Who's your favorite dead celebrity?

I tag anyone who looks at this. Yes, that means you. You're obliged to do this now by the rules of the internet (AKA the ancestor of our future robot overlords)
Anonymous, whoever you are, thank you very much for the three month membership! This is a birthday present, right? So sweet! 
It HAS been a while since I've done one of these. 
Tagged by :icon3fangs: 


1. Ever played a RPG? (Either tabletop, with pen&paper, or computer games?)
    I used to play computer games when I was younger. Myst was a favorite, I think. These days the closest I get is the occasional interactive fiction game. 

2. Ever left your country?
    Too many times! I'm writing from outside my country right now. 

3. How many languages do you speak, or what new ones would you like to learn?
    I speak two languages: English and broken Arabic
    I would like to add Spanish and French to the list, they seem very handy. 

4. If you could learn a martial arts, which one would you choose?
    Firebending or Allomancy.

5. If you had a time machine, what year would you go to?
    I'd go back to the 60's and pick up a few clothes. 

6. Digital or physical books?
    Digital books definitely! 
    They're easier on your budget, you don't need any shelf space, you can literally carry a thousand books in your pocket, you can look up words and pronunciations in less than a second, and you never have to worry about bookmarks. It's awesome! 

7. Musicals. Yea, or nay?
    Not just Yae but Yay! I LOVE musical. Especially anything with Gene Kelly or Judy Garland. 
8. Are laughtracks in sitcoms as annoying to you as they are to me?
    Probably. Those things are pretty annoying. 

9. What's the best thing since sliced bread?
    Drawing tablets!

10. If you were an animal that's not a human, what would you be?
    A bird. I've always wanted to fly. A sparrow perhaps, they always seem very happy. 
    But if dragon's are an option, I'll go for that. 

11. What's your favorite hobbies/pass-times.
    Reading is my absolute favorite, drawing is second, watching movies or my favorite series, writing when the mood strikes, daydreaming with my music playing, and going on walks with a good audiobook (oh wait that's reading).
12. Do you have any phobias?
Swans are evil itself. 
    And nobody likes bugs. 

13. Is the glass half full, or half empty?
    It's neither actually. It's always full, either with liquid or air or a combination the two, otherwise it's a vacuum. 
    See here for further explanation:
In Chicago. 
Very Tired. 
Nice City Though. 
 Okay, so that job I had? Quit it. Some other company offered me a job and they have an IT department on the third floor. I get some sunlight now. :dance: It's more hours, a longer drive, and harder work, but they do pay a bit more (more per hour, don't worry, I did the math). I'm surprised I got it though. Let me give you a sample from my interview: 

 Interview panel: So, what does this company do?
 Me: Oh, I don't care. 
 Interview panel: *raised eyebrows*
 Me: *realizes that honesty is perhaps not the best policy in all situations* Oh, what I meant was as an engineer it doesn't matter to me what the end product is. What I do care about is whether you use Cisco or HP, whether you use Oracle for your database, and things like that. 
 I can't believe I got away with that one. Either A) they thought my save was a smart way out or B) bad social skills are the mark of a good engineer. Anyway, it was a refinery. I should have guessed that one really. What else is there to do in Kuwait? And also... there was a refinery right next door to the building they interviewed me in. With the giant fire towers and everything. That should have been a big hint for me. 

I work at the head office though, not at an actual refinery. Which is good because this giant fire towers make me feel like I'm in Mordor. 

 What else is new? I have a car now, not just renting one. I have actually been saving since I was 18, but you know, I didn't get my license until recently. He's a shiny serpent green. I called him Loki. He's getting fixed at a garage right now. I kind of hit a gate while trying to avoid a sheep that seemed to think Loki was edible. Poor Loki. Sheep was okay though. 

 I also got birds. Qais, Leila, and Hush. Hush wasn't Hush's original name but after a while we realised he probably THINKS it is because that's all we say to him. He's got a big mouth. beak.

 Enough about me now. News from DA friends please. :)
First of all, Happy Christmas to all my friends who celebrate it. I hope you had people you love around you, that you're in good health, and that Santa left you a nice present.

Santa, for the last 23 years, always skipped my house. This is because I didn't believe in Santa. I believed in things like hideous monsters with palm tree leaves for hair.* I believed that when you get older you're in danger of melting in water like the Wicked Witch of the West.** I believed that invisible time-travelling pirates would kidnap you if you're out after dark and won't return you to your present time until you're fully grown and no one recognizes you.*** But not Santa. This year however, maybe because he felt guilty about negleting me for the last two decades despite the fact that I was an exceptionally good kid, Santa decided to make it up to me by transferring a bunch of money to my bank account. It's either that, or I just got my first salary!

It's probably the salary thing. I wish they still gave you paychecks so I could wave it around in glee. Waving the text message from my bank around was still satisfying though. I should celebrate this. It's too bad I'm really bad at celebrating things. My idea of a wild time is an ebook and a warm drink. I guess I should go heat up some milk then. Wait no, since this is an extra special occasion, I'm going to have some shaboura as well. Yum. Enjoy the rest of the holidays everyone!

* I heard my aunt call a palm tree "Um el sa'af wi leef" and I just assumed she meant palm tree monster. Come on, it sounds kind of like it's a monster name.

** I once asked a cousin of mine why she couldn't go swimming. She said she had her period and periods mean no swimming. She then added that it will happen to me in a few years. Not understanding how periods worked back then, the only reason I could think of as to why it would prevent her swimming was that it caused her to melt in water if she did. Yes, I did see her DRINK water while on her period, but I thought since it didn't actually touch her skin (just her lips) it was okay. And yes, I did assume she was forced to go a week without showers. I lived in fear of puberty. Later I asked my mom about it and she explained how periods worked. I still lived in fear of puberty, perhaps more so.
*** My mom tried to tell me a cautionary tale about the dangers walking in the beach at night, and decided to throw some pirates in to make it more entertaining. Her story took place in the present time, but I already figured out there was no pirates these days (no arrgghh matey pirates like in her story that is) so instead of assuming she made it all up I assumed they time-traveled.

I just realized what a stupid kid I was. Though I was right about one thing, puberty is a thing to be feared.
Hello Deviantart, you may be wondering what I've been up to these last couple of months. A bunch of stuff really. I've been learning a few essential skills like cooking and what kind of poetry birds like (they LOVE Edward Lear, HATE TS ELiot). I've gotten a job. I've rented a car to get to said job. I've taken driving lessons in order to drive said car to said job. In short, I've been becoming an adult. I'm still getting used to this "work" thing and so it's going to be a while before I'm regularly on the internet again. Now to prove how adult I am I'm going to complain about my job a bit. Here goes.

 I wish someone told me that being a computer major means working in a basement for the rest of your life!! Guys, you have no idea how much I miss windows. Not the operating system, the real glass and panes deal that lets the sweet sunshine in. I asked why computer people are always in the basement and a senior engineer there told me it's because it's the safest and most spacious location to put the servers in. Aaannnnddd also we never have to see any people so we don't really need what they call "welcoming surroundings". The job isn't too hard at least. I'm mostly just learning the ropes. They've gone over how turn things off and on again and what have you. And you know, I get money out of this, which is nice. No money is really the only drawback to unemployment. Other than that, unemployment was really fun. I literally made hundreds of cookies. And again no, not the computer kind.

Enough about me, how are all of you?
 My friend :iconcalamitykangaroo: is taking commissions right now, and you can grab one here:… If you can, that is, there's not many slots left.
 He's a pretty awesome artist. His drawings are always vibrant and alive, and his style is distinctive and easily recognizable. I highly recommend seeing his gallery for some examples. Some of my personal favorites are
Stilt-Skating Giraffe by CalamityKangaroo
 this giraffe on stilts and rollerblades,
Dungeons and Doorknobs: Dragon Ride by CalamityKangaroo
this drawing of a Gentleman Dragon offering some of his characters a ride which is also my wallpaper right now
The Kingdom of Boredom by CalamityKangaroo
and of course there was this one time he drew my own characters a hundred times better than I ever can

Finally through with college! It feels weird typing that. Like I'm lying or something. I'm sure it will sink in eventually. Probably right about when the "OH GOD WHAT DO I DO WITH MY LIFE NOW" panic will start.

I celebrated by going to the Star Trek movie with my best friend and then reading comics till dawn.
The Star Trek movie was a weird experience. There was only a one male viewer in the entire audience. I was thoroughly puzzled by this (sci-fi movies usually attract both genders in my experience) but then Benedict Cumberbatch came on and squealing was heard throughout the theater. Okay I guess. More of a Dr. McCoy fan myself, but okay. ;p

There's about three hours till dawn. I may spend them reading old science fiction novels from the 50's and 60's. I find those things awesome but also hilarious at the same time. Vacuum tubes are funny. :XD:
I changed my avatar
Now it matches my Tumblr
That's it.
How are you all?
Look what a lovely surprise I found when I checked my tumblr today. Kaydreamer drew me a very pretty Queen of Boredom:…
Which reminded me of this half-finished and pretty much abandoned comic I have. Remember that? It stopped updating about a million years ago, maybe you can ask your grandparents about it.
I don't like the idea of an incomplete project laying around, but at the same time I don't have any motivation whatsoever to finish it. The story's already written out and everything, it's the motivation to draw it that I'm lacking. I think a big part of it is because I'm very dissatisfied with the pages I have so far. So what should I do? Delete it and start over? Just leave it half-finished and move on to a new comic maybe?
I thought I'd ask my fellow artists for advice, so what do you think I should do?
Hello everyone, I'm taking requests again.There's five slots this time and it's first comment, first serve.
Just as a heads up, I MAY say something like "I don't wanna draw that" (hey, it's not like you're paying me here). In which case you can ask for something else, or give your slot to someone else.

1. Atrox-C
2. Flairina
3. Kaydreamer
4. RayO-ElGatubelo
5. YouHaveAShortMemory
First a twitter, now a tumblr. My life is slowly being consumed by the internet. :P
I'm gonna be posting some of my art there too, but posting here on DA will still be my priority.
If you have tumblr blog, let me know. I already know of a few people I follow who have both DA's and tumblrs.
Mine is
I'm not good with names, okay?
... I have one now! My probability teacher NEVER answers his emails, so he suggested I use his twitter instead. I'm JenanDay over there, if you wanna follow my random thoughts. I put up my first tweet already. It's about boogers. :dummy:

And if you do have a twitter, let me know what it is so I know who you are over here on deviantart. :)
:iconyouhaveashortmemory: has tagged me with these questions. They are as follows:

1. Do you think there really is such a thing as true love?
Isn't that a bit of an oxymoron? What's the alternative? If love were not true, then it would be false, and there's really no such thing as "false love". It's either in a state of existing or not existing.
Either this question is some kind of tautology or I need to learn how to think like a normal person.

2. What language(s) do you speak besides your native tongue? What other languages do you NOT speak, but want to?
I speak English and Arabic. I also know a couple of programming languages if that counts. ;p
What I'd like to speak... everything really! But I guess the easiest classes to find lessons for are languages like French and Spanish, and I'd like to take some if I ever have time.

3. Who or what inspired you to become an artist?
Loneliness really. My parents moved around a lot as a kid, and I didn't have much besides my imagination to keep me company. We are still very good friends to this day. :)

4. If somehow you could travel back in time to any place during any era, which one would you choose?
Oh, that's a good question. Does Narnia count? I wanna go there. :lol:

5. What's the most beautiful piece of music you've ever heard?
The two pieces of music that ALWAYS make me cry are the soundtrack to the Last Unicorn and Willie the Whale Who Wanted to Sing at the Met. I'd tear up a bit if I just heard them, but when I see the actual movies I'd just burst out crying. Every single time. :XD:

6. Do you fancy yourself a genius?
Ha ha, no. I go to college and I'm surrounded by people that are smarter that me. Then I come home, sometimes log into deviantart, and then I'm surrounded my people who are more talented than me. There's no room for delusion. =p

7. If you published a book, what would you title it? What would it be about?
I don't know. It would be fantasy for sure. Maybe even The Kingdom of Boredom if I ever have time to finish it. Then go back and redo it so it's might be plausibly  publishable.

8. If you could have any ONE superpower for just ONE day, what would it be and what would you do?
Super speed! Then I can finish that book, redo and all. :)
I thought of squishing those language classes too, but it wouldn't do much good if the teacher was stuck at normal speed...

9. If you had the chance to start life over, what would you do differently the second time around?
I have too many regrets to name. :X

10. If somehow you found a genie's lamp, what would your three wishes be?
Oh let's see, if I found a genie's lamp I'd RUN AWAY! Seriously people! I don't care what Disney has been telling you, but you do NOT make deals with the djinn.

I won't tag you if you promise not to rub any suspicious looking lamps. :)