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Not 'completely' FC business, but I did want people to know that I'm hosting a Het Exchange on my DA journal. Read here for more information:…
Yes, yes I know this is so tedious and boring- rules always are. However, we need these to keep order, thus for your sake and mine I'll keep this simple.
1: Respect your fellow fans.

2: If you submit art to our gallery it HAS to be your own work. Ie. I will NOT allow the following:

. Screen caps and Demotivational Posters- edited or otherwise. If you like taking screen caps to use for icon bases/demotivational posters, etc etc for your own use that's your business. I repeat, no screen caps from the anime/manga scans/ or demotivational posters will not be allowed in this gallery.

. Tracing- It's not really your own work if you are tracing over official artwork, doll bases, another person's fan art, and manga/anime scene edits.

. Art Theft- If you took something from another artist and claimed it as your own, I will ask you to remove the piece. If this continues being a problem, I reserve the right to remove you from the club. Art theft is serious business to me and will not be tolerated.

3: You can submit mature rated artwork/fics, however I stress the importance of using DA's warning system.

4: No fishing for trouble please. We are a jellyfish friendly community after all, but I wouldn't want anyone to get stung. Translation: Make art not drama!

So that's it~ If you can remember and follow these four simple rules I'm sure we will all get along.
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Inari the Blue Bottle by Lalalizbeth Inari the Blue Bottle :iconlalalizbeth:Lalalizbeth 3 0 Surprises: TsukimixKuranosuke by chaYeon Surprises: TsukimixKuranosuke :iconchayeon:chaYeon 105 9 Tsukimi by Tecitov Tsukimi :icontecitov:Tecitov 346 70 Unwanted attention by Prodigious-Girl Unwanted attention :iconprodigious-girl:Prodigious-Girl 420 54 jellyfish princesses by biscuit-chuu jellyfish princesses :iconbiscuit-chuu:biscuit-chuu 615 72 Tsukimi and Clara by Yunyin Tsukimi and Clara :iconyunyin:Yunyin 547 88 Of Jellyfish and Clouds by Kaze-Hime Of Jellyfish and Clouds :iconkaze-hime:Kaze-Hime 2,912 219 Kuragehime yey by Tecitov Kuragehime yey :icontecitov:Tecitov 361 51 Jellyfish Princess by Dreamsraven Jellyfish Princess :icondreamsraven:Dreamsraven 1,539 73 Tsukimi Kurashita by CoralineCaroline Tsukimi Kurashita :iconcoralinecaroline:CoralineCaroline 112 30 Please give me back my glasses by chaYeon Please give me back my glasses :iconchayeon:chaYeon 376 30 I wish I was a jellyfish by EsenEcho I wish I was a jellyfish :iconesenecho:EsenEcho 375 54 Umi no Soko by Akimiya Umi no Soko :iconakimiya:Akimiya 824 80 Clara by pinkplaidrobot Clara :iconpinkplaidrobot:pinkplaidrobot 24 8 KURAGE . HIME by daevakun KURAGE . HIME :icondaevakun:daevakun 56 1 Kuragehime Stamp by k12hanchi Kuragehime Stamp :iconk12hanchi:k12hanchi 139 19


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Lorenoide Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
For the ones who wanted Kuranosuke to kiss Tsukimi
aaamaaa Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Hello thar :3
If there is anybody interested, I would love to design a Kuragehime Meme!

Who might want to do it?
Llingy Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Haha, I know you wrote this in September. But, if you're still interested I love to help design a Kuragehime Meme.
you're probably not interested now though... heh ^^;
aaamaaa Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Well I am not sure, mainly due to what kind of questions to ask xD

If I get some questions then I will make the meme.
BlueQuartzFoxy Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2011
I would love to, but I can't draw XD

However, I'll make an announcement to the group via the blog once I get home from vacation. Hopefully they'll see and a few people will want to join in on the meme.
aaamaaa Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Alright! XD
That sounds great, thx <33
uig Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2011
I can be a Contributor?
BlueQuartzFoxy Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2011
Sorry for the late response ^^;

Um...even though I've had this community for awhile, I'm not sure what a contributor does or how to make you one. Sorry, I fail as a FC owner.
uig Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2011
NakamuraToki Featured By Owner May 13, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Kuragehime DVD/BD will come out next year, Funimation acquired the rights [link]

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