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Star Fox as a Japanese Ukiyo-E

The Star Fox crew, re-imagined as Samurai!
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I wonder what is Krystal's role there, along with Lucy Hare, Katt Monroe, Amanda and Star Wolf if this sets in Feudal Japan. 
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Reminds me of Goku and his Flying Nimbus.
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Out of all the Ukiyo-E Nintendo pictures, I think this and the Pokemon one are my favorites. This one calls to mind ancient spirits of Japan, a kind of four guardians from the sky. The way these characters are drawn, clothed, and armed adds to this, giving each one a kind of individuality, yet preserving the Feudal Japanese theme of the art. Not to mention it's brilliantly drawn, with Fox's head over the moon calling to mind Amaterasu. In a word, this is an amazing picture, and one of the best pieces of fanart I've ever seen. Excellent work!
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Do A Barrel Roll!
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Wow! F*ckin' awesome! Well done!
FieryBirdyThing's avatar
I never fav-ed this? That needs rectifying. This pic is flipping awesome!
arbiterofelegance's avatar
this is so awesome, unbelievable!
alex674's avatar
Oh my god!

This is so awsome!
Weaselhatter's avatar
can you make a story like this?
Dok-aLeXa's avatar
This is the best thing in all the land.
Not enough heart emoticons for this. :heart:
So glorious.
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I love they are riding on clouds and are serious looking.
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It looks like ancient Japanese folklore more than star fox. Very well done.
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big starfox fan
MrYolomolo's avatar
That is overall the favorite peice of yours
K4nK4n's avatar
A videogame based on THIS would be so much more awesome!! Great Ukiyo art, by the way.
demonfiren's avatar
I think this would crossover nicely with Samurai Champloo.
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I haven't purchased anything from DeviantArt yet (mostly because I'm a cheap-ass) but this REALLY makes me want some prints!!
Tyrranux's avatar
And of course looking at this I can't help but think there actually is (or at least would be) a real Japanese folklore that directly inspired the creators of Star Fox to put these specific animals in the line up XD
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This is pretty bad-ass
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