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Samus as a Japanese Ukiyo-e

By thejedhenry
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Samus as a Samurai. Enough said.
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I got this one as a birthday gift, and I love it.
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Awesome! ! !
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'Long ago in a distant star, I Ridley, dragon of darkness, unleased an unspeakable evil, but then a foolish hunter wielding a magic gun stepped forth to oppose me...'

(Excellent work btw, very creative)
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'before the final shot was fired i tore open a worm hole sending her into the future where my rule is law... NOW the fool seeks the 12 artifacts of the Chozo, and to return to Zebes to undo the future that is RIDLEY'        'metroid theme plays'
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Seriously, where do I buy a print of this?
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Cool! Only I  must point out that Samus is a blondie and I think her body stucture is a little slimmer. Other than that, it's cool!
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I'm not that big of a Metroid fan, but I Love Japan waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to much to not fav this awesome piece!
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Your work is incredible. I am watching you now because you are an amazingly talented human being!
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Samus as a Samurai... It's a Samusai!
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I love it! I would totally buy this from you as a framed picture and hang it up in my living room :D PLease make it happen <3
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like your works:)
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Heck yes! This is incredible work, in both style and concept. 
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This is so beautiful!!! Great job!
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god, this is amazing

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This actually works. The arm cannon was a bit of a stretch, but a good one.
Wonderful artwork 
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This is unreal yo.
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The paint on her eyes is a brilliant touch.
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How about making a wonderful 101 Ukiyo-e
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You. This. This MADE my day as an artist. Awesome job and the style is mouth watering with creativity.
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Love the composition and movement! :) Great job!
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