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Samus Aran as an Ukiyo-e

By thejedhenry
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Here's Samus Aran as a Japanese Ukiyo-e. I'm hiring an ACTUAL Japanese woodblock printer to carve an print these designs. The funding will come from my Kickstarter campaign, which starts Aug 1.

Please follow the Facebook page to get updates and sneak peeks.

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This is f'ing awesome.
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Just bought myself a copy of this at Emerald City ComiCon. Love the new approach to these classic characters.
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Good job. Really creative, a totally different view on the series.
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I love your work... Can I make at shirt from one?
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that cannon can't be safe, but it still looks epic
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duuude, these are amazing!
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This is REALLY cool, great work!
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This is just beautiful.
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How about a forty seven ronin group pic with all the big Nintendo names?
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love your way to interpret these classic games
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I love the way you designed her arm cannon to fit the time period!
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Damn, this is miiiighty impressive!
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This is just... so... so good. So very good ;o;
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Love how you add depth while still maintaining maximum Ukiyo-e-ness...
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Your art trully amazing!!
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