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October 1, 2014
Pokemon as an Ukiyo-e by thejedhenry
Featured by Ikue

Pokemon as an Ukiyo-e

Pokemon, re-imagined as an ukiyo-e. Don't worry, it's not animal abuse. They love to fight.
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mania-mutt's avatar
this is brilliant!
DeBree420's avatar
Any chance you can post this up on redbubble so I can buy this as a t-shirt print?
2000daggers's avatar
they really close up to that lil electric bastard.
calavel's avatar
This is incredibly skilled and well done. Well worth the DD, and congrats!
LorGistamanRakk's avatar
Ohhhh nooooo!!!!! >< this traditional Japanese water color style is solo cool.....and modern too^^
Very good great work!!! Indeed!!
Partner-in-crime's avatar
This is just amazing! Would totally buy this!!
Johnonym's avatar
Very funny to see the Japanese Edo style painting with pokemon.
HavocOfSpacetime's avatar
This concept is really cool, and the execution is realistic. I love it! :happybounce: 
Kaze-no-Inaya's avatar
oh I saw your arts exposed in Switzerland :)
I'ts really well done
SNTDJF's avatar
Darkton93's avatar
The second amazing Ukiyo-e piece, this one is great because it calls to mind Feudal Japanese gambling games. The sumo ring in the center adds a layer of familiarity, with a referee and attendants bringing out yokai through containers, each marked with the symbol best suiting the animal. This game looks hazardous and risky, and it is exactly the kind of game I see the underworld of Feudal Japan playing for high stakes. Wonderful job on this one!
Is there a way to get a higher quality resolution of this?
Vitani-Yuy's avatar
This picture is simply epic.  If there was one thing I was disappointed in it's that Bulbasaur isn't there... but it is AWESOME :D:D
How can I request this as a print!
Jaerid's avatar
This was funny for me, took me quite awhile to understand who was who. Nevertheless, nice exploration of art for Pokemon, well done and nice contribution to DA!
FrenchGentleman's avatar
Another excellent idea. And of course it looks incredibly good...
BlackLittleWolf's avatar
wangssq's avatar
TheFurryCosplayer's avatar
Pikachu looks awesome :3
Lugia20711's avatar
One of my favorites!
Qualiesin's avatar
Definitely my favorite of your ukiyo-e pieces!
Tigergomeow's avatar
I've always thought of pokemon like this x) Nice work
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