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Mega Man as a Japanese Ukiyo-e

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If Mega Man were an 1800s yakuza sorcerer.
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Are those 3 dark samurai faces behind him supposed to be Robot Masters? They appear to be Quick Man, Metal Man, and Shadow Man, judging by the designs on their helmets.
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One of best Fanarts, dude!
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Duuuude that is rocking my socks!
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A yakuza sorcerer who defeats ancient mazoku and seals their powers into a cursed urn which he wields on his hand? WHY HASN'T THIS BEEN MADE INTO A MOVIE OR ANIME YET?! This is awesome!
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Time, Money, Licence, Care
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I... don't understand.
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These are the things needed make something
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I like, but really hoped he would have a helmet, ya know a nice blue kabuto or something
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This should be in the next "Okami" game!!
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There's only one teensy thing here I'd disagree with.

I'd imagine Mega Man more in the style of a child hero, like Kintaro or Momotaro.

Heh, Megataro.

Then again - maybe this is just the box art from the original game (released in 1887.)

Bad Watercolor-Woodblock Art Mega Man.
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Awesome! I love the ancient Japanese style artwork! It definitely looks like it was made centuries ago!
jajajajaja yakuza jajajajajaja XD genial >.<
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Gear man, shadow man, and quick man as Demonic Warlords?!
That's just too damn cool for words.

Always thought megaman looked a bit like an ancient warrior monk here, but shoulda just assumed yakuza from the tattoos.
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Look at RC's troll face haha
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You are funny as hell!
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Good stuff! It's always fun to take something out of its traditional element or rendering. :)
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