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Mario Kart Japanese Ukiyo-e

If Mario Kart had taken place in 1800s Japan. Rickshaws!
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Outstanding! This is one of the best pieces of Mario fan art, EVER! I remember seeing this picture online many years ago, but I couldn't track down the artist for some reason. I took a screen shot back then, to remember how awesome this was. I still have that screenshot saved, all these years later. Now I found you! Let me say what an incredible artist I think you are and that I hope Nintendo has reached out to you to show appreciation for such an amazing tribute piece to one of their greatest game series. Fantastic work!

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(In response to :lonefirewarrior:'s comment: Yes, he does look intense. You can HEAR the battle cry. It's great!
Love it so much
Drawingstudio303's avatar
Love Toad how he looks
EternalUniverse1's avatar
Hilarious! But you're missing some characters. ;)
Yoshimaster9001's avatar
Freaking AWESOME art dude XD
dlambeaut's avatar
:D Freaking fun!!!
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i love this. You don't really see great works like this very often Hatsune Miku-13 (Wink and Heart) 
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I love this, good job!
INeedMyDownTime's avatar
I saw your art on Nintendo Power! It's amazing!
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The Koopa is like "I didn't sign up for this!"
The-Good-Wario's avatar
Wow....Mario kart is THAT old.
lonefirewarrior's avatar
That koopa troopa looks so intense.
ObsessedGamerGal86's avatar
18th century Mario Kart Double Dash? Count me In! :D
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Does this mean his Koopa kids have to drive him to work every day?
Kek heh heh! This gave me a laugh.
TheStrategos's avatar
Haha, really clever :D !
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It's amazing how Mario can remain so italian when this is all so japanese.
Wonderful job, mate. The whole set is incredible, but this one is my favourite.
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That koopa troopas face is hilarious. :D
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