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Link, as a Japanese Ukiyo-e print.

Please come follow the project on facebook.

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Hojo clan link is brilliant.
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et super le link en samouraï ^^
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Do Barrack Obama with Obama domain
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Is Link apart of the Hojo Clan?
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It' beautiful! T^T
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Love how you capture there old Japanese style art.
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Makes me wonder what wuxia / ancient Chinese Link would look like...
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Pretty sweet work!
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This is very nice
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This is a fantastic take on Link! huge fan of the traditional art style and Legend of Zelda.  Great work!
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So much detail. @3@ Your art is loverly~
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I like how you aded the old hats that they wore way back when
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Guess Link is a Hojo clan Ashgiru trying to save Zeldahime
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I was thinking the same thing! After all the triforce and the Hojo crest look the same! :)
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Your work is awesome! 本当にスゴくてきれいな絵です。
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how come ast a certian point the images stop having english writing saying who these are? I mean yo do a fantastic job with these :3 but with the excepton for like the Pokemon one, most of these pics arnt obvious omages at first glance if you've never seen them before, so why the japanese spelling instead?

btw not complaining, just curious because this work rocks :3
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ahhh, you're that one dude I read about in the Nintendo Magazine. Nice job
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This is brilliant! I love it! ^ ^
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