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Castlevania Japanese Ukiyo-e

By thejedhenry
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Simon Belmont has been transformed into an 18th century Japanese samurai, and he still kicks butt!
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This is so cool, oh my goodness!
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hot dam! this is the good shit! reminds me a tad of Devilman, but that's not to surprising as Go Nagi probably took more then a little inspiration from Ukiyo-e
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Man, I'd LOVE to see this take on Darkstalkers!
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This is the amazing-est.
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This is kickass!!
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Wow! This is cool!
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Dude, this is awesome
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Cool chain-dagger! I've always been a fan of the Castlevania videogames and have played the 1980s NES, Super Famicon, PS1 and PS2 versions. My favourite sub-weapon was the axe and I always used it dyring the last battle against Dracula in every one of those games.
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My thoughts exactly
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AAAH naked Dracula D:
Seriously, though, this is awesome.
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You, sir, are fabulous, & I am glad that you do what you do! Please, keep up the good work!
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Bro! i saw this and your other stuff in Nintendo Power! :D
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this is awesome and you have it ready for download, I assume that means you deem it permissible for me to use this as a poster or possible guitar art/?
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Haha, that's really nice:)
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You are so genius! love this piece, a lot! :thumbsup:
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IMO, You have perfectly simulated Tsukioka Yoshitoshi's distinctive style in this one. Simply amazing!
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oh wow i think this might be my favorite of your work so far
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