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  I haven't written a journal entry in forever. I've noticed that I got a bunch of new favorites in the last couple of hours, so I'm really curious who mentioned me :-D

  Anyway, for an actual journal update, life has gotten a firm hold of me, so I've gotten some art out now and then, but the SSCS6000 has been on hiatus. I'll get back to it eventually. I've also half written a Dr. Whooves fanfic and I have several ideas for comics that I just don't have time to draw. Oh well.

I still can't believe that Scoutaloo has been shared so far and wide by people -- it made EQD the day I posted it, which was super cool!

Stay awesome everyone.
So, I just put up another feature: Animation!
Click the "Make Animation" button and it will bring up a window that will allow you to turn your comic into an animated GIF. It's kinda slow, and gets exponentially slower the bigger the images are (duh), so be forewarned. But I used web workers (NEW TECH!) so that it's all asynchronous and doesn't shouldn't freeze your computer. It's super alpha -- I just got it working tonight, but it seems pretty okay on chrome and firefox. Safari crashed on me once, and generally runs way slower, so consider yourself warned.

Right click to save. You'll have to pick a better name as it likes to call the comics things like "index.gif"

No credit or title for animations though, although I'll add it when I get a chance. Should be doable -- although the credits will be small. Maybe I'll get creative. We'll see.
So, there's still more features I'd like to add, but they're far enough along for a 'release'. 0.4d is live now. Go and play with the speech bubbles! They're pretty awesome.
I'm not "done" yet, but they are getting there. Trust me, you'll be happy.
So I pushed an update last weekend that put a ton of new stuff out there. Basically, now you can add your own images to a comic and edit any of the images in the library. What it does is use local storage (which it asks permission for) in your browser to store the image you add, which then appears under 'user images' in the library. Clicking on the little x next to the image will remove it from the library (and your comic). Editing any image (including an image in the public library) with the little pencil edit button next to each image which allows you to edit it in browser using a 'paint like' simple image editor. If you click save in the editor, the result is added to the user library as a new image for you to use.

Before that, I released a new comic viewing format that is quicker and slicker. Check it out, a comic that I created:…

Okay, so, anyway, formal changelog:

Alpha 0.3m:
1. Big change to the way users view comics!
    - Now a comic you create is given a "landing" page which provides a convenient way to view it
    - The Sources list is clickable
    - There are tumblr / reddit share buttons
    - link to sscs at the top of the page
    - you can now open the comic for editing if the creator allowed it.
    - It's not one big file, so it should load faster.
2. Autoloader. When you land on, it will pre-load ALL the panels of your old comic, not just the first one.
    - Note, this is still slow and buggy, so you should still check each of your panels before clicking save for the final "upload".

Alpha 0.4b:
1. Add your own images. I don't know what to call this really. You can now drag and drop a file into the library from your comic and then use it.
    - It's still very beta, so I aplogize for all the heartache using it will cause in 0.4a
    - Comics with images you add yourself can be shared, but not in editable form.
2. Support for Safari and Opera has been improved. It's still buggier than Chrome and Firefox (as I test primarily on those), but it's better.
    - Including a bug where Safari / Opera users could not upload their comics.
    - The color picker should now (mostly) work on opera.
3. Moved some info from the bottom of the page to a dropdown on top. Should make things less scroll-y.

Alpha 0.4c:
1. Added "Add Your Own Image" button to main toolbar.
2. All browsers now properly alphabetize everything in the library and background dropdowns.
3. Made System automatically switch to the "Move" tool after sending an image to the back or removing an image. After all, it's rare that you'll want to do either of these more than once and an accidental removal or movement of a second image can be frustrating.

Got that? Good. Now that nobody's reading (nobody was before). The next big thing I'm working on is improved speech bubbles -- basically, each text object will be able to have an optional speech bubble attached to it. You'll see.

Still working on the SSCS. I've spent the last week building an all new way of sharing the comics. Landing page, reddit share button, and open other people's comics for editing will all be a part of it. Also, it now preloads the other panels while you wait.

I'll probably release the update sometime next week. I wanted to launch this week, but my weekend is booked.
Well, the last week and a half have focused on lots and lots of bugfixes. I'm working on a "chunker" -- which is a way to upload files > 2MB to my host. There are a lot of solutions out there, but they're all either to sophisticated or too complex for my needs. I think when I'm done, I'll share that code as a separate project.

Also, I'm working on getting speech bubbles integrated into the text editor, but don't count on that in the next release.
So, I haven't posted anything in quite a while. If you check the SSCS, you'll see that I'm still working on it. I rolled out a feature rich but really buggy update last night, and I'm going to spend the next week or so updating it and ironing out bugs. Anyway, I've started keeping a changelog as a journal, so here it is, updates all the way up through alpha 0.3i:

Alpha 0.2a:
1. Added font selection.
2. Allow user to turn off text fill or stroke
3. Optional text background (box with color selection).
4. New logo! Woo! Hello again, Flim & Flam!
5. I fixed saving. Now it shouldn't be insanely slow!
6. Bigger library and everyone gave permission! Thanks everyone!
7. Draggable text boxes. -- Try picking up and moving the control panel! It's like a real OS, only not!
8. Loading Spinners -- Now you can tell if the reason your image hasn't appeared is because it's still loading.
9. Image + Background Library.
10. Rotation! You can now rotate images, in addition to scaling and cropping them.
11. Other People's work. Comics are now temporarily saved to the server so you can see what other people have created.
- Random minor bugfixes.

Alpha 0.3b:
1. Added "preview" -- now clicking "save" brings up a preview window which allows you to save or share the image.
2. Flip / Mirror -- Images can now be mirrored or flipped with a single click!
3. Added Background colors: Now a white bacgkround is actually white when you save it **and** you can pick any solid color you want.
4. Library hiding. Now you only see the library when you want to. It's just another toolbox.
5. Library Click. Clicking on an image in the library adds it to the canvas.

Alpha 0.3e:
1. Add Duplicate Panel -- One Button adds a copy of the current panel at the end of the comic.
2. Dropdown bugs -- Fixed a bug where sometimes the character list failed to load in the library window
3. Background Sorting -- Now you can filter the backgrounds by category.
4. Backend Stuff -- This is where most of my time went this week. I built a separate Javascript web app that lets me feed a list of deviantart URLs and then helps me quickly tag and save them. I'm keeping this to myself for now as I want to make sure that it's only used on images that are "free" or that I have explicit permission to use. That said, I'd be interested in outsourcing that job to another brony down the road, if someone's interested -- although I'd need to refine the code a bit to do so.
5. ARTIST CREDIT!!! -- This is a big bullet point for me. The engine now tells you a little about the image when you hover over it, and it includes a list of images used at the bottom of the comic!

Alpha 0.3g:
1. Made the backgrounds in a closeable window and added an associated "change background" button.
2. Added new box for comic panel management. Instead of having standard tool buttons, you now see thumbnails of each panel in the comic panel window. Additionally, you can now move panels forward and backwards, clear the current panel, and deleting the first panel is finally gracefully handled. The old drop down box to select a panel has now been replaced by simply clicking on the thumnail to select the panel.
3. Windows now support Z-axis priotiry, so whatever window you last clicked on will be on top.
4. The import engine for SVGs is slowly improving. Sorry about some ugly imported assets, in the meantime.
5. A bug where a deleted comic panel stayed in the final comic (if it was not overwritten by a new panel later) has been squashed.
Alpha 0.3h:
1. Fixed Image Uploader. Now works pretty cleanly and fails gracefully for PNGs. Still haven't addressed wonky SVG import though.
2. Autosave! The program (by default) saves your comic to "local storage" (a feature of modern browsers). This will keep your comic in case of crash or on reload. If you want to turn off autosave, head to the save menu and hit the button!
Alpha 0.3i:
1. Clickable title. The Comic title should now be normally selectable in all browsers! Also it looks better.
2. Info bar -- the information bar, which used to be at the top is now in a neat crossfadey bar at the bottom of the comic.
3. Save Button: The button that brings up the save box is now with the rest of the tools.
4. Title Face: No more comic sans for the title face. The default face is now my all time fav: Century Gothic.
5. More compact UI: Thanks to the above, I was able to shave about 20px off the total size without comprimising comic size. This should help some of you with smaller screens, a little.
6. MASSIVE, MASSIVE performance improvements. Hey guys, I know none of you will notice this, but I found that on my Macbook Air, under Chrome, the SSCS ran REALLY, REALLY slow with large images. Firefox was fine (I *know* right, something that FF is way faster than Chrome at!). It seems to be a well known bug with chrome on OSX. So I spent a full day and rewrote most of the rendering engine to get around it. It seems to work, mostly now. I mean, it still goes slowly when you are actually manipulating those large images, but it goes pretty fast otherwise and handling them is no longer a cause of a total comic engine slowdown. For those rare images that still cause a slowdown, try launching chrome with "--disable-accelerated-2d-canvas --diable-accelerated-compositing" to help with the bug. For whatever buggy reason, software rendering is like 10x faster on integrated graphics w/ chrome.
7. As a result of 6, there is now an options button that allows you to turn on the old renderer. Try it and let me know. I think that most systems should see no difference, but I only have access to my OSX machine at the moment, so I can't be sure. FF should be fast either way.
8. There's something funky about what happens when you click on a different comic panel that I haven't nailed down yet. Try clicking on the canvas to fix the load.
9. When it says "loading canvas" in a thumbnail, you have to click on that canvas and let it load to actually have it be available in the save box. I'm working on a background loader, but that's not a small job.
Still plugging along. I made major progress on my "image parser" tonight. It's basically done, I just need to implement the thumbnailer and the password system on the server side.
I'm calling it 0.3b. I still don't have rotation where it needs to be, but it is functional enough for another release. 0.3b also brings visibility for other user's creations.
Work on 0.3a continues apace. I have gotten rotation partially -- maybe mostly -- working. Rotated images don't yet quite do what you expect them to, but they are basically usable at this point. So, it's coming, soon. I hope to have another "major release" on wednesday.
Still working on 0.3a. Rotation, as I expected, tends to break a *lot* of stuff in ways that are hard to nail down. That said, I am making something resembling progress. Just thought I'd tell everyone (anyone?) that I'm still working on the damn thing.
Started working on 0.3a -- rotation! This is one of the hardest features to implement and I've been putting it off since early in the development process, so it may take a while. On the plus side, I finally installed firebug on my development machine, so I expect things will go more smoothly. Oh well, in any case, progress continues.
Woo. Major Progress! Library system *implemented*,  albeit not yet for backgrounds. we're up to 0.2a!
Woo. Loading Spinners! Now it doesn't just hang for a while.
Well, no image library last night, but I *did* get movable / closeable tool boxes implemented, which is a nice feature. Next, some loading widgets for the pictures. *Then* an image library. Whee.
Woohoo. I just updated the SSCS. Tonight's feature: Saving images doesn't suck anymore. I came up with a novel method, different from any I've found in research on the web. Everyone dumps their data to a new image using the toDataURL() javascript method, which is, itself pretty slow, but then they have to open a new window. Since my save routine already created a dummy canvas, all I had to do was make a hidden div that I could make pop up and then add the dummy canvas to. BAM, about two orders of magnitude speedup. I'm super proud.

Tomorrow, an image library, time permitting!
Wow, thanks for the support everyone! I think I'm going to use this as my log for progress on the SSCS6000. Everyone has been amazingly supportive and I can't thank you all enough!