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Elongated Men - variations



A few various takes on the Elongated Man. I'm trying to figure out which one a) I like best, and b) works best.

If anybody wants to share an opinion, please feel free to post it; I'm welcoming input on this one.

The color scheme 6th one in is based on his original/early appearance(s) ... if you're an Elongated Man fan, you might notice the lack of anything resembling his red and black costume. That's deliberate, since he's already enough like Plastic Man without stealing his outfit (that, and I hate that costume for some reason).

Anyway. If you have any suggestions for other variations, please drop those too. (The mask is a separate layer, so any of them could end up masked if enough folks think that works better.)

So, let me know what you think.
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Wow, you make me look amazing!! I was wondering if you could do a single version of the seventh variant of my costume for me? I would really appreciate it. I would of course give you all the credit to my friends who collect DC art!!!