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Tri answer #6

Tri: “why are you asking me this?”

Veo: Dady I’m hungy.

Tri: “ok Veo, I’ll get you some food.”
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Riley: It seems safe.

*touches the green line*

Me: At least I know Riley is not in danger.

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*nothing happens*

Cassidy: *enjoying life*

Cyanide: *looking around in Daisy’s arms*

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Riley: Yep. Definitely safe.

*steps over it*

Me: *I looked at Daisy*

She's in a mysterious and beautiful pocket dimension. She'll be ok. I'm very sure that she just has to look at a mirror again in order to come back to this realm.

Daisy: *sighs out of relief*

Oh good!

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*it’s quiet *

*some of the mirrors are glowing*

Cassidy: *purring*

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Riley: *looks at one of the glowing mirrors*

Me: *I put the book back in it's shelf.*

I guess we can just go now.

*We left the library*

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*she’s looking at a warmly lit room, with a bed in front of the mirror, a window to the left, and to the right is a fiery haired girl brushing her hair, looking in a separate mirror*

*the girl is slightly transparent as if a spirit*

*the mirror Riley is looking through is on a fireplace*

Cyanide: *enjoying life*

Cassidy: *purring*

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Riley: *in awe*

I can definitely guess what the glowing mirrors are.

Me: Riley probably will be busy exploring the mirror realm. I honestly can't blame her though. It's an entirely different realm.

Daisy: I'm sure that she'll tell us all about it when she gets back. Do you want to get anything to eat?

Me: Sure. I'll like to real quick. After that, then we'll have to explain this to Cyan.

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*the girl puts down the brush and picks up a pair of scissors*

*the girl is not a shape, or cactus/flower, she has pointy ears*

(Creators get a free pas into any realm)

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Neo: Yeah, that's what really surprised me.

Me: *I think 'Welp, nothing can possibly ruin this moment.'*

Riley: I'm gonna go now.

*puts the shooting star back into her pocket*

It was nice meeting you HAL. Bye.

*starts walking away*

Stella: *walks into her room to grab her color pencils and paper and then go to the living room*

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King: time travel… makes me wonder what the future is like.

*it’s starry*

HAL: Goodbye, mortal. *waving in an odd way*

*Castor is asleep on the couch, with a sketchbook*

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Neo: I do wonder that too cause she didn't really see much of it before she came back to the present. She was just at a field of grass and saw her boyfriend in the future. He had a lot more scars.

Me: There might be shooting stars tonight.

Riley: *thinks 'Huh. I guess HAL's immortal. Maybe Cyan knows him.'*

Stella: *thinks 'I hope he's not mad at me.'*

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King: hm *interested in the future now*

Cassidy: *stops kissing Cyanide, just to cuddle her with her own blanket*

Cyanide: *B L U S H*

*It’s cold*

Castor: *snoring*

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Neo: That dream seriously left me a lot of questions.

Daisy: If that's true, then we better be careful when they crash here.

Riley: *sees Neo's tower*


How did I end up here? Did I really not pay attention where I was going?

Stella: *decided to just go back to her room*

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King: such as..?

Cassidy: *Hugging Cyanide with a blanket*

*it’s a cold night*

*her room is nice*

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Neo: Like where we would be at?

Me: Yeah, I think we should get inside now. It will be warmer in there.

Riley: At least I'm wearing my jacket and sweater. It's really cold up in the mountains.

*creates a bright red fireball in her hand*

That's better.

Stella: *floats to her bed*

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King: oh. .///.

Cassidy: Oki *picks up Cyanide, who is as red as a tomato*

*it’s warm*

*it’s soft*

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*The drawing is her twin sister, Castora, being born from the tree.*

Riley: *walks to a nearby river to look at her reflection*

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*it’s herself*

*if anything she doesn’t look like Neo, she looks like her own shape, with her own life*

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Stella: *finishes her drawing*

Riley: *sighs out of relief*

It's just scared, not of me.

Daisy: That's good that it's not scared of you.

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*it’s still scared*

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Stella: *bleps*

Riley: *gently hugs the tree*

I really wish that I know how to make you feel better.

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*so cute*

*it flickers*

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*She's like an adorable lil kitten.*

Riley: Hhmm.

*tries to heal the tree*

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*it flickers in fright*

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