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Alvar's Odyssey Chapter 1
Four people were escaping a castle which was about to collapse. They ran out the doors real quick as the boy in a lavender shirt yelled,
"Dang it, I didn't know that he powers the whole place!"
"I didn't know either!" The blue-haired girl shouted, "Have you!?"
The humanoid tortoise and the magenta girl nervously anwered "No!"
Just about when they were safe, a huge rumble shook the ground. Coming from the palace rises a giant monster!
How did they get there, you ask? And who are these strange people fleeing? Take a seat, and I'll tell you. This all happened a few days ago.
It was the middle of July. The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and the weather is perfect for kids to play outside.
At the park, two boys were playing basketball as two girls were cheering them on.
"Go, Andre!" The blonde girl cheered. Her name is Lyla. And the blue-haired one cheering on Alvar is Stella.
'Alright, time to score some points!' Andre told himself, hoping to win. And just when he shot the ball,
:icontheirondude28:TheIronDude28 6 92
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[AKA Rant: This has got to stop.]

Y'Know what's fucked up? Cyber-bullying and flame wars! :X

Oh, how the cyber-bullies/SCBs (Social Crybabies) and flame wars annoy the crap out of me!
Especially if it's about something they hate, they keep doing it.
They should've backed off, but noooo! They chose to waste their time, my time, and your time, too!

I had cyber-bully behavior years ago, but I learned from those mistakes and never did crap like that again. Those losers, however never learn. All they concern themselves with is hurting people one way or another to make themselves feel better. That, or they think they're better than us when in reality they're not. :facepalm:

Not to mention that there are some who ban evade (which is against the rules on DA, by the way.) and that is really messing people up! >.<;

To the loser cyber-bullies/SCBs, I get it! You hate nosfow art, certain cartoons, fetish art, certain ships/music genres, etc.! Either get over it or get off the internet! The choice is yours. T_T

*Sighs in relief* Glad I got that out of my mind. U.U
The best way to stop cyber-bullying on DA is to report the bully's comment as spam, block them, then report them for abuse. The latter is optional, but the DA Staff will suspend/ban them, depending on the decision.

Don't ever listen to what the cyber-bullies say. They're a bunch of losers who waste their time hurting people for their personal gain. You're not what they say you are. You're awesome to me and our net friends. :hug:

Journal History


I'm feeling upset right now.
Why? I was trying to sleep last night.
But some people kept talking to me after I told l them. :facepalm:
That is annoying and made mom worry!

After 8:00 PM, I'll be going to sleep.
I will not be talking to any of you after that sleeping hour every day, 'cuz I got work on those days.
I'm going to bed, guys. :yawn:
I got work tomorrow and I need to sleep. Good night. :sleep:
Hey everyone. I'm gonna go to a meeting tomorrow to fill out some papers and find out when I'm gonna start working. :work:

I'm not available tomorrow, so RPs and Point Commissions are on hold. If you're wondering where I have gone, this status post explains it.

I recently got hired earlier this month and wanted all of you to know.
I'm not gonna be available when I'm working (part-time; Monday-Friday); and I'll be helping around the house some more. I recognized that some of you were wondering where I was and been sad about that.

I wanted to get this off my chest now and I hope you understand. If not, too bad.

This is your host Matthew, thanking you for coming to tonight's show and excited to start working. ^^;
Dang it, I cracked my laptop screen! >~<;
Screen cracked by TheIronDude28
Not only this, but any kind of abuse is bad.
I've finally returned. Thanks to all those who were with me since the very beginning, the move, and now. :happycry:
Special thanks to Human-Writer, BuggianSpace, ninja-GO, Sephy90, 3dmarioworld and you. :')

Here is a song I like. ÚwÙ

This is your host Matthew Cannon, thanking you for coming to tonight's show, and for being with me the whole time. :'3
Requests are strictly closed forever. I've finally made the decision to do this since I'm now employed, I have a family to look after, and ever since I reopened requests, the frustration escalates (Due to so much time, lack of ideas, request spamming, and procrastination). So that's that. ^^;
I'm going to a job fair tomorrow, so I won't be on my phone for a while. ^.^;

Before you become sad, I won't be out for long. It's only a few hours. I'll be looking for a career in August soon and help my mom. After all, I need to take breaks off the internet, as it frustrates me when I'm talking to a lot of people while struggling to do something. Ú~Ù;

In the meantime, you can draw some cool stuff I might check out when I get home; perhaps spend time with your family; or perhaps watch/share your favorite videos with some friends you have. <8)

This is Matthew Cannon, hoping to make cash and spend time off the internet and thanking you for reading this. ;)
I'm feeling better now, net friends. Thanks for comforting me and being there for me. <8)

I'm sorry for the sudden change of mood lately.
Requests will be temporarily closed until further notice.
In the meantime, here's an intermission I found! :D

This is your host Matthew, thanking you for coming to tonight's show! ;D
Looks like today's National Kissing Day. I didn't know it exists until now! :wow:
Anyone else have any issues with the DeviantArt app? 'Cuz I'm not getting any notifications even if I restart my phone. ^^;
Back from my break. (Well, I couldn't stay away. ^^;)

Here's some great news which I probably didn't tell you:
:bulletred:I got my room cleaned up, organized, and rearranged! :w00t:
:bulletgreen:I helped rearrange stuff and clean (despite my temper), and we now have a place to live! :D
:bulletblue:Also, I got back into drawing with new motivation, so that's a thing. =P

This is your friendly neighborhood admin MAC-Bot.
You stay awesome, DeviantArt. ;)
Whoa! :wow:
I realized I have over 300 watchers now. ^^;
Thanks, everybody; you're awesome! :D
Just do this too! by whiteseptic
Me: Phew! Sweet Squall Leonhart. :phew:
NIP: Who's Squall Leonhart? :?
Me: ... :facepalm:


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Anyways how you doing
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