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Angemon and Gatomon

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Shakespeare-ish Crowley and Aziraphale

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In the past, I was a real asshole about people that liked or drew the ship I really disliked. I was an ugly person that couldn't stand other ships.

I was meaning to upload this during the last day of 2019, following the "decade" comparisons, but I couldn't do it. Anyway, there is it!


Also I apologize to all the people that had to deal with my insufferable behaviour (especially, when it came to Akusai).

This change is not recent, tho. I got self aware of my bigotry and learned my lesson around 2013 (late, I know), and since then everything around me improved a lot, especially when I enjoyed many new series/games/anime/movies!

Now I tell you: draw and enjoy whatever ship you love! If it inspires you and makes you happy, go for it! 🖤

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